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hempHemp Grows Up — 4 Stages of An Amazing Hemp Plant

Hemp Grows Up — 4 Stages of An Amazing Hemp Plant

“The 4 stages of an amazing hemp plant growing up is like watching magic.”

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The 4 stages of amazing hemp buds offer some unique points when considering not only how sustainable the crop is but also the speed of its growth compared to trees. The stages may very well be similar to other living plants but there are some peculiarities that add to its uniqueness. It also may explain why farmers are tilling up their fields of wheat and corn to instead plant hemp, the sustainable king of them all.



  • Soil Prep and Planting
  • Germination Stage
  • Seedling Stage
  • Vegetative Stage
  • Flowering Stage
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The different stages of the hemp growing process call for different amounts of light, nutrients, and water. These stages tell us when it’s time to transplant or prune or train the plant. Determining a plant’s sex and overall health rely on stages of growth as well which is an important segment of hemp cultivation.

The life cycle of cannabis can be broken down into four stages from the planting of the seed to harvesting the flower:

  • Soil Prep and Planting
  • Germination Stage
  • Seedling Stage
  • Vegetative Stage
  • Flowering Stage

4 Stages of An Amazing Hemp Plant – Soil Prep and Planting

Your backyard hemp flower garden will grow in a wide range of soils but here are some specific points to consider. Other considerations in regard to soil and planting are as follows:

  • Be careful the seeds you purchase are 0.3% or less THC.
  • High organic and well-drained soil. If growing in a pot, put a layer of small to medium stones in the bottom to help with the drainage.
  • Seeds should be planted in a place where they will grow.
  • Seedling plants do not like transplanting.
  • Hemp seeds are to be planted after the general date of the last frost.
  • Water the seedlings only when the soil is dry.

4 Stages of An Amazing Hemp Plant — Germination Stage

With a little soil, some water, and warmth, and in 5-10 day the seed will pop and the leaves shoot up. The germination stage involves the appearance of the cotyledon leaves. These leaves are responsible for taking in sunlight which brings health to the plant and creates stability in the plant. If you grow your plants inside, you are responsible for providing enough light to create the plant you want.  The 4 stages of an amazing hemp plant include growing iconic fan leaves secondly in the germination stage.

4 Stages of An Amazing Hemp Plant — Seedling Stage

The seedling stage sees the root system begin to grow broad and deep. Even though the roots are taking off, also the fan leaves continue to grow and establish their root system as well.

The 4 stages of an amazing hemp plant include amazing things that happen in the seedling stage. Light is extremely important to seedlings to grow healthy and strong. They also are in need of a period of darkness in order to thrive. Seedlings need to receive roughly 14 to 16 hours of light a day.  Do not leave your plants under fluorescent lighting 24 hours a day as it does not make the seedlings grow faster. Different strains require a different amount of light so do your research.

4 Stages of An Amazing Hemp Plant– Vegetative

The iconic fan leaves begin to develop and grow larger with more blades and fuller sets of leaves. This is the time to begin topping or training your plants and it is a time to remember light becomes more important.

4 stages of an amazing hemp plant include making sure your hemp plants get sufficient water close to the stalk. As it grows the roots branch outward so start watering further away from the stalk in the soil to promote the roots to stretch.

The vegetative stage is when you must determine the sex of your plants. It is also when you discard the male plants unless you are going to use them to crossbreed with a female of another strain. It’s imperative to separate males so they don’t pollinate the females

4 Stages of An Amazing Hemp Plant — Flowering

The final stage of growth is the flowering stage which lasts about 8 to 11 weeks. Once the flowers begin to develop, they require a different kind of care. This is the stage where the resinous buds develop with cannabinoids present so it is a vitally important time.

When your hemp plants are outdoors, flowering occurs naturally when the plant receives less light each day as summer turns into fall. Indoor growers must manipulate the flowering cycle by reducing the amount of light the hemp plants receive so they think it is coming into the fall season.


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