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Strain Review“Up the Cherry Tree” for Cherry Blossom Hemp Strain

“Up the Cherry Tree” for Cherry Blossom Hemp Strain

Cherry Blossom hemp strain has large and dense buds with a high concentration of CBD. This particular hemp flower strain is resilient to stress and grows well in a variety of environments.  The commercial grower and extraction specialists are delighted with the high resin content in the buds.

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In the Beginning — Cherry Blossom Hemp Strain

No one answers the call to claim parenthood for the Cherry Blossom hemp strain. However, hemp strain fans speculate the one of the parents is the Berry Blossom. It is a CBD-dominant strain loved for its delicious berry flavor and a fine laced hint of fruit and earth. This particular hemp plant has colors from pinks to blues on a solid backdrop of forest green and a hint of lime green.

The next parent to be called up is Cherry Pie. The hemp strain has a neat combo flavor of dough and fruit.  The Cherry Pie strain along with the savoring taste, it also lends a dose of energy that perks but does not overwhelm.

The Cherry Blossom child also has a possible third parent — Harle Tsu. This CBD hemp strain throws in the deciding vote on the indica side of the spectrum. As a three-way hybrid, the Cherry Blossom hemp strain contains a complimentary blend of terpenes when grown in optimal conditions.

Genetics — Cherry Blossom Hemp Strain

Cherry Blossom hemp strain creates a relaxing effect so dials down the stress and turns the light on in mental clarity.  It is a plant which remains under the 0.3% THC. The Cherry Blossom hemp plant is about four-foot tall but averages around 2000 pounds of dry material per acre.  Cherry Blossom hemp plant is a 70/30 blend of Indica dominant hybrid. The strain grows in the states of Washington and of Oregon.

Experiencing the Experience

Cherry Blossom is a slow acting taking effect over a period of several minutes. Just because the sensation does not happen within seconds, it is tempting to take another drag or inhale. An added dosage in too quick succession of time could result in causing an unrelenting relaxation or too much acceleration.

A light relaxation of the Cherry Blossom washes away stress and discomfort.  It is uplifting and easy so makes the comfortable choice for users wanting an experience that is more of a drifting off feel. This strain promises the outpouring of happy hormones, calm and content.

In Conclusion

Hemp strains like Cherry Blossom carry surprises for the user. But it is desirable in the type of relaxation.  Yes, this is the strain likely to leave you feeling unchanged for a while. But once its impact reaches full blown proportions, the overwhelming wave of calm takes over your system.

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