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hempHemp Goes to the Construction Site to Build Your Houses

Hemp Goes to the Construction Site to Build Your Houses

“Hemp goes to the construction site to build, and it all goes better, lasts longer and is just as easy to work with.”

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There is more cost to building with hemp but all the advantages of utilizing this natural environmentally safe substance top the list everything. The cost has lessen since it is not legal to grow hemp. When using hemp for the wood portions of a house, it will save a lot of trees and hemp grows so much faster than trees. Hemp products withstand weather, time and are so much better for our environment.


Hemp Goes to the Construction Site to Build – On the Wood Side

Wood made from the hemp plant brings a multitude of advantages to the table. So, let’s look at a few of them.

  • Durability is double the strength of oak;
  • Negative impacts on the environment;
  • Enhances the longevity of whatever you build;
  • Pressed hemp replaces all types of wood pieces.

Wood made from hemp is working well for the creation of a variety of flooring styles and designs.  In fact some builders are finding that there is a new rustic tone to the wood pieces for flooring options.  Besides that, it is fairly simple to customize to the consumer’s wishes in regard to a variety of stains and designs.  Generally, the manufacturer uses soy-based adhesives for the flooring when needed. Now we have the entire product engaging in eco-friendly material.

Many people may be resistant to learning something new and different but when you consider the simplicity of working with hemp wood, it will not be so intimidating. The hemp flooring also provides ease when applying it to the floor. The designs which are possible with hemp wood flooring will make any home builder extremely happy.

Hemp Goes to the Construction Site to Build –Hempcrete Foundation

Hempcrete is another building material which is made from hemp. The hemp plants wooden core is often referred to as “shiv”.  This shiv is mixed with water and a lime binder which creates a biocomposite material.  The water and lime binder undergo a chemical reaction that causes it to become cement-like.  It is different from cement because it is lightweight and with insulation qualities.

Unlike cement, however, it is weak, too weak to support load-bearing walls. This makes it impossible to use in house building to replace cement but it can be utilized in other ways in the home.

Hempcrete qualities include:

  • Lightweight, breathable;
  • Carbon negative and non-toxic;
  • Durable;
  • Resistant to water, fire, insects. 

    Hempcrete Qualities

    Hemp’s strong and durable fibers may be superior to steel in regard to weight but its overall strength is less, so it simply has utility but not total replacement value.  Even with its limitations, humans have found important uses for hempcrete through the ages including possibly used in the building of the pyramids. It does have the ability to petrify over time so eventually the strength is substantial. Hempcrete can also survive well in harsh weather. Additional research shows the examination of the French bridge from the sixth century AD, researchers discovered hempcrete proving that it is durable over time.

    When the different elements are added to the hemp, the binder, the binder coats the particles so they stick making it lightweight but a stronger consistency. When a manufacturer makes the hempcrete, he can alter the ingredient’s proportion so that the moisture absorbent qualities, the thermal quality and the structural quality varies.

    Hemp Goes to the Construction Site to Build – The Etc. of Building

    Even though hemp may not have all the construction supplies needed to build an entire house, any part of it will help to leave a smaller footprint and be better for the environment. We’ve talked about hempcrete and hemp wood but hemp is often used to make the plastic for the pipes.

    Hemp plaster is often used to do finish work inside as well as paint made with hemp oil. We know that the hemp fiber is used for a great many things like rope, etc but it can all be used to make hemp carpet.

    “All Points of View”

    Never underestimate hemp and the multitude of ways to use it in our every day lives. It is durable most of all in whatever form you find it in. Sailors like rope and canvas made from hemp because it withstands the salty sea water. Hemp fabric is best for lasting a long time and being UV protectant and best for the healing of wounds.  Then there is hemp wood that saves a lot of trees and never wears out whether it is on your floor or in your walls. Hemp is the best all the way around.

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