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With Christmas right around the corner, for last-minute shoppers, now is the time to do your final shopping for gifts, grab a hold of holiday sales and if you’re one who follows tradition, get your Christmas tree up.

For Texans, it might be a bit too late to find that perfect fresh-cut Christmas tree as there is a possibility that they’re all sold out.

Christmas Tree Shortage in Texas

Retailer and owner of Patton Christmas Trees, John Patton, made this statement back in late November, “If you love Christmas trees, then the key is to come early, so that you can get first dibs. Especially the people who like to get big trees… the biggest shortage are on the trees that are 8 to 9 feet and above.”

He goes on to say that people who buy their trees early are fortunate in finding plenty of options but last-minute shoppers may be in a bit of trouble. “Originally, the grower said, ‘sounds good, John… we’ll get you your entire order’… and then, as we got closer to November, they all of a sudden started saying, ‘look, we just don’t have enough trees to fill everybody’s order’,” said Patton.

Patton says that the out-of-state tree farmers are tempted to follow the hemp-growing crowd as the crop grows faster and is more profitable because of its use to create the purposeful and mainstream CBD oil.

But, it doesn’t get truly fascinating until headlines publicize that Texans are actually blaming this high demand and interest in CBD for the shortage of Christmas trees. Now, to logically perceive the situation, research needs to be done.

Growth Periods & Legalization of Hemp

According to Leafly.com, hemp is grown and harvested in about 6 weeks and it takes 6-8 years for a good-sized fir to be ready for harvest. This means that this year’s harvest was probably planted around 2012. Back then, barely anyone was familiar with CBD and hemp was illegal. It wasn’t until 2018 when it was made legal through the Hemp Farm Bill and became a popular crop because of its derivative CBD. This implies that farmers could not have possibly known about hemp until after December 2018 which, looking at the timeframe, is obviously not enough time for Christmas tree farmers to grow ample-sized trees, but is more than enough time to grow hemp.

Is CBD the cause of the tree shortage?

Nope. Not this time around. We’d have to wait until after 6 more years to see if the hemp industry will have a significant effect on the Christmas tree industry.

But, the probable cause might actually be artificial Christmas trees. These manufactured trees have been around for years with sales escalating. Since they are reusable, they diminish the yearly purchase of genuine Christmas trees making it much cheaper in the long run. Overtime, this might affect the real tree industry resulting in many suppliers and retailers going out of business, causing an actual shortage since there won’t be a high demand for the real thing.

Other sources:

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