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Hemp StrainsKnow Your Hemp Flower Strains — Cherry on Steroids

Know Your Hemp Flower Strains — Cherry on Steroids

“Know your hemp flower strains is an important idea to qualify the experience that you can enjoy and even the health benefits you may receive.”

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Mango Haze Hemp Flower @ $16.49 to $29.99 for ½ oz

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“The terpene savors of the hemp flower strains and the cannabinoid profile for health benefits is significant enough for you to take notice.”





  • Charlotte’s Cherry Hemp Flower
  • Cherry #5 Hemp Flower
  • Cherry, Cherry Hemp Flower
  • “Know Your Hemp” Last Words
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  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”

Know Your Hemp Flower Strains – Charlotte’s Cherry Hemp Flower

The Charlotte’s Cherries Hemp flower strain has beauty and savors to offer in abundance. The bright, neon green nugs blend with a subtle and manageable impact for all hemp users who are looking for a stable experience.

Know your hemp flower strains puts this hybrid at the top of the list being bred with two amazing strains — Charlotte’s Web and the Colorado Cherry. This hemp flower provides a pleasantly sweet and skunky flavor profile for an experience that gives a holistic approach that involves all the senses.

The Colorado Cherry parent strain is what gives Charlotte’s Cherries a sweet, cherry-like fragrance imparting subtle sweetness. This strain is fast acting and subtle with effects within minutes after the first toke with a slight heady impact that gives clarity and quiet.

Charlotte’s Cherries hemp flower strain works to uplift the mood for a greater sense of productivity and clarity of mind to best accomplish any number of daily activities. A light and airy feeling helps to lift physical tension and stress.  The flavor embraces a mildly sweet and powerfully earthy with a strong gasoline-finish.

Know Your Hemp Flower Strains – Cherry #5 Hemp Flower

This hemp flower is an indica dominant hybrid that has gained popularity among hemp fans. Rifle Colorado gave birth to Cherry #5 and lends to its high CBD level of 15%.

Know your hemp flower strains and that specifically means the luscious Cherry #5. Cherry #5 has a distinctive bright vibrant green color as well as a darker tinge color as accent. Trichomes, the glossy crystal-looking or shiny hair-like growths, are responsible for giving the strain its aroma.  Cherry #5 hemp flower tastes of a sweet and smooth flavor along with a slight woody hash undertone to it. The aroma is distinctive with a mix of smokiness and sweetness that balance each other perfectly.

Know Your Hemp Flower Strains – Cherry Cherry Hemp Flower

Cherry Cherry hemp flower strain where its lineage is a topic of dispute between the hemp community vs the marijuana enthusiasts. Some believe that Cherry Cherry strain is a hybrid of Purple Afghani and OG Kush parents which can be strains higher in THC. But regardless of the dispute, Cherry Cherry is definitely high in CBD and becoming very popular with the hemp enthusiasts.

Know your hemp flower strains definitely requires a look at Cherry Cherry with its a subtle red or somewhat orange-ish color.  The trichome coverage is above average which includes a few golden capped trichome heads.

The strain’s savors are subtly of cherry and cherry, the sweet realistic cherry flavor, not an artificial one. A mild musky aroma finishes off your experience. The savors are a nice and balanced mix of light fruity notes along with a distinct hint of earthy tones.

“The Know of it” Last

All three of these “all about cherry” hemp flower strains have sealed their place in the know your hemp flower strains volume because of color, savors and the entire experience it makes possible. Enjoy your experiences topped with a Cherry!


How CBD Hemp Flower Hits the Target

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 Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”

Are you looking for CBD bud products? Good News! We are continuing on through 2021 with bang-up additions to our inventory such as the following:

Dr. Strains CBD Presents September Specials!!!

Delta-8-Tincture-1000mg-PassionDelta 8 Tinctures — $28.99

Our Delta 8 THC tincture contains a broad-spectrum hemp extract with Delta 8 THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenes for maximum effectiveness. Uses MCT as the carrier oil. The terpenes give this product a plant taste, so be aware of that.

SLEEP: Drift off to SLEEP with our Mellow Grape, featuring Nerolidol, Borneol, and Linalool. This blend offers a sedating effect to your nightly cycle.

RELAX: RELAX your mind, body and soul with our tasty blend of Blueberry Lavender Lemonade. We’ve included Terpinolene, Bisabolol and Caryophyllene, bringing a wave of calmness your way.

NATURAL: Tastes like nothing, is very smooth, and isn’t oily. It helps calm anxiety. Meant to relax you and put you in a zen state of mind.

Hemp and the Almighty Dollar

Blue Dream D8 Flower — $29.99 to $44.99 

This Blue Dream D8 is a must have for any and all smokers at $29.99 to $44.99! Blue Dream D8 is a Sativa dominant hybrid offering cerebral effects along with body relaxation. Users have reported feeling enthusiastic and uplifted. If you are looking for a flavorful smoke, this strain may be for you. It has undertones of berry, leaving you with a blueberry aftertaste.  This delicious flower and much, much more is at Dr. Strains CBD brick-and-mortar store and online.

Dr. Strains CBD “Makes Smoking Simple”

Smoker’s kit (Round tray) offers everything you need with an enjoyable smoke because the smokers kit includes:

  • Round Rick and Morty tray
  • 2-piece plastic grinder (colors may vary: Green, Blue, Clear)
  • Raw rolling machine
  • Raw papers
  • High Hemp Original Wraps

Dr. Strains CBD has CBG Hemp Flowers

CBG-infused Special Sauce — Special Sauce is an Indica hybrid.  Smokable Special Sauce hemp flower contains at least 18 unique terpenes including myrcene, caryophyllene and pinene. CBD is on the average between 14% – 19% and CBG at 0.61%.  Awesome for night-time as a sleep aid, efficient for reducing pain, or providing an enchanting blanket of calm for the day, CBG is a shining star just rising in the cannabis world.

CBD flowerForbidden V D8

$19.99$29.99 — PLUS 15% off for Labor Day Weekend

Forbidden V D8 is a CBDv flower or Cannabidivari. Similar to CBD, CBDv is non-intoxicating. CBDv is rapidly becoming a favorite in the medical community. This cannibnoid is known for helping to reduce or prevent seizures, as well as reducing nausea. CBDv flower is also used by patients with Multiple sclerosis (MS). 

Forbbidden V D8 is a Sativa dominant hybrid great for anytime use, but best in the day. Forbidden V D8 helps to reduce the frequency of seizures. Not only that, it has been used to promote wellness and support balance within the body, allowing individuals to potentially discover a renewed sense of calm and well-being by natural and holistic approach. The effects have been described as having mental clarity and peace of mind.

Get your 1/4oz today for $29.99 while supplies last!


Dr. Strains CBD Explores D8 Flower “Power”

Cherry Diesel — Infused with D8, this flower will have enhanced effects of the favorite Space Candy.  Try a 1/2 oz. now for only $24.99!

Dr. Strains CBD has Topical Inventory

CBD Bath Shot – 60 mg of CBD to enhance your next bath and leave it smelling like roses and lavender. Your skin will come out all soft and silky.

You will find more topical options here.




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