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cbdIndoor Greenhouse Grown — Coddling the CBD Bud

Indoor Greenhouse Grown — Coddling the CBD Bud

The first question for a hemp inquirer used to be, “Is it cannabis indica or cannabis sativa?”  That was probably when the division of “city \’\’and state” or hemp \’\’and marijuana was still quite blurry. Today the question is more likely whether the CBD Bud was grown indoors, greenhouse quality, or outdoors, sungrown, in other words. There is a difference – how much coddling the CBD bud received from seed to maturity.

Coddling the CBD Bud — The Rise of Indoor Hemp Cultivation

The obvious question is, “how did indoor flower achieve the reputation excellence \’\’and top shelf?  Even before the 2018 Farm Bill passing, hemp cultivators were busy studying everything about the growth \’\’and nurturing of the hemp plant. Things these cultivators discovered was what it took to grow breeds with the highest trichomes, terpene \’\’and the best cannabinoids.

The 2018 Farm Bill

Then the 2018 Farm Bill passed, \’\’and the hemp world burst wide open to the consumers. Quickly the hemp community of believers grew as they felt the abundance of health benefits for any number of chronic conditions. The cultivators realized that many of the high CBD content \’\’and the best terpenes happened when the hemp plant was grown inside. Consequently, coddling the CBD bud began in some states more than other states as a push was made to get the best out of every flower.

Prohibition vs Legalization of Hemp

It was the prohibition of hemp rather than the legalization that drove the hemp cultivators indoors. In the 1980s, raids \’\’and air surveillance forced growers indoors where birth to grow lights happened.  Advanced soil nutrients \’\’and other innovations occurred during these years to allow the hemp growing continue.  Indoor growing made possible year-round cultivation, tighter control over breeding conditions which made way to some beautiful CBD hemp strains.

Coddling the CBD Bud — Perfect Hemp Flower

At the top of the pyramid of hemp growing is the indoor flower. Coddling the CBD bud happens indoors much more than outdoors. The hemp farmer can control the water, the temperature to a large degree \’\’and limit the bug \’\’and insect issue. Considering this, the indoor hemp flower soon became a synonym for any ultra-premium, top-of-the-line, top shelf CBD hemp flower.

The indoor hemp flower strains possess the best aroma, appearance, \’\’and trim. The trim has nothing to do with being grown in or out but was the trim does have to do with is some more of the coddling of CBD bud. Some cultivators trim the bud by machine \’\’and when the hemp farm is small, there is more h\’\’ands-on care which also includes h\’\’and-trimming.

Coddling the CBD Bud – Perfecting the Quality

The outdoor grown hemp plant receives more sun, rain, room to grow, \’\’and therefore, it would seem, would lead to a more fertile crop of hemp flowers. But it does not because the cultivator does not have the control over the environment when grown outside.

The advantage of grown indoors is about the control that the cultivator has over their plants \’\’and the environment. Indoor plant coddling the CBD Bud is pampered with optimized ventilation that provides a monitored atmosphere. The artificial light cycles is very important to manipulate the grow season which could shorten the time to maturity. The other point to get the perfect bud is to carefully measure nutrient supplements.

Coddling the CBD Bud – Defining the Perfect Bud

Coddling the CBD bud happens indoors because the plant expends all its energy developing a luscious flower rather than fighting off the outdoors environment.  indoor plants yield denser buds with greater resin. The indoor cultivator can provide the CBD bud the attention, light \’\’and nutrients so it has a healthier look \’\’and a stronger aroma because those trichomes crystals lean into the extra care indoors. The CBD potency is also greater many times.

But the indoor flower is not as commonly found because most hemp is grown outdoors. That means that coddling the CBD bud will cost you. The amount of power, water, \’\’and fertilizer which the indoor cultivator has to use costs money. Also different equipment is needed to farm \’\’and harvest indoors so for many hemp farmers the cost is more than they can expend. Also the amount of time \’\’and labor is a lot more when farming indoors \’\’and all that goes into creating the indoor environment.

“The Coddling” Last Words

From what we have discussed here. Hemp plants, by the way, are not an incredibly frail \’\’and sensitive crop. This is far from the truth. While adaptiveness can vary greatly between strains, most hemp flower is incredibly hearty.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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