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Terpenes give the hemp flower its individual aroma and taste. Since hemp terpenes are in the hemp plant, they will be found in the CBD oil along with cannabinoids. Hemp flower terpenes are aromatic chemicals responsible for the savors of the hemp flowers when smoking or vaping with it. The terpenes are apparent when the hemp flower is decarboxylated and infused in edibles, in soap, candles, etc.

The Hemp Flower Terpene Structure

The hemp flower terpenes are a welcome addition to the CBD oil because of the added benefits. The hemp terpenes are small molecules of compound isoprene produced inside the small hairs on the hemp leaves and hemp stem referred to as trichomes.

Types of Hemp Flower Terpenes

There are many types of hemp terpenes, but the two predominant groups are – open-chain and ring terpenes.  Some divide terpenes into groups dependent only on their size rather than other characteristics. Terpenes also are beneficial to the plants to protect it from from bacteria, fungi and pests.  Each hemp terpene has a particular benefit so the user will have a more predictable experience.

Effects of Certain Hemp Flower Effects

If one desires a restful anxiety-relieving evening and night, the terpene to choose is linalool and myrcene. If an individual has trouble waking up and getting out the door, he or she could choose the terpenes called limonene and caryophyllene. These terpenes give an energizing boost. Hemp flower terpenes continue to attract attention from scientist and professional medicinal researchers because of therapeutic applications.  Hundreds of different hemp flower terpenes have been identified with varying profiles according to the specific strain.  Here are a few most commonly found.

  • Pinene – Has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier to improve memory and mental alertness with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Linalool – Has a delicate floral aroma of lavender, overtones of spice and therapeutic benefits of anti-anxiety, anti-seizure benefits and anti-bacterial
  • Myrcene – One of the most common terpenes with an earthy, scent is anti-bacterial relieving some types of chronic pain.
  • Limonene – Has a citrus scent and is known as an anti-fungal and ant- inflammation, mood stabilizer, alleviates stress, stimulates the liver and aids digestion.
  • Caryophyllene – Interacts best with the body’s endocannabinoid system to regulate many physiological processes a peppery flavor, a hint of citrus which acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Humulene – Contains a therapeutic benefit of appetite suppressant and anti-inflammatory agent with a woody herbal smell with a bit of spice.

Hemp Flower Trichomes

Trichomes, the set of fine crystalline hairs, are not always visible to the naked eye. Some CBD hemp flowers have more trichome crystals that others, but when it is ripe, the trichomes are visible as a heavy frosty coat of trichomes.  The abundance or lack thereof are also a determining factor of high-quality hemp flower. The ripe trichomes are potent and delicious.

Trichomes Come in Flowering Stage

The trichomes begin showing up on the hemp flower as soon as the flower enters is flowering stage and more appear just before the buds are ready for harvest. The trichomes are not only on the hemp flower but before harvest, they start appearing on the stalk and the leaves. These trichomes have a tiny stalk which holds up a tiny head.

Harvesters Handle the Trichomes Carefully

During harvest, the cultivators are extremely careful when handling the trichomes because they are volatile and can be easily degraded by physical contact. They can also be degraded when overly exposed to heat, light or oxygen. If the trichomes break, they release a sticky resin.

Trichomes Contribute to the Effects

CBD and other cannabinoids contribute to the affects you have including the health benefits and mood stabilization. The trichomes also are the part of the hemp plant that produce resin, store other essentials oils and terpenes.  The trichomes are like the gold at the end of the rainbow for the hemp flower as they contain a much higher content of all the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids.

OG Strains Give a Fine Harvest of Trichomes

The hemp strains with “OG” attached to the name stands for Ocean Grown and you will find buds stacked thick and tall with trichomes. When cannabis plants are grown close to the ocean or “ocean grown” one of the protections the trichomes provide the plant is covering from the salt ocean air.  The resulting potent, sticky and frosty bud provides quite a treat for the user.

Types and Function of Trichomes

The trichome’s role depends on what type of trichome it is and where they are located on the plant.  Generally speaking, however, these leaf hairs lower plant temperature to protect it from UV rays and loss of hydration.  All three types of hemp flower trichomes produce cannabinoids but one produces the most. Which one is it?

  • Bulbous trichomes – This type is smaller but found all across the plant and consisting few cells so have less impact but necessary for the cannabis plant.
  • Capitate sessile trichomes – This type is found around the head of the plant, are the most moderate of the three and substantially bigger.
  • Capitate-stalked trichome – Produces the most cannabinoids for oil harvesting in and around the calyxes of budding flowers.

When the Hemp Flower Trichomes Turn Dark Red

For the hemp cultivator, the trichomes are the best indicators of when to harvest the plant because they start turning amber and dark red.


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