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hemp“ARTICLE OF THE WEEK” — Identifying the Hemp Universe from the Past to the Future

“ARTICLE OF THE WEEK” — Identifying the Hemp Universe from the Past to the Future

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“The hemp universe from the past to the future shows so many gains for everyone and created a unique universe all its own.”

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  • The Roots and Branches of Cannabis
  • Kings and Queens Used Hemp as Treatment
  • Decades of Legal Jenga for Hemp
  • Year 2018 Became the Ace in the Hole for Hemp
  • The Global Nature of the CBD Hemp Flower
  • The Agriculture Universe
  • The Recreational Universe
  • The Health & Wellbeing Universe
  • The Environment Universe


The hemp plant which includes the amazing hemp flower has a long history even with kings and queens. Farmers have always considered it a golden crop and is also considered to be the oldest crop in history. You may not have enjoyed history in school, I know I did not, but the hemp history also speaks for the place it holds today for millions of people globally.

The hemp universe from the past to the future has impacts and benefits of hemp. There are affects for the young, the middle-aged and the elderly. The financial benefits span from farmers to vendors to consumers. Environmentalist should be delighted because of the sustainability and renewability of hemp as it may be the savior for the environment.  Hemp has also been a financial blessing to all the farmers in the agricultural arena. Many tobacco farmers have converted their operations to grow hemp rather than tobacco because of the financial advantage that hemp offers. They have found that there are some similarities in the growing process between hemp and tobacco.

Markings Throughout History

The legal Jenga that has marked the history of hemp is hard to understand because it has carries with it so many benefits. The problem has been that the “powers that made the rules” did not understand the true difference between the two branches of cannabis – hemp and marijuana. There is a difference but too many still do not understand how one branch is psychoactive – marijuana and the other is non-psychoactive – hemp.

All this and more are in this article today. It is to educate anyone who has a curiosity and wants all the beneficial natural compounds to work for them to reduce pain and anxiety. For those who are interested in breaking the nicotine addiction or the marijuana addiction, the hemp flower is your friend. It also provides aromas and flavors that easily supersede nicotine and hemp is not addictive.

Hemp Universe from the Past to the Future – The Roots and Branches of Cannabis

There are different ways to say it, but let’s use the family angle. Cannabis is the mother plant. Marijuana is one sibling and hemp is the other sibling. But cannabis is more than simply a family structure. Cannabis is one of the oldest crops ever to be cultivated and so that factoid means that hemp also has the prestige of being the oldest crop as well.

The archaeologists found cannabis achenes dating back to 8000 BC in Japan on the Oki Islands. Archaeologists also found evidence of hemp use in pottery in China as early as the 5th millennium BC. Then we go to Korea where proof that the ancients used hempen fabric in the early 3000 BC.

Evidence of the hemp crop and hemp use is in Assyria and hemp found on the altar in the Kingdom of Judah. The Greek historians report that the ancients inhaled the vapor of hemp seeds for recreational purposes and also for cultural rituals.

Countries Which Birthed Hemp

The continent of Asia is generally considered to be the birth country but there is some thought that it may have also had roots in the Middle East. Even back in ancient days word of the hemp plant spread quickly to other countries and they started their own crop.

The cannabis plant with both branches was introduced to Iraq when an entourage of Bahraini rulers visited with it. Then it was introduced to Egypt by Islamic travelers who came from Syria. Now this plant was introduced to Africa by Indian Hindu travelers as they passed through from India.  Eventually in 1545 the Spaniards did their part to spread hemp to the western hemisphere choosing the South American country of Chile to locate the crop.

By 1613 hemp wended its way to the eastern coast area of America. It was here that laws took notice of the hemp plant and probably its great appeal for a variety of reasons.  The Virginia House of Burgesses passed a bill that required all farmers to grow hemp on their plantations.  This hemp supply came from India and England.

Cannabis in the Beginning

Some authorities on hemp say that in the very beginning cannabis was non-psychoactive. But somewhere in the early days, there were some breeders who understood the structure of the plant and how to better express certain cannabinoids and terpenes. That is how Delta 9 THC became the dominant ingredient in cannabis turning the plant into a psychoactive crop referred to as marijuana.

The other side of cannabis is hemp and all the strains that have 0.3% Delta 9 THC or less. When the breeders learned about the differences between the two branches of cannabis, they started breeding two strains together to make a hybrid with even more of certain cannabinoids, particularly CBD.

Hemp is Historically Good for Agriculture

From ancient days, the hemp side of cannabis has always been good news for agriculture. It is a relatively easy and grows in almost every climate. It is good for the soil as it leaves it with more nutrients than before it was planted. Every single part of the hemp plant has a use. Absolutely nothing goes to waste.  That is good for the environment, and it is good for the farmer because it multiplies the money that the farmer can make from one crop.

Hemp Universe from the past to the future

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Hemp Universe from the Past to the Future – Kings and Queens Used Hemp as Treatment

Royalty through the years shows consistent and frequent use of hemp medicinally and recreational as well. Hemp may be new to legal use in the United States, but it is not a new phenomenon, but rather is a proven commodity for the ancients and even royalty.  These kings and queens did not know the science side of hemp, but they knew enough to consistently stock their medicine cabinets with the “hemp potion”.

Queens and Hemp

Cleopatra used hemp seed oil as a health and beauty product.  The Queen of France was so impressed with the hemp plant and its positive medical and recreation value that she commissioned hemp be included in an agriculture book which several authors were putting together.  Another French Queen was buried in hemp clothing.

There is a record of the Queen of Sheba bringing gold and spices to King Solomon. Even though the spices she brought do not specifically name cannabis, her trade route bordered farms of cannabis hemp, so it is presumed that was one of her spices.

Kings and Hemp

The hemp universe from the past to the future includes how the kings used it in their life for health and recreation.  The Chinese Emperor Shen Hung recorded his first medicinal use of hemp, and he also recorded more specifics of the effectiveness of hemp for his own health. He suffered with severe rheumatism and gout but found hemp an effective treatment.

Civilizations and Cannabis Hemp

It is disputed which civilization first adopted cannabis hemp for a useful crop so the people of that civilization could utilize it medicinally. First, more importantly hemp dates back to 6,000 – 8,000 B.C. because of remnants of hemp clothing, broken pieces of pottery, etc.

 Ancient Mesopotamia peoples used wild hemp for textiles and the Chinese used wild hemp for medicinal purposes along with it being a very important crop. Great Britain’s history dates back to 800 A.D. for hemp cultivation. It also shows that Henry VIII required the farmers to plant large amounts so it would help furnish the British Naval fleet with supplies when sailing.

The Vikings used hemp extensively then carried it to Iceland.  The first hemp paper mills sprung up in China and the Middle East and the Arabs adopted the technology for the production of paper.  The founders of the United States wrote early drafts of the Declaration of Independence on hemp paper and Abraham Lincoln used hemp oil to fuel the lanterns in his home.

Hemp Universe from the Past to the Future – Decades of Legal Jenga for Hemp

The hemp universe has been fluid through the years as it is so closely associated with the marijuana side of cannabis.  In the 1700s the law for hemp was a requirement on American farmers in the colonies to grow hemp to provide a portion of it to the Federal government. Then during the 18th and 19th centuries because it was vitally important to the country’s economy, it was declared legal.

Pre-21st Century

The unfair legal decline really started in 1937 with the Marihuana Tax Act passed on the August 2, 1937. It may have seemed like a simple law against marijuana but what it really did was gave a green light to more and more aggressive laws prohibiting and legalizing any use of any part of cannabis. The federal government jumped on this band wagon and allowed it to form their country’s attitude towards cannabis. This included the attitude that made the rules against hemp as well.  The Marihuana Tax Act was to discourage any production of hemp by placing a tax on it and it did cause a major decline.

The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) Title II of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 was signed into law by President Richard Nixon on October 27, 1970.  This is the drug policy under which the manufacture, importation, possession, use and distribution of stated narcotics, etc. is regulated.  The CSA promptly classified hemp as an illegal Schedule I drug placing strict regulations on the cultivation of industrial hemp.

21st Century

Now we enter the 21st century with hemp still being illegal according to the CSA. But things started to change in 2004.  The Ninth Circuit Court protected the sales of hemp foods and body care products with a decision in the Hemp Industries Association vs. DEA court case.  But hemp was still illegal to plant and grow and sell as an entity in and of itself.

Sometimes it takes one step to lead to the next and that exact thing played out 2007. The first hemp license was granted to two North Dakota farmers in over 50 years.  This was the first time that farmers were given an opportunity to grow hemp even on a research basis. And it worked because in 2014 the next big step happened to further the cause of hemp.

In 2014, President Obama signed the Farm Bill, which allowed the research institutions to begin and fund the first hemp farming pilot programs.  The very next year of 2015 another bill was introduced in the House and Senate titled “The Industrial Hemp Farming Act (H.R. 525 and S. 134)”. Subsequently, in 2016 another big step happened to free hemp to society.  A Colorado farm earned the Organic Certification from USDA from their pilot hemp growing programs.

The Big Break

Then finally in 2018 the big break came when the legal bars of confinement broke for one of the most miraculous plants ever grown.  Under President Trump’s leadership an amendment to the Agricultural Improvement of 2018 passed which forever changed the landscape for hemp.

Dec 20, 2018, President Trump signed the Farm Bill of 2018 into law.  This removed the hemp plant and all the natural compounds in the hemp plant from the Controlled Substance II list.  The cause and effect exploded the hemp universe in planting and producing hemp flowers and hemp products.

Post-21st Century

The hemp industry continues to make history and will proceed marching.  This march takes us through the future decades with new products and new research. The new research shows better benefits for this multipurpose crop.  Hemp is also going to continue bettering a variety of industries from construction to textiles and beyond.

The future universe of hemp lies in the area of seeds and genetics. The breeder manipulates both of these in order to get a better flower.  This bettering of the hemp flower gives just the cannabinoids and the terpenes you wish for.  The universe of the hemp plant evolves as breeders are more aware of what the mother cannabis plant can do.

Some hemp plants have DNA that makes them more fibrous so more acceptable for manufacturing purposes. Here is the reason the genetics are important. The genetics provide more avenues to breed a variety of hemp strains.  Each of these hemp strains targets specific cannabinoids, terpenes and other natural compounds.

The Breeder’s Influence

If the breeder wants to create a richer terpene hemp flower, one method is to breed it with other strong CBD rich hemp strain.  The problem with this method is that unwittingly you may also more highly express the cannabinoid of Delta 9 THC. Now the farmer will be liable to the sticky less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC regulations.

Some breeders have a different approach because they start with high resin marijuana plants. Then they breed out most of the Delta 9 THC to create CBD-rich cultivars.  This also stabilizes a seed line, so the cultivar lives on.  The genetics of the hemp seeds both now, drives the hemp universe of the future.  The breeder’s goal is to consistently put these genetically excellent hemp seeds into the farmer’s hands.

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Hemp Universe from the Past to the Future – Year 2018 Became the Ace in the Hole for Hemp

Even by 2019, 14% of Americans already had CBD hemp products in their medicine cabinet.  There had been enough research done and made public that people, particularly those with chronic conditions that plague them like pain and anxiety. These conditions may have a matching pharmaceutical, but they have been ineffective and with so many negative side effects.

Marijuana cannabis does have medical benefits, but it is also psychoactive affects on the used and lends itself to paranoia and depression. So, people already knew the benefits of cannabis in general and now it became the ace in the hole for those looking for a non-psychoactive solution for pain, anxiety, insomnia

Ace in the Hole for the Farmer

The farmers benefit greatly from the release of hemp as a legal substance. Some of the groundwork had already been done under the auspice of hemp research which was legalized prior to 2018.  But now today in 2022, the research has advanced by leaps and bounds resulting in additional benefits from a variety of different cannabinoids.

The farmer benefits from this because the farmer grows what the consumer wants.  The cannabinoid referred to as CBG, matures earlier in the hemp growing process then converts to other cannabinoids. However, when all the health benefits started coming out regarding CBG, the consumer requested this cannabinoid, so the farmer got busy and did two things.

First, they harvested the hemp plant early so they could provide this valuable cannabinoid to the consumer. The second thing that the farmers and breeders did was to breed new hemp flower strains with higher percentages of CBG.

Ace in the Hole for the Vendor

All parts of the hemp plant turned out to be an all-out ace in the hole partly because of the variety of products but there is another aspect as well.  The entire hemp plant has the potential for monetary profit.  Obviously, the hemp flower is the most valuable for basically all products and as a flower to smoke, to vape or to consume in other raw formats.

The other big income producer and valuable part of the hemp plant is the hemp biomass. The hemp biomass concept is broad because everything that is left behind after the hemp flower is harvested. This hemp biomass is used to produce and manufacture clothing, construction products and we cannot forget how uniquely suitable it is to make all things that the sailors use out at sea in their shipping business.  Rope and canvas made from hemp is particularly resistant to the ocean salt water.

Ace in the Hole for the Consumer

Last, but definitely not least, is the consumer of all those hemp products in all venues. But when we think of the consumer, we think of CBD and other cannabinoids or the recreational use of the hemp flower.

CBD, particularly, but other cannabinoids and terpenes as well, are so outstanding considering the positive outcomes that the medical profession has taken notice. Multiple pharmaceuticals are FDA approved and clinical trials continue for a variety of different cannabinoids and hemp flower strains.

The most commonly known pharmaceutical is Epidiolex developed using the Charlotte’s Web hemp flower strain.  This drug is used primarily as an anti-seizure medication and to date continues as a very successful medication. hemp universe from the past to the future

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Hemp Universe from the Past to the Future – The Global Nature of the CBD Hemp Flower

Where it Began

Archeologists believe that hemp was first grown in the Middle East, India and the China area. This is proven because of archeological relics which were made with or from hemp. It was widely used by kings and queens and pheasants alike for health, recreation and religious rituals.

Where it Spread to

It quickly spread to various countries in Europe and Asia because good news spreads rapidly. It was good for agriculture because it is a simple crop to grow, and it adds nutrients into the soil during the growing process. Then it spread to the Americas where it followed the civilization west as more and more states were formed and settled.

In the early days of hemp introduction in the 13 colonies, some settlements required their residents to plant a certain number of acres.  Then a percentage of those acres of hemp were to be returned to said colony or state.

Current Spread

Today, since the 2018 Farm Bill, the spread involves the federal legalization of hemp. Some states still restrict it but still permit transportation of hemp through their state. The spread involves more farmers planting hemp than ever before. Some tobacco farmers are converting farms to hemp farms because the revenue is so much more, and the two crops have similarities in planting and harvesting.  With the outcry against tobacco for health reasons, the demand has lessened for the product.

Hemp Universe from the Past to the Future – The Agricultural Universe

The US government released a pro-hemp documentary, Hemp for Victory, encouraged farmers throughout the Midwest and Southeast to plant hemp in their acreage vs other crops. This alone pushed the acreage to a whopping 400,000 plus acres planted during the years of 1942-1945. But then all the legal restrictions hit and this stream of revenue for the farmers was largely chopped off.

Agriculture Hails Hemp

The acreage planted in hemp in 2017 was 25,713 but exploded to almost 80,000 acres in 2018 after the Farm Bill of 2018.  One year later the acreage multiplied to over 500,00 across 34 states.  Year by year the acres grow in number as the demand continues and increases for hemp, hemp product and hemp flower strains.  Hemp has been the salvation for agriculture because of the revenue it brings in and the versatility that it presents to the farmers.

The Soil Loves Hemp

The hemp plant is full of nutrients, and it also acts as a purifier of the soil. This is one reason it is important to grow hemp chemical free because when chemicals are added, the hemp plant “soaks up” those chemicals in an effort to purify its environment. In traditional crop planting there is a rotation that farmers generally adhere to. However, that is unnecessary with hemp because it leaves the soil rich and replenished with nutrients.

Hemp is Climate Adaptable

Hemp grows in almost any climate except extremely cold.  It grows in the cold, but the yield is lower. The ultimate climate for hemp is mild and humid because it produces better hemp flowers and more luscious. Hemp plants also do better with 25” to 30” of rain annually. The hemp plant loves humidity, and it thrives in full sun.

Hemp Universe from the Past to the Future – The Recreational Universe

A myth about cannabis is that CBD in the hemp is for health benefits and Delta 9 THC in marijuana is for recreational purposes. That is inaccurate so in this section we are going to set the record straight.

Hemp Goes Recreational

Cannabis is the mother plant for the two siblings – marijuana and hemp. Marijuana is high in Delta 9 THC and hemp is high in CBD. Consequently, marijuana is psychoactive, leaves one feeling paranoid, depressed and sleep deprived. The Delta 9 THC provides a high to the user. There is where the recreational use comes into play.

The other sibling, hemp, has many of similar savors but the psychoactive element is absent. Many have used hemp pre-rolls to break the addiction with nicotine because it can be recreational in nature. Hemp does not give the user a high but the Indica type provide a feeling of calm and relaxation while the Sativa type is energizing and may border on a mild body high but never psychoactive.

Hemp Goes Nuclear with Savors

The savors, as we said earlier, do have similarities to marijuana savors because it is still cannabis. The name of a hemp flower strain can often give a clue as to the savors you may experience.  Here are some examples.

Cherry Wine — Tasty flavors of cherry wine kicked up with pine.  It is an aromatic strain with distinct hints of sweet cherry and subtle black pepper twang, spicy blueberries and sharp cheddar cheese.

Frosted Lime Rocks — Potent citrus flavor and fragrance to mellow, relax and calm from a stressful day or week.  The pure “frost effect” of citrus and lime blends with hints of skunky scent.

Hawaiian Haze — The smooth floral smell of the tropics puts the user in a full daydream mode to imagine that perfect island getaway or bathing in the mineral springs of the spa. A sharp aroma of pineapple/citrus is back ended with wafts of earthy floral.

Hemp Powers the Party

When you are having a hemp flower party around the pool, you may have veteran hemp users and you may have newbies. This is important because if you want to be relaxed, laid back and calm then there are certain hemp flower strains that will help you achieve that. However, if you want to be jovial, the low side of a high and energized then you should smoke or vape another type of hemp flower strains.

The Indica type hemp flower strains will give you the chill you are looking for to relax just be able to “lay down” the day’s burden and decompress. The following strains are a few of the Indica flowers:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Cherry Blossom (dominant Indica)
  • OG Kush
  • Purple Hindu Kush

The following strains are a few of the Sativa type flowers:

  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Fuji Hemp Flower
  • Elektra Hemp Flower
  • Papaya Nights Hemp Flower

hemp universe from the past to the future

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Hemp Universe from the Past to the Future – The Health Universe

The hemp universe from the past to the future affect health more than any other universe.  It is without doubt the one most outstanding area and gained its first foothold for consumers.  By the time the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp, the researchers had done so much research and studies on the cannabinoids in the hemp flower. Their studies found that the cannabinoids in the hemp flower were uniquely compatible with our own body’s cannabinoids referred to as endo cannabinoids. These cannabinoids along with CB receptors scattered throughout our body.

The Pain of it All

The CB 2 receptors are scattered consistently along the paths in our body that pain travels. This is why CBD and other cannabinoids are so effective because they interact with the CB2 receptors to act as a block to pain.

It may seem strange for the hemp topical to be effective for joint pain, but it is because the skin has its own Endocannabinoid System to “carry” it to the body’s Endocannabinoid System so it can block pain.  You also have the advantage of massaging the topical into your skin to further benefit the movement of the hemp topical to where it needs to go.

The higher the CBD content is, the better it is for pain. One of the hemp flower strains that Dr. Strains has is Purple Gas – high in CBD and excellent for pain.

The Anxiety and Insomnia of it All

Second only to pain, anxiety is the next condition that more Americans suffer from, and the pharmaceutical has only offered drugs that are highly addictive and with a plethora of negative side effects.

The best hemp flower for those suffering from this nagging condition that can cripple you in every day and night life, is a hemp flower that is 50/50 Indica/Sativa. CB Dawg CBD hemp flower strain has a powerful grape aroma blast accompanied by a lift of cherry pie.  The blend of sativa and indica and select terpenes deliver a perfect sense of relaxation and subtle stimulation.

Hemp Universe from the Past to the Future — The Environmental Universe

As early as 1916, the United States Department of Agriculture published findings that hemp can produce 4xs more paper than an acre of trees. The findings show that hemp produces 4 times more paper per acre than trees, so this is a huge shout out to hemp for the environment. There are so many good things environmentally about hemp that, where do I start to itemize them? If all the panicked environmentalists would set their sights on hemp as the savior, then so much would be solved.

The Biggest Solution

Waste is one of the most serious things that is ruining our environment, particularly unnecessary waste. The hemp has absolutely not an ounce of waste. And beyond that it heals the soil with nutrients, so the soil is richer after hemp grows in it for a season.  Hemp grows faster that trees and makes it a better solution for the manufacture of paper.

Construction goes to hemp biomass for insulation, hempcrete, and many, many other things. Sailors love hemp rope and hemp canvas for the sails because it is resistant to the ocean’s salt water. That helps the environment because old worn-out ropes and canvases do not end up on some landfill. The same way with clothes as they last forever so that means less gets dumped on the landfill.

The hemp universe for the environment has strong arguments for it because of its versatility and for its endurability. If environmentalists want to blow a horn for reform, they could do something to energize the use of hemp biomass to push their cause.

“All Points of View”

The universe of hemp continues to broaden since the 2018 Farm Bill passed. People around the world use hemp products for health benefits and benefits continue to multiply as the research continues. Breeders find new ways to express those cannabinoids and terpenes which are particularly full of benefits.  Hemp is also the salvation for farmers across the United States. It is a crop that is simpler to grow, produces more revenue and eliminates the need for crop rotation. All hail to hemp!

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