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cbdHump Day’s Zoom Call for CBD Flower Power

Hump Day’s Zoom Call for CBD Flower Power

“Call for CBD flower power is about the many angles of success that it has over a wide range of health challenges “

Winds from Dr. Strains CBD Blows in Delta 8 Flowers

call for CBD flower power

Bubba Kush 59 Hemp Flower

Introducing our newest strain Bubba Kush 59 Indoor Hemp Flower.  These dense, aromatic buds are light green in color with purple accents and drenched in sparkling trichomes! The nose is a mix of old growth Redwood, dank peat moss, white pepper, acacia and a variety of botanicals.  It boasts all the classic flavors of Bubba Kush with an essence of sweetness.  This sweetness hints towards guava curd and cherry cola on the finish.  Super white ash, no PGR, smokes clean!  Provides an upbeat Indica vibe as well as pain and anxiety relief.  This stuff is mother-trucking good! 


  • The General Health Aspect
  • Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia Move Together
  • What You Did Not Know
  • “All Points of View”
  • Today’s Blog Reference

It seems that the health benefits of the CBD hemp flower just keep multiplying as the research moves forward. It is exciting because too many people have suffered too long with health challenges.  These health challenges have no help from the pharmaceutical industry. Or the pill they have created has so many side effects that it is worse than the original problem.

The CBD flower power is actual power because of the swiftness of its action and the course correction that our bodies are capable of. From pain to severe anxiety to a complete body health realignment CBD hemp flower power is responsible for.

Call for CBD Flower Power – The General Health Aspect

As more and more things come out that can resolve any number of health challenges it seems like CBD hemp flower is some sort of magic. But it is not magic. It takes a simple understanding of how hemp interacts with our Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and all the CB receptors that are its network. We already have the ECS network in place, but it malfunctions as we age, as we abuse our body with bad habits and other lifestyle choices. So, it quits working or works only partially.

The Balance of it All

CBD hemp flower with all its cannabinoids and terpenes, start interacting with the CB receptors to restore balance to the body. Most of us have driven a car on wheels that are out of balance. You have to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel, so it does not veer off to the left or the right.  But when balance is restored whether in your body or your car the ride is smoother the health is more vibrant.

That is why it seems CBD hemp flower cures everything, but what it really does is “realign” your body just like the mechanic does when you take your car in to be realigned. Sometimes health challenges are resolved almost immediately. Others it takes longer but by and large, you will only know how CBD flower “heals you” till you consistently dose for at least 14 days.  This will let you know what may work best for you.

Call for CBD Flower Power – Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia Move Together

These three conditions are at the top of the list for most people young and old, even. They also are like the three musketeers because they hang out together. If you are in pain, your sleep will be interrupted. When your sleep is interrupted, you become anxious because you know you need your sleep, to be your best at work the next day.

If you start with soothing the pain with CBD-infused gummies or CBD oil capsules or smoking your favorite hemp pre-roll and see how your anxiety and insomnia are resolved. But on the other hand, you may have no pain but are plagued with anxiety which also can disrupt sleep. So, what you must determine is what condition is most rampant in your body and find the method of dosing that will be the most effective.

Call for CBD Flower Power – What You Do Not Know

Whether your primary complaint is pain, lack of appetite, insomnia or a neurodegenerative condition, there is a particular method of dosing that suits you best. Personally, I get better results treating my osteoarthritis pain with CBD-infused topicals than with gummies or CBD oil capsules.

If you are using CBD hemp flower for insomnia, remember to use strains which are indica rather than sativa. Sativa strains are energizing so will not help your insomnia, but a nice smoke or vape of Bubba Kush, an indica strain will relax you the best.  If you are just starting your adventure with CBD hemp flower dosing, remember to be consistent with one method of dosing in order to get a base line of what your body needs.

“All Points of View”

The call for CBD flower power is increasing in volume as more and more individuals leave their pharmaceutical drugs to try this all-natural plant.  It is effective because all the cannabinoids and terpenes work with our ECS to strengthen it and restore balance.

Today’s Blog Reference

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