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cbd“Hemp’ipedia” — Everything You Never Knew About CBD Hemp Flower

“Hemp’ipedia” — Everything You Never Knew About CBD Hemp Flower

“Hemp”ipedia is a revised version of information for every reader of everything you never knew about CBD hemp flower but that you need to know for health and happiness.


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This flower has a earthy smell and well enhance relaxation due to its high content of myrcene.  Earthy citrus aroma that is packed with a mixture of natural terpenes; ranging from myrcene to limonene this flower should have your muscles feeling relaxed.  What makes our Bubba Kush smalls Hemp Flower unique is it’s greenhouse grown. Then machined trimmed and finally and finished.





  • Where Hemp Came From
  • From Flags to Cars
  • Mandate to Grow Hemp
  • Hemp Stalks Store Energy
  • Today’s Feature Post
  • Strains CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”



Everything You Never Knew About CBD Hemp Flower – Where Hemp Came From

There may be no greater confusion over two mostly different things than there is between cannabis, marijuana or CBD hemp. Cannabis is a group or collection of three plants with psychoactive properties. These three plants are Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica or Cannabis ruderalis.


Marijuana and hemp are varieties of cannabis that developed due to selective breeding: Hemp for its fiber and marijuana for its narcotic components.  While the two look and smell-alike, they are chemically and structurally different.


But here is something interesting. Cannabis when man first started cultivating it was not excessively high in THC as it usually is now. The researchers and scientist realized that THC had intoxicating qualities if there was enough of it in the plant and there were some medical advantages as well, perhaps. It was then that they started breeding and crossbreeding in a manner that caused the THC cannabinoid to express itself in higher percentages. But the cannabis strains that were not manipulated, stayed very low in THC and eventually were referred to as “hemp”.


Everything you never knew about CBD hemp buds includes understanding that Cannabis encompasses both hemp and marijuana. If someone says to you that they consume cannabis, ask them if they are taking marijuana or hemp. The marijuana community has adopted the word cannabis to be marijuana and that in and of itself is confusing.


Everything You Never Knew About CBD Hemp Flower – From Flags to Cars


The North American Industrial Hemp Council estimates that hemp can be used to make more than 25,000 products. These products span from pages of the Bible to building materials for homes.  Because hemp oil penetrates better than linseed oil, it has been utilized for industrial strength lubricant. Hemp fiber has long been valued for its strength and versatility.


The fibers have long been used to make rope, boat caulking and sails as far back as the time of the Vikings up to the present time. Sailors love hemp because the rope and canvases made from it are particularly resistant to the salt water of the ocean.  Historians claim that the first flags ever made in America were made from hemp cloth.


Someone recently drove from Florida to Colorado in a red convertible made from hemp. Now that is impressive!  Everything you never knew about CBD hemp flower includes the fact that Henry Ford fashioned a car panel from a plastic derived from straw, pine, hemp and ramie. His purpose in doing this was to help farmers during the Great Depression.


Everything You Never Knew About CBD Hemp Flower – Mandate to Grow Hemp

In the 1600s, property owners in North America were required or mandated to grow hemp.  King James I, by way of a royal decree required every property owner in Jamestown to grow 100 plants of hemp so he could export in.


Everything you never knew about CBD hemp flower takes you to Jamestown Colony which was England’s first permanent settlement in North America. This colony was also required to grow hemp to provide cordage and canvas for British ships.  And it did not stop there. Other hemp decrees were issued in Connecticut and Massachusetts at various times in their history.


Everything You Never Knew About CBD Hemp Flower – Hemp Stalks Store Energy

Now here is a new one for your jaw to drop in amazement over. Recently, a team of scientists made a supercapacitor which is a device to store energy. But these scientists made their supercapacitor out of leftover hemp stalks.  While supercapacitors store less energy than regular batteries, they can be charged in a shorter amount of time and deliver that energy in a speedier fashion. These hemp stalk supercapacitors are great for the fast, potent burst of energy like charging an iPhone in minutes.

The Last


Any way you look at it, hemp is a miraculous plant that works for you, works for the environment and changes everything it touches for the better. And the best is yet to come because research is ongoing and making new discoveries relating to all the various natural compounds in the hemp plant. Farmers love hemp because it not only makes them money but it restores the soil it grows in with nutrients. Pain sufferers love it because it interrupts the chronic pain that has last for years. The same with anxiety, insomnia and inflammation. Now there are products galore for you to choose from and what works best for you.



“Debating the CBD Hemp Flower Strain Preference”

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.


Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”

Are you looking for CBD bud products? Good News! We are starting 2021 with bang-up additions to our inventory such as the following:

Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower @ $14.99 for ½ oz or 14 grams @ $9.99

Our fruity and well-balanced nose cherry blossom hemp flower is priced at a steal! With 14% CBD and double machined trimmed to perfection you can’t ask for a better starter strain.  Dense with smaller to medium buds and lightly seeded this Cherry Blossom is the perfect starter strain for new CBD enthusiasts.





Dr. Strains CBD has “Sumthin’ Different!!!

Our Space Particles are the tiny nugs and shake from our hand made moon rocks. The quality of our moon rock shake is just at nice as our moon rock nugs but already broken down for you and at a fraction of the cost!  Sold in 1 gram increments at an out of this world price of just $3.99! Fresh in stock today!!


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Dr. Strains CBD has a “Tinctures”

CBD tincture 2021

Looking for ways to ingest CBD without smoking?  We now have new 250mg CBD tinctures that you can use daily for your fast relief for your discomfort.

5 flavors available

  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon lime
  • Raspberry


Dr. Strains CBD has “Delta 8” Series


Delta 8 Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls are now available at Dr. Strains CBD for you to have an exceptional smoke. These Delta 8 Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls are on sale for only $8.99.  They have a fruity smell and can provide a restful relaxation because of the 20% D8 along with being packed with an outstanding terpene profile. These pre-rolls have an extra kick with a coating of kief as well.


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Visit Dr. Strains CBD to find other Delta 8 flowers

Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.


FDA Disclosure

The product statements are not presently evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners. Please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.

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