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cbdLegality, Effects and Benefits of CBD vs CBN

Legality, Effects and Benefits of CBD vs CBN

“Benefits of CBD vs CBN is a topic worth researching because they both have benefits and effects for you.”

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  • Everything Else About CBD Cannabinoid
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CBN has indica-like effects and benefits to sooth, sedate. However, truth be known there are CBN sativa strains as well, but this cannabinoid is still in small percentage. But the potency does increase with exposure to oxygen or heat. Then everyone knows about CBD and the mountain of health benefits from pain relief, mitigation of anxiety and much more. But CBD is always in high percentages in all the hemp flower strains.

Effects and Benefits of CBD vs CBN – Everything Else About CBN CannabinoidEffects and Benefits of CBD vs CBN

CBN, a lesser-known cannabinoid, may very well best support mind and body relaxation and what is better than that.  It sparks so much interest that the CBN oil is being extracted to make concentrate.  Effects may also be different in some respects.

An effect could be relaxation but that is also a benefit. But somethings that are solely health benefit are muscle relaxant and inflammatory support but non psychoactive.  CBN is also an effective treat for the bacterial inflammation of Psoriasis. This, of course leads right back to the fact that CBN is an anti-inflammatory, and it also has anti-bacterial properties which helps in the treatment of Psoriasis.

Probably the most effective and well-known benefit of CBN is its help with insomnia. It has been so effective that manufacturers are extracting the CBN in bulk so as to make CBN oil concentrate that you can mix with juice or other beverage.

Effects and Benefits of CBD vs CBN – Everything Else About CBD Cannabinoideffects and benefits of CBD vs CBN

The CBD cannabinoid is no stranger to anyone in the hemp community and even to those who are new to the community.  CBD is the cannabinoid most researched of all the cannabinoids maybe because it was the first one discovered. However, it is the one cannabinoid that is in the highest percentage in every hemp flower. Yes, it is also much higher in some hemp flower strains than others.

CBD is not psychoactive in any way which is something we must remember with all the misinformation out there. Some call the sublingual tincture CBD oil but, in reality it should be better named hemp oil.  CBD is the highest percentage cannabinoid but there are many other cannabinoids and terpenes as well. That is presuming you are using full spectrum.

All Those Benefits

CBD is a mitigator of pain first and foremost.  Some experience almost instant relief from a pain they have struggled with for years. It is most effective with chronic pain, but it can be preventive of having an acute injury because it strengthens the tendons and muscles.

CBD, full spectrum that is, balances the body so that it can heal. That means that anxiety can be mitigated, and depression alleviated as well.  Healing happens in the body when everything is working properly just like a piece of equipment. When an engine cranks to a stop or tires are unbalanced and wobble around, it needs “healing” or repair and unless it gets it the problem continues.

Healing Goes Along with Strengthening

When our body is sick, it is weak and less powerful. When we consume CBD, it immediately goes to work within the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to strengthen and heal the body. CBD does not heal one thing or one condition. It goes about balancing all the systems of our body that are messed up because of everyday allergens, disease, bad diets and many other disruptions.

“All Points of View”

Effects and benefits of CBN vs CBD are real and they are different but one thing that brings the most help and healing is consistency. When you first start dosing it is important to do a relatively moderate dosage like 30mg to 50 mg. Then consistently dose for at least 14 days to better find out what your body needs. Also remember that sometimes a topical is more effective than an oral option particularly when it is addressing pain. Joint pain is stubborn and sometimes it takes a topical as well as oral option or smoking the hemp flower.

Today’s Blog ReferenceEffects and benefits of CBD vs CBN

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