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hempJ, K, L, M, N, O of CBD Hemp Bud

J, K, L, M, N, O of CBD Hemp Bud

The J of Hemp Bud

Jupiter Hemp Bud Strain – The Jupiter strain is big on relaxation. As its main effect, this cultivar was bred to submerge the body in a sense of well-being \’\’and restfulness, encouraging better sleep \’\’and relaxation. Jupiter hemp bud strain can have a total CBD at 14% with pungent \’\’and earthy aromas. Its therapeutic benefits are pain relief, lessened neuropathy \’\’and other chronic as well as relief from stress, restless sleep \’\’and anxiety.

Juice, Vape — Vape Juice comes with many such as E-Juice, Vape Juice, \’\’and Vapor liquid. … Some juices that contain zero nicotine so are made up mostly of propylene glycol (PG or vegetable glycerin (VG).

The K of it All

Kush, Bubba Bubba Kush, with over 15.24% CBD our Bubba Kush is unrivaled. Sourced from Oregon \’\’and greenhouse grown, it is the best on the market.  Bubba Kush is h\’\’and trimmed \’\’and is dense with a OG Kush aroma!  Bubba Kush is an indica strain that has gained notoriety for its heavy tranquilizing effects. Its savors are sweet hashish with subtle notes of chocolate \’\’and coffee which come through on the exhale.

The L of Hemp Bud

La Rica Clasica CBD — La Rica is one of the favorites of hemp bud with its original fruity aroma. It possesses huge buds \’\’and a straight-up indica character. In this CBD version you can enjoy all its flavors but without the psychoactive effects. It is full of resins, resistant to pests \’\’and cheers on with early flowering,

Legendary OG Hemp Strain — Legendary OG may have a nose for scents from lemon to gas but it is a great mood booster.  Legendary OG has a total of 19.97% total cannabinoids \’\’and 17% of that amount is CBD.  This hemp flower strain is top-shelf 100% organic strain packed with terpenes in the large, frosty \’\’and sticky buds. The health benefits range from treating pain to relieving anxiety.

Lemon Cream Diesel– This hemp bud strain is a true adventure into the world of premium CBG strains as CBG is rising up with the elite strains. This hemp flower is said to provide focus \’\’and creativity.  Lemon Cream Diesel experience is described as euphoric experience but the user still maintains cerebral balance. It is known for pain relief \’\’and motivation.

Lemon Drop CBD – This is a hemp bud strain that offers a distinct flavor with all those alerting effects. This is a sativa-dominant hybrid with lemon flavor that is smothered in a thick earthy taste. It is a stimulating hemp bud strain that manifests its effect within a short time after the first toke.  Lemon Drop hemp bud relieves physical discomfort, tension, tiredness \’\’and stress.

Lemon Sorbet CBD Hemp Bud Strain – This hemp bud strain has sweet sour savors \’\’and strong tastes of sherbet. It has over 15% CBD \’\’and is recommended for smoking in daytime or nighttime.

Lifter – This is a hemp bud strain bred by Oregon CBD.  It is a cultivar with over 15% CBD created by crossing Suver Haze \’\’and Early Resin Bud. The lifter hemp buds have a funky cheese aroma with an after-taste hint of fuel

Lifter Greenhouse Premium Hemp Strain — This particular strain carries up to 24% CBD.  The Lifter, a greenhouse grown hemp plant, is a beauty of the Indica dominant strain.  The flavor of a lemony sweet funk gives an experience to be enjoyed either daytime or evening. Smoking or vaping this flower leaves behind a natural sweet taste of grass or bark.

The M of it All

Marijuana – Marijuana is cannabis as well as hemp, but all its strains pack a punch of THC which is psychoactive. Other words used to describe marijuana are weed, herb, \’\’and pot.

Micro-dosing — A technique involves dividing the regular dose of 25 mg into several small servings of CBD hemp flower throughout the day. Micro-dosing can be beneficial because it allows the user to dose throughout the day \’\’and extend the benefits for more hours. This provides a mood stabilizer throughout the day.

The N of the Hemp Bud

Nabilone Cesamet – This is a synthetic cannabinoid that has been prescribed for severe nausea \’\’and vomiting that often occurs with cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. This is a great use for some customers as an herbal way to alleviate symptoms.

The O of Hemp Bud

Organic — Foods \’\’and products which are grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizers to promote health, \’\’and well-being as well as benefits for the environment.  Various hemp strains are generally grown as organic products. Hemp farmers who engage in sustainable farming as well as the quality their products use organic practices.

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