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CBD hemp flower comes from Cannabis sativa, but is not intoxicating like its cousin marijuana.  CBD hemp has savors has looks, smells, and feels. Those are the delightful savors you can enjoy when indulging in smoking any number of CBD hemp nugs.

For those who enjoy the smoking experience, will also enjoy smoking hemp because of the variety of aromas and flavors.  Besides it is legal to smoke CBD flower nugs when they have 0.3% THC or less. But smoking CBD hemp either by way of nugs, hemp pre-rolls or hemp cigarettes is not only about the “coolness” of it all, but it provides a relaxing experience as well with a “clear-headed buzz” but with adverse effects of THC. There are additional health benefits that you will enjoy because of high CBD as well as other cannabinoids.

Hemp Flavors

So, let’s look at some of CBD hemp’s unique flavors in particular hemp strains. There is a reason hemp tastes the way it did and has the aroma that it does. There will be individual differences because each person has various makeups which interpret flavors and aromas differently.


When the “hemp professionals” tell you that one particular flavor of a hemp flower is “earthy”. That means it tastes like a handful of grass and dirt but strangely enough, when smoking it that taste is rather delightful. To explore more flavors and aromas lets look at what compound determines the savors of the hemp flower.

CBD Hemp Terpenes

Terpenes are one of the many compounds in the hemp flower.  The terpenes provide the therapeutic properties and strong savors come from.  The hemp grower may know close to what terpenes will develop in the plant according to the strains he or she has crossed to create the hybrid strain.  Hemp oil manufacturers often add in a natural flavor like peppermint so that the flavor is more consistent than the terpenes provide.

CBD Hemp Flower Aromas and Flavors


Aroma – A quite common terpene in hemp that smells woody or like cloves.

Taste — Spicier than usual with a taste that coats your throat with a peppermint feel.


Aroma – Is responsible for the “dank” smell of cannabis hemp.

Flavor – It is also found in mango so has that flavor along with dankness.


Aroma – Possesses a sharp, fruity aroma.

Flavors – He does not taste like citrus juice but relatively sweet.


Aroma — Distinctively piney and found in pine trees.

Flavors – Fortunately it does not taste like pine sap, but has flavor of earthy and minty.


Aroma – Provides a significant woody aroma.

Flavors – Tastes of the earth with a powerful hops undertone.


Aroma — Present in lavender with floral aroma.

Flavors – It is a light, crisp taste resembling lavender and ice cream.


Aroma — Smells like many different things all at once.

Flavors – It is a fruity flavor as week as floral and herbal.

If you you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts in our blog.

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