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Strain ReviewExperience the “Legend” of Legendary OG Hemp Strain

Experience the “Legend” of Legendary OG Hemp Strain

Legendary OG hemp strain uses the tag of OG \’\’and generally shows an indica strain.. The term “OG” is an abbreviation for “ocean grown.” True OG is potent, but mellow; lasting \’\’and more about the head than the body.

Legendary OG hemp strain not only does great at “decompressing” the mind, but it soothes those daily aches when you push your body too hard during any one day or week. The best for a choice at bedtime is Legendary OG to mellow the sleep quality to something that is “legend”.

In the Beginning

Legendary OG has OG Kush as one parent \’\’and a significant industrial hemp strain for the second parent. This strain, originally grown in Oregon, is an indica-hybrid with effects for mind \’\’and body. Legendary OG meet “legend,” as the body seeks the couch \’\’and the mind heads to the clouds.

Legendary OG may have a nose for scents from lemon to gas but it is a great mood booster.  The terpene register is modest at 1.71%, but are particularly potent terpenes when used recreationally or medicinally.  Legendary OG may be influenced more by the OG Kush parent but it has the rock solid effects with none of the stoned effects.

Experience the “Legend”

This “legend” is packed with freshness, orchestrated with flavors Shows how the hemp strain can be vaped or smokes\’\’and therapeutically effective. Some hemp strains are specifically for the experienced users, but inexperienced ones might not take to the potent scents, etc. Legendary OG has thrills for both new \’\’and experienced users which includes scents, sensations \’\’and what legends are made of.

Reports after using the strain are that it is amazing from smell to taste \’\’and savors of the tropical-like smell. Legendary OG creates a calming effect on the body that converts to a body high of calm \’\’and ease. This strain may be stronger on the indica side of the legend but when smoked both indica \’\’and sativa strain worlds mix magically.

The Legendary OG hemp strain has reports of being a “super fire” but also producing a mellow affect with happiness that erases anxiety, so bedtime comes with relaxation.

Legendary OG Hemp Strain Genetics

Sticky trichomes covering the plant are stunning with big chunky purplish buds. These particles are packed with therapeutic benefits known to deliver fast \’\’and consistent results. Users report a smooth body effect almost immediately, perfectly balanced by the strain’s signature uplifting cerebral benefits.

CBD is one of the more important \’\’and impacting cannabinoids however, there are countless other ones which lend themselves to the benefits \’\’and effectiveness of the hemp strain.  The total of 19.97% total cannabinoids \’\’and 17% of that amount is CBD is what Legendary OG offers to the community.

Legendary OG hemp strain is top-shelf 100% organic strain packed with terpenes in the large, frosty \’\’and sticky buds which Legendary OG has legendary savorsonce again puts itself on the “legend” side of the ledger.

Color, Taste, Aroma

Color — A beautiful green-purple flower that also provides rejuvenation.

Taste — Tart, floral \’\’and pungent in taste.

Aroma — that of pine \’\’and ripe fruit which provides a stirring aroma.

Legendary OG Hemp Strain Therapeutic Benefits

Therapeutic benefits of the hemp strain come from the CBD content, generally speaking. However, there is another element – the terpenes. The terpenes are responsible for the type of aroma in the hemp plant but also lend to the health benefits.  From treating pain to relieving anxiety, terpenes are a powerful element of the hemp plant.

The dominant terpenes in Legendary OG are as follows

  • Caryophyllene – relieves inflammation \’\’and anxiety;
  • Humulene – effective anti-inflammatory, analgesic \’\’and appetite suppressant;
  • Limonene – alleviates stress \’\’and anxiety;
  • Linalool – relieves inflammation \’\’and depression.


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