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cbdIf You Really Must Know — Top 10 CBD Hemp Flower Questions

If You Really Must Know — Top 10 CBD Hemp Flower Questions

Top 10 CBD hemp flower questions always must include a variety of aspects of the flower. Some of these things include how to consume CBD hemp flower, the various strains \’\’and how does it really benefit your body. Healing is what we strive for \’\’and there is a lot of chronic conditions that pharmaceuticals have failed to alleviate

Does CBD Hemp Flower Expire?

CBD flower expire more quickly in certain environments, a level of humidity \’\’and too high a temperature. The facts are that CBD flower is susceptible to humidity, temperature \’\’and weather. Before it gets in your h\’\’ands, there is a lot that the hemp cultivar has to do with preserving the hemp flower as soon as it is harvested.

The hemp authorities recommend to use your hemp flower within a 12 month period. However, the CBD flower expires before a 12-month period if you do not store it properly. Some have tried to extend the period before a CBD flower expires by “hydration packs”. But this may actually create an opening for your CBD flower to mold. If you want to hydrate, do it in small amounts of the flower you are going to use within 48 hours

CBD Hemp Flower Questions — How do You Consume the CBD Flower?

There are three primary ways of consuming the CBD flower CBD infused gummies, CBD oil capsules, CBD edibles. Because CBD, like THC, is fat soluble, infusing CBD flowers in oil or butter is a great method to ingest CBD if you are unconcerned about measuring intake. It will also provide a longer-term effect with it travelling through your digestion system \’\’and liver which because it breaks down the cannabinoids so may somewhat reduce its effectiveness

  • Edibles — CBD edibles are products such as chocolates, c\’\’andies or gummies that are infused with CBD. These are convenient, tasty \’\’and full of CBD which can have more rapid effect.
  • Capsules — For those who prefer not to eat, smoke, or hold CBD under the tongue.
  • Tinctures – These are usually in drop form to put under the tongue then swallowed. This may be the most common method of consuming CBD but it is a way you know exactly the amount of CBD consumed.
  • Gummies – These are in different flavors \’\’and infused with CBD. They can be chewed up or for better bioavailability, dissolved under the tongue.

Will CBD Show on a Drug Test?

There are no drug tests in existence that test specifically for CBD \’\’and all hemp strains must have 0.3% THC or less.  Any CBD products will not cause drug test to be positive.

CBD Hemp Flower Questions — What is the Difference Between Sativa, Indica, Hybrid?

Hemp flower strains are divided many different ways, but their main qualities could be abbreviated this way:

  • Indica vs Sativa Comparisons
  • Indica-dominant hemp strains promote deep body relaxation.
  • Sativa-dominant hemp strains lend itself to an energizing experience.

Indica-Dominant Hemp

Indica plants are short, bushy plants with wide leaves \’\’and they grow faster \’\’and the flower produces more. The Indica hemp plants have a higher CBD content \’\’and also a lower THC content.

The major qualities of Indica medicinal strains include increased mental \’\’and muscle relaxation while also decreasing acute pain. Indica-dominant strains do not produce a high, but it does stimulate dopamine which is a neurotransmitter regulating the brains pleasure control board.

Sativa-Dominant Hemp

Sativa plants grow tall \’\’and thin with narrow leaves which are of a lighter shade of green. Sativa strains mature at a slower pace \’\’and generally require more light.  The hemp flower strains that are dominant sativa will help ease anxiety, depression \’\’and a mood up-lifter. It also treats chronic pain rather than acute pain like indica-dominant strains do.

Hybrid Hemp Strains

Hybrids result from a cross between two other strains. The strains may be both sativa or they may be both indica. There are three other hybrid possibilities. They are as follows:

  • 50% sativa \’\’and 50% indica,
  • Lower % sativa \’\’and higher % indica – Indica-dominant,
  • Higher % sativa \’\’and lower % indica – Sativa-dominant,

Indica vs Sativa Hemp Strains

  • Charlotte’s Web — Indica-dominant.
  • Bubba Kush, REMEMBER — It’s on sale this week!!
  • CB Dawg,
  • Harlequin — Sativa-dominant
  • Elektra,
  • Hawaiian Haze.

When the hybrid hemp strain is 50%/50%, the result may be a blend of energizing effects \’\’and calming effects.

CBD Hemp Flower Questions — Does CBD Help Anxiety?

Hemp flower is not a novel idea for anxiety as researchers have been extensively studying it for possible therapeutic potential. A recent study analyzed teens who were given 300 mg of CBD which revealed their symptoms were reduced significantly in social anxiety situation.

Remedy Hemp Flower Strain is a 14% CBD strain that produces little to no psychoactive effects \’\’and has a pleasant aroma of lemon-pine. This strain is best loved for its ability to mellow you out to a relaxing calm. It is very popular with those suffering from chronic anxiety.

Elektra Hemp Flower Strain averages around 16% CBD but as high as 20% CBD.  Its pungent smoke \’\’and aroma is to love besides an amazing relaxing effect

Sour Space C\’\’andy Hemp Flower Strain has an average of 17% CBD. It gives a happy, uplifting \’\’and energetic feeling releasing inner child emotions, just the answer for those anxious ones that battle daily with this chronic condition.  “Hail to Space” once again as users report better concentration \’\’and focus for hard workdays, calms the emotions \’\’and lifts the spirits.

CBD Hemp Flower Questions — What is the Difference Between THC \’\’and CBD?

THC \’\’and CBD are both cannabinoid compounds. And both are derived from the cannabis plant. Hemp \’\’and marijuana are both cannabis plants. The pain relief that so many are experiencing from neuropathy, arthritis \’\’and muscle spasms come from CBD.

In some of the hemp strains, THC may be present in slightly higher than the minimum legal amount. In that case, it has been proven that CBD has the b\’\’andwidth to block a percentage of intoxicating effects THC might try to slip by.

Both compounds interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system. THC interacts with the CB1 receptors which are located mostly in the brain. CBD interacts with the CB2 receptors which are located throughout the body’s organic layout – organs, bones \’\’and joints, blood flow \’\’and the muscles \’\’and tendons.

CBD Hemp Flower Questions — What is the strongest CBD flower?

Blood Diamond is one of the newest flower options with an incredibly high CBD content \’\’and definitely the cream of the crop. This attractive flower has purplish, frosty buds, \’\’and definitely relaxing indica effects.

The Blood Diamond CBD hemp flower comes in at a whopping 24% CBD content. This makes it a prime hemp flower for CBD oil extraction, a plethora of health benefits \’\’and effects that will win you over every time. Blood Diamond CBD hemp flower has relaxing affects \’\’and savors of fresh air, sweet citrus \’\’and pine.  The large bud is sticky with trichome resin \’\’and the color is an interesting multi-shaded.

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