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cbdImportant Factoids about CBD Hemp Flower

Important Factoids about CBD Hemp Flower

Factoids about CBD hemp buds are definitely multiple volumes worthy but even though it has been about for decades, it remains largely a mystery. Hemp is not magic even though it seems that way sometimes because of the multitude of health changes that eliminates or at least mitigates. One thing hemp is and that is effective. It is compatible with our own “endo-cannabinoids” that work within our endocannabinoid system. That is the piece of information that the scientists and researchers discovered that solved the mystery of why CBD hemp flower lessened pain, relieved anxiety, enabled you to sleep better at night and a host of other things.

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Factoids about CBD Hemp Flower — Little-Known Facts

    First, let’s look at facts that you most likely do not know about CBD hemp flower uses. It is well known that you can cook and bake with it anything from cookies to bread to even hamburgers. Whenever you are using CBD hemp flower for edibles, try to utilize the highest CBD content possible since a percentage is loss in the digestive process.


    Yes, you heard it right, seasoning. Take the nug of the CBD hemp flower and crumble it onto a baking sheet as you need to decarboxylate it before putting it in the shaker bottle. Directions for decarboxylating are in this blog.

    After the decarboxylation process, let it cool. If you want it only coarsely crumbled, then it is ready to place in a jar with a plastic shake top. You can save one of the jars that you have purchased spices in and recycle it for your supply of CBD hemp flower seasoning. If you use it for party guests, because and let them know what the new seasoning is so should they feel particular effects, they will have been advised.

    CBD “Kombuchaed”!

    Kombucha drink has become a favorite for many because it too has health benefits. If you preferred method is CBD Oil you may join a host of others who does not like the taste or the aftertaste either. So, a solution for you is to mix your daily 30 mg of CBD oil into your morning Kombucha, shake it up and drink it down.

    Factoids about CBD Hemp Flower – More Commonly Known Facts

    We talk a lot about your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) when explaining the amazing effects many are feeling in regard to pain, anxiety, inflammation, and much more. Well, your skin has its own ECS. And that is why CBD-infused lotions and moisturizing creams are so effective.

    Lotions for the ECS in Your Skin

    The CBD-infused facial cream is particular useful when you are attempting to slow down all those wrinkles which are accumulating on your face as you age. But you do not need to wait till they show up, use the facial cream daily to soften, moisturize and smooth your face. Your skin ECS will love the extra attention and you will enjoy seeing a difference.

    Pre-infused Cream

    Dr. Strains CBD has two types of lotion and cream. The facial cream is infused with CBD along with collagen and peptide. Using a small dot of cream, massage it gently into the face. Put a couple of dots of cream on your neck and massage with upward motions to get the best results.

    The Menthol Cream is also infused with CBD and is useful to massage into your legs and arms after a strenuous workout. Any joint with arthritis challenge will benefit with a rub down of this CBD-infused cream.

    Factoids About CBD Hemp Flower — Recipe for Hemp Flower Lotion

    Now, this product is not a cream but more like a liquid in roll-on form. It has 500 mg of CBD and is effective, I might say from personal experience. Roll in over a joint that is reacting badly to a weather change or too much movement. Consistency in using any product is the name of the game to feeling relief.

    Those previously mentioned CBD applications for the skin ECS you may have already heard about but here is a brand-new factoid in the CBD cream to skin category. Grab your favorite body lotion with vitamin E. Put your favorite hemp flower nug in the grinder and grind to a fine power. Sprinkle some of the fine hemp flower powder into your favorite lotion and mix it well with a small wooden icicle stick.

    If you put it in a container with a lid, you can have it all mixed up and ready for the next rub. It is best if used within 30 days so prepare only the amount you know you’ll use in that amount of time. The last point is you must decarboxylate the hemp flower before grinding it and sprinkling it in the lotion. Here are the instructions for decarboxylation.

    Factoids About CBD Hemp Flower — Decarboxylate Process

    • Oven temperature — 230-260 degrees F.
    • Break hemp flower into small pieces.
    • Spread on a parchment-covered baking tray.
    • Place in the tray on the middle shelf in the oven.
    • Bake for 2 hours.
    • Remove and cool. It is now sufficiently decarbed!
    • Put in a grinder of your choice and grind to the consistency of ground oregano or finer depending on how you are using it.
    • Store in an air-tight jar. Will be good for 2 to 3 months.

    Factoids about CBD Hemp Flower – Facts You MUST Know

    CBD is fat-soluble so it is relatively simple to combine it effectively with a variety of different oils but the most commonly used is coconut oil. Here is how you do it.

    Heat the coconut oil to a steady simmer. Slowly add the finely ground hemp flower into the oil. You can use the grinder we previously referenced so it can be as fine as possible. Here is the really neat thing. You can make your edibles with this coconut oil, which makes it simple to make edibles.

    “Factoids” Last Words

    These are important things to help infuse your life in different ways with CBD. This is simpler, cheaper, and more effective than medical intervention. I’m not guaranteeing a cure-all. I am advocating for CBD because it regulates, supports, or any other related word your body systems. It is worth knowing as much about it as you possible can.

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    Dr. Strains CBD Product Promotions

    CBD flowerTHC-O Moon Rocks

    Looking to blast off to the Moon? Now featuring THC-O Moon Rocks. These THC-O Moon Rocks are out of this world! Starting with Fruit Loops flower, the flower is rolled in THC-O distillate then dusted with both THC-O AND D8 kief. These Moon rocks are a strong Indica, so we recommend using at night.  After breaking these Moon Rocks down, you’ll instantly be welcomed by a sweet fruity fragrance. The taste is sweet like fruit on the inhale, but floral on the exhale. Users have reported having a complete euphoric body relaxation. Also assisting in pain management, as well as anxiety.

    When first consuming THC-O treated hemp flower strains, we recommend you begin low and slow. Keep in mind that THC-O effects can be delayed by as much as one hour.  Because of this it is best you to practice patience and allow the full effects to take hold before taking another hit. 

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