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hemp flowerLet’s Talk Sativa Hemp Flower for Sale

Let’s Talk Sativa Hemp Flower for Sale

“Sativa hemp flower for sale is good news for you if you have trouble waking up in the morning or getting through the last part of the afternoon.“

Winds from Dr. Strains CBD Blows in CBD Hemp Flowers

CBD flower takes a lap

Bubba Kush 59 Hemp Flower

Introducing our newest strain Bubba Kush 59 Indoor Hemp Flower.  These dense, aromatic buds are light green in color with purple accents and drenched in sparkling trichomes! The nose is a mix of old growth Redwood, dank peat moss, white pepper, acacia and a variety of botanicals.  It boasts all the classic flavors of Bubba Kush with an essence of sweetness hinting towards guava curd and cherry cola on the finish.  Super white ash, no PGR, smokes clean!  Provides an upbeat Indica vibe as well as pain and anxiety relief.  This stuff is mother-trucking good! 


  • Sativa is a Morning Bud
  • The Type for Mid-Afternoon
  • The Sativa Flower Looks at Health Challenges
  • “All Points of View”
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There are basically three types of hemp flower

  • Sativa
  • Indica
  • Hybrid

This is important if you smoke or vape hemp flower because you are consuming the whole flower not just the hemp oil that is extracted from the hemp flower nug. To sum it up, Sativa type hemp flower is energizing and uplifting. Indica type hemp flower is calming and to a point sedative-like but never a couch-lock type sedative. Now we turn to the hybrid. This may be one term, but all sorts of varying percentages could ensue. The 50/50% gives you a perfect blend of relaxed energy?

Sativa Hemp Flower for Sale – Sativa is A Morning Bud

How many times that alarm jangles in out ear on the bedside stand and our legs and body simply refuse to move. Our mind will not shift into gear no matter how hard you try.  An early morning smoke or vape may be the exact thing you need to energize and inspire you to get out of bed and start you day.

Other Options

But everyone does not like to smoke or vape so what are your options? How about your favorite banana bread dosed with ground and decarbed hemp flower. The effects will be longer for you to feel because it now has to move through your digestive system but feel it you will. And here is the good news. It may take longer to cause an energizing effective but the energy will last longer.

Do you want to know some unique Sativa hemp flower strains? If so, come with me and find out what gives you more focus, productivity and more energy in the Sativa hemp flowers and more various cbd flowers can be found at Dr. Strains CBD.

Sativa Hemp Flower for Sale – The Type for Mid-Afternoon

Whether you are working a 9 to 5 work-day or are a stay-at-home mom, mid-afternoon is the hill you just cannot get over many times. If this describes your challenges, then a smoke with your favorite Sativa type hemp flower is just what the doctor orders, the doctor is Dr. Strains CBD!

The Hawaiian Haze Strain is a sativa strain with 15% to 21% CBD and an aromatherapy experience that will transport you to the sunny beaches of Hawaiian. You will enjoy an explosion of lavender aromas and savors of tropical fruits.  If you have respiratory challenges, it is good news that this hemp strain is not cough-inducing but yields a smooth smoke experience.

Elektra Stain is a sativa strain with 16% – 22% CBD and is the answer to managing conditions such as epilepsy, cancer and chronic pain. The savors are rich red wine, chocolate, and citrus aroma and aromas of a pine forest.

Papaya Nights has a strong 17% – 19.7% CBD and a Sativa that has the ability to power your afternoon with sharpened focus and improved productivity. The savors fruit, juice and earth also have therapeutics for pain, inflammation and arthritis.

Sativa Hemp Flower for Sale – Sativa Looks at Health Challenges

Hemp flowers in general and Sativa type flowers in particular are specifically adapted to mitigating depression whether occasionally or clinical depression. If you have had any degree of depression, you will know how it can cripple you to conduct daily tasks. For me, even CBD has impacted my depression challenge and Sativa flowers add an additional level. In the same way, Sativa type flowers also quiet anxiety and panic attacks that you suffer from.

“All Points of View”

Sativa hemp flower for sale is the best thing since sliced bread as they say in some parts of the country. One caution, however, do not smoke or vape or eat the muffin dosed with Sativa flower, late in the evening because it will wake you up. You may find yourself cleaning your house if you smoke a Sativa hemp flowers. Enjoy your Sativa hemp flower earlier in the day.


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