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cbdHIGH ALERT — CBD Hemp Flower Has a Stake in Your Health and Wellbeing

HIGH ALERT — CBD Hemp Flower Has a Stake in Your Health and Wellbeing

“CBD hemp flower has a stake in your health because so many times one of the cannabinoids has healing or preventive qualities.”

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If your health is compromised yielding pain, discomfort and illnesses more times than not, you may not be aware of what health is. Good health is rare for many and eventually people get accustomed to a new normal.  CBD hemp flower cares because it has multiple natural compounds that “link up” with our body’s own “endo” cannabinoids. Extensive research shows that our body in a unique way benefits health wise because of this compatibility so it is true that CBD hemp flower has a stake in your health.

CBD Hemp Flower Has a Stake in Your Health – All About Immune System

Our immune system is about keeping us strong against any number of bacteria and viruses. A broken-down immune system is also about more than that and can have many negative impacts to our body. Here are some disfunctions within the immune system:

  • Immunodeficiencies arise when one or more parts of the immune system fail.
  • Autoimmunity is when the immune system mistakenly targets healthy systems and cells.
  • Hypersensitivity is when the immune system reacts in an exaggerated manner to foreign viruses and bacteria.

The 2 parts of the immune system have two unique functions:

  • The innate immune system is the part we are born with.
  • The adaptive immune system is the part that you influence by actions you take or do not take and microbes you come into contact with.

The innate immune system may be compromised at birth, or it may be strong and well able to ward off outside microbes. CBD hemp flower with all the cannabinoids and terpenes have an impact on both the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system. CBD as well as other cannabinoids all go to work on imbalances and inefficiencies.

Hemp Flowers for Immune System

CBD always stands out in the gang of cannabinoids in the hemp flower for health and wellbeing. And that is the case again with a broken down and compromised immune system. Choose a hemp flower with as high a CBD content as possible whether you are vaping, smoking a hemp pre-roll or using ground hemp flower in your cookies or brownies. Visit Dr. Strains CBD flower online to find numerous high CBD content hemp flowers.

CBD Hemp Flower Has a Stake in Your Health — All About Inflammation

Inflammation is a multifaceted compromise that happens in our bodies and affects absolute so many things.  It can hinder weight loss and it can disrupt our immune response to foreign microbes. Inflammation also is a factor to consider in joint pain.  Inflammation disrupts our digestive system and can be responsible for a variety of gastrointestinal problems.

Hemp Flowers for Inflammation

CBD once again rises to the top of the list for beneficial cannabinoids to counter inflammation however, not far behind is CBG cannabinoid. Because CBG matures early in the growth of the hemp flower then converts to other cannabinoids, it is not generally high content in any hemp flower unless the CBG cannabinoid oil is added to a hemp flower strain.

Another cannabinoid that is particularly beneficial to the inflammation issues is Delta 8 THC. Delta 8 THC is a non-psychoactive sibling to Delta 9 THC. It is a trace cannabinoid so in order to consume a significant amount, it is necessary to spray Delta 8 oil onto another hemp flower. Delta 8 has significantly health benefits including for inflammation in our body.

CBD hemp flower has a stake in your health“All Points of View”

We only discussed two health challenges which people commonly suffer from.  Probably the first reason most people start a regimen of hemp is for pain. There is probably on other condition that plagues more people in a chronic fashion and acute pain as well. Even though CBD hemp is most effective against chronic pain, it also can be deterrent to injuries that bring acute pain to the forefront. CBD hemp flower has a stake in your health and wellbeing every day with consistent use.

Today’s Blog ReferenceCBD hemp flower has a stake in your health

All The Ways You Can Have Fun with CBD Hemp Flower



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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. We purchase all our CBD hemp flower from these small hemp farms because of the extra attention and care that they indulge on each hemp plant that they grow.  This type of care makes for a more precisely trimmed flower nug as well as better cannabinoid and terpene profiles.  Check out our online shop or contact us for more information and to read more blog posts click here.


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