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Starting a backyard hemp flower garden may be less challenging than all we’ve had to learn about how to social distances in these days. There are distance considerations when planting a backyard hemp garden which we will discuss later. Today it is all about tiny. The tiny house movement has grown to increasing portions as people see the economic benefits. So it makes sense for there to be a surge in interest for the “tiny hemp flower garden” idea.

The Minimalist of it All

As the minimalist philosophy spreads as well as a push to start a new hobby so extra free time, the backyard hemp flower garden is at the top of the list.  Some plant their own backyard garden for saving money and others want to have the fun of seeing how hemp flower grows. Some people simply want the satisfaction of growing what they want to use for the hemp smoke or for edibles of all sorts.

Considering the Legal Laws in Your State

Federally, it is legal to grow, use and sell CBD hemp flower. However, some states have opted out of the federal legalization. This means that first on your list is to find out exactly what the laws are in your state to be sure you are staying within the requirements of the law.

Backyard Hemp Flower Garden – Evaluate Your Grow Space

When you first survey your grow space, the first question to consider is the “social distance” space. Evaluate the size of your available area. Second you need to decide which CBD hemp flower strain you are going to grow in your backyard hemp flower garden. But if you are not ready to decide that now, on the average you will need one to three square feet per plant.

It is important not to crowd your plants so when putting seeds in the ground, leave at least one to three feet between the seeds because the branches grow outward as well as upward. If the leaves on the branches rub together, they become humid and are unable to transpire. This can spread mold and an environment for spider mites and other problems.  Temperature controls as well as poor ventilation or air flow can be problematic when planting too close.

The other reason you need space between the plants is so you can move between the plants and care for them.  You may be planting your seeds in the ground or you may decide to plant in large pots. And the pot must be large, a minimum of a two or five gallon pot. because you do not want it to be root bound.

If you want to start the seedlings in a biodegradable mini pot close together, then you can merely put the mini pot in the ground or in your two -five gallon contain to grow in a “social distancing” manner.

Back Yard Hemp Flower Garden — Best Growing Conditions

You backyard hemp flower garden will grow in a wide range of climates and soils but here are some specific points to consider. The only climate not conducive to hemp flower growing is in the high mountains or in the dry desert. Other considerations are:

  • Be careful of the seeds you purchase that they are 0.3% or less THC.
  • Hemp grows best in warm weather.
  • High organic and well-drained soil. If growing in a pot, put a layer of small to medium stones in the bottom to help with the drainage.
  • Hemp seeds should be planted in place where they will grow as they do not like transplanting.
  • Seeds are to be planted after the general date of last frost is expected.
  • Water the seedlings only when the soil is dry.

These are some points to help you get started in your backyard hemp flower garden. We will follow up with considerations of light, ventilation if you have your plants indoors and other concerns about harvesting your “tiny garden”.  You may decide that you enjoy this endeavor so much you want to plant a larger garden but still in the realm of the “tiny movement”.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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