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cbdJune’s 1st Wordsmith — Absorb or Consume CBD, Which is it?

June’s 1st Wordsmith — Absorb or Consume CBD, Which is it?

“Absorb or consume CBD, which is it? Yes, which is most important or are they the same in the effect on our body and also as to which one happens first.”


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This D8 flower has a fruity smell and well enhance relaxation due to its high content of D8 / Delta 8 which is over 23%!

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  • Smoking or Dry Vaping Consumption
  • Oral Consumption
  • Topical Consumption
  • “Which is it?” Last Words
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CBD oil tincture is the most common form which most people dose with.  That is, at least, among non-smokers.  It is effective and it is next fastest absorption if you take it sublingually. When we talk about absorption and consumption, they both impact each other. How you consume CBD hemp buds determines how it is absorbed.

Absorb or Consume CBD, Which is it? – Smoking or Dry Vaping

The administration method of vaping or smoking flower gives it a higher bioavailability always because the smoke or vape goes directly to the lungs and there is merges with the bloodstream so it can encounter our very own Endocannabinoid System (ECS).  The bottom line here is if you consume by way of some or dry vaping, you absorb faster.

It is simple — absorb or consume CBD, which is it has the answer that it is both of them. CBD may have health benefits but if you consume it one way, it is absorbed one way, and if you consume it another way it is absorbed another way with another speed.

Absorb or Consume CBD – Oral Consumption

CBD does its work with health benefits by way of the ECS so the faster the CBD arrives at its destination. When you consume CBD by way of a sublingual tincture placed under the tongue, it is absorbed by the sublingual gland which, again, bypasses your digestive system. We want you to bypass the digestive route because it not only slows the effect you will feel from the CBD, it also diminishes the potency.

Absorb or consume CBD is different when you put CBD hemp flower in cookies, cakes, or other edibles. The reason it is different is that the consumption is the same, but the absorption is different since the edibles will go through your digestive system. You can use a high CBD content of hemp flower and that will help to keep the potency up.

Absorb or Consume CBD – Topical Consumption

Now we are discussing the absorb or consume CBD aspect of topical applications. First, your skin is your largest organ and it has an ECS all its own. This is important because it affects how it is absorbed and consequent when you can realize effects. It’s clear that when you “put on” a CBD topical it is not generally considered “consuming it”. But, let’s think for a moment that it is a comparable comparison.

When you apply CBD topical, it goes directly to the bloodstream and thus to the ECS so the effects can be more rapid. How the topical is absorbed is directly related to how it is “consumed” or applied. Your skin absorbs quickly and effectively if you use a properly composed product.

“Which is it” Last

Absorb or consume CBD are two actions that are important in different ways. If you want the best absorption or bioavailability, then smoke or dry vape the hemp flower. If you are now a smoker, then the next best bioavailability is sublingual CBD tincture.


 If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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