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cbdHome Court Advantage with Full-Spectrum CBD

Home Court Advantage with Full-Spectrum CBD

“The home court advantage with full-spectrum CBD is evident for every product whether oral or topical.”


Dr. Strains CBD has “BOO–Grandioso” Flowers

Umpqua @ $16.99 for ½ oz.


This flower has beautiful, frosty bud, which can also mean “dancing waters.  Umpqua Hemp Flower pays homage to Oregon’s Umpqua Valley Native American tribes. Our CBD flowers are the perfect way to relax after a stressful day. They offer a similar experience to ACDC/Cannatonic/Suzy Q/Harlequin in terms of expected effects.  Umpqua Hemp Flower has a lovely frosty look as if they were dipped in sugar, contrasting on a bright lime green color with orange hairs. This bud gives a strong, sweet smell, with pine, citrus notes, and sometimes hints of hops or peaches.  Let this Indica dominant hybrid take you on a walk through a pine forest and leave you rested and ready for your day’s challenges.



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Table of Content

  • Comparing the Spectrums
  • Clear Advantages
  • Full-Spectrum Hits Home Court” Conclusion



We are familiar with the home court advantage when it comes to sports. The players know their field and the irregularities it may have as well as the clear positives that make the game more playable. Today we are talking about the advantage with full-spectrum CBD and believe you me there are many. Some individuals prefer the broad spectrum or the isolate and we will discuss why that may be and why the advantage with full-spectrum CBD may outweigh the negatives.


Advantage with CBD — Comparing the Spectrums


There are three spectrums to consider when talking hemp flower products. There is the broad spectrum that is missing only one compound and you probably know which one and then there is the Isolate meaning it only has one compound but last, but not least is the advantage with full-spectrum CBD. The choices are probably clear to you if you have had any experience with hemp flower and the products associated with it. What seems like an advantage with full-spectrum CBD to most may be a product with disadvantages.


Talking Full-Spectrum First

What full-spectrum means is that it is all there — all the cannabinoids, all terpenes, etc. With full-spectrum CBD your body is dosed with all the cannabinoids, all the terpenes and all the other compounds in the hemp flower because, well because that is what “full” means. Your next question is, no doubt, why does it matter? It matters because the advantage with full-spectrum CBD first creates the “Entourage Effect” whether you are taking it for recreation use or for health uses. The Entourage Effect gives you the best effects and the best results for health benefits.


When all the compounds work together in your body, you will feel more of a health advantage with full-spectrum CBD; you will have more relief from anxiety; your pain will be less and your body will be better in balance.


Talking Broad Spectrum Second

The advantage with full-spectrum CBD is knocked down a notch if you consume broad spectrum CBD hemp flower products. And here is the reason. Broad spectrum has one compound processed out and that is Delta 9 THC. So, for those of you who need be sure there is no Delta 9 THC in your hemp products will not enjoy all the advantages with full-spectrum CBD, but almost. Some have to take workplace drug tests on a regular basis and even though the chances are slim that 0.3% Delta 9 THC will show up in a urine test, there is a possibility. The advantage with full-spectrum CBD are great but almost as significant with the Broad Spectrum products.


Cannot Forget Isolate Third

The full-spectrum  products are unmistakably better but for a moment lets take a look at another option you have. The third option here is Isolate hemp products. Isolate products are the most highly processed of all the spectrums because everything is taken out of it except for CBD. For individuals who may be allergic to other compounds in hemp flower products, this is the product to look for. There are gummies, sublingual tinctures and capsules as well as some topicals that are Isolate. You will not have the advantage with full-spectrum CBD but Isolate is up to 99% pure CBD.


CBD is the most researched cannabinoid, so we have the most information about it and it is stunning. The results not only come from the lab, but they come from multitudes of individuals who experience relief from chronic pain they have had for years. Anxiety and insomnia are the next most treated health conditions. CBD is effective for both these chronic health challenges. The advantage with full-spectrum CBD will always be that but for the person who cannot tolerate it, there are other options for you.


Advantage with Full-Spectrum — Clear Advantages


The advantages are clear across the board of ways and reasons to use it. Most never have anything negative with the full-spectrum option. It is clearly best for all the ailments you want to treat. The body is best served with all the compound to restore homeostasis and health.


Advantage #1 – The Entourage Effect

The first and foremost advantage with full-spectrum CBD is the Entourage Effect. When the CBD hemp flower product enters your body, it heads directly to the CB1 or CB2 receptors that make up the Endocannabinoid System. The advantage with full-spectrum CBD is that the interaction CBD has with the receptors is more complete and perhaps even faster.


Advantage #2 – Least Processed

The hemp flower and all the compounds in it are natural because they grow on the hemp plant from the earth. The advantage with full-spectrum CBD is that it is the least processed of all the other spectrums because it has the least processed out. The hemp flower nug is the, by far, least processed and it utilizes pulmonary administration so it works the fastest. But if you are in a position that you cannot take one the advantage with full-spectrum CBD, you do have other options and they are better than nothing by far.


Advantage #3 – Works Better & Faster

When the CBD hemp flower product enters your body, the advantage with full-spectrum CBD is that it can get to work interacting with the CB receptors more quickly and with all the force of all the natural compounds.


“Full-Spectrum Comes to Home Court” Conclusion


The advantage of full-spectrum CBD is clear. It is like have a complete army battalion to attack the enemy rather than ½ a crew. Remember this advantage when arbitrarily deciding to go Isolate, just because. If you have a specific reason like a possible positive drug test or health allergies then the Isolate or the Broad are other choices.




Dr. Strains CBD Product Showcase

Are you looking for hemp buds products? Good News! We are in the last quarter of  2021  and still stocking our shelves with bang-up additions.

Dr. Strains CBD has Delta 8 Moonrock

Our premium Dr. Strains CBD grown Delta 8 D8 Moonrock is one of our best flowers yet! Grown in 2021 by us at Dr. Strains our base flower is Bubba Kush.  We grew this strain in our greenhouse and finished the last 3 weeks indoors! This flower has a gassy citrus nose filled with terpenes and covered in crystals.  We couldn’t stop there next after this strain was dried and cured we sprayed it with our Delta 8 D8 oil. We didn’t stop there, our Delta 8 D8 moonrock also has been coated in premium kief! (Within Federal Legal limit).


It is for sale at $25.99 to $44.99.






D8 Hemp Flower Vape Carts

Dr Strains CBD’s premium D8 hemp flower carts are made from our premium greenhouse grown hemp flower. Boasting over 92% total D8!  And our D8 carts come in a variety of flavors. All-natural terpenes are infused with the delta 8 distillate to create unique flavor profiles.


Visit Dr. Strains CBD to find other Delta 8 flowers



Dr. Strains CBD has a “Tinctures”

CBD tincture 2021

Looking for ways to ingest CBD without smoking?  We now have new 250mg CBD tinctures that you can use daily for your fast relief for your discomfort.

5 flavors available

  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon lime
  • Raspberry




Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.



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