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cbdLittle Known Facts About CBD Flower

Little Known Facts About CBD Flower

“Little known facts about CBD flower reveal the flexibility of hemp and the many facets of the flower itself.”  And besides that, it seems more and more comes out as the scientists and researchers work diligently that this amazing flower does in our body. There are also certain cannabinoids that are particularly effective when added to the hemp flower itself. Did you know there can be side effects when consuming CBD hemp flower?

These side effects are not common, and they are mild. Another unique factor about the hemp flower is “resin”. This post will tell you more about the resin factor and how it can make your smoke more delightful and how it impacts other products like gummies. There are multiple little-known facts that you need to know.

Dr. Strains “Falls” Into Hemp Flower Specials

CBD flower edibles

Premium: Bubba Kush 59

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Introducing our newest strain Bubba Kush 59 Indoor Hemp Flower.   These dense, aromatic buds are light green in color with purple accents and drenched in sparkling trichomes! The nose is a mix of old growth Redwood, dank peat moss, white pepper, acacia and a variety of botanicals.  It boasts all the classic flavors of Bubba Kush with an essence of sweetness hinting towards guava curd and cherry cola on the finish.  Super white ash, no PGR, smokes clean!  Provides an upbeat Indica vibe as well as pain and anxiety relief.  

zkittlescbd-600x450Zkittlez Hemp Flower at $24.99$41.99

Zkittlez hemp flower has rapidly become a fan-favorite in the last few years. Our Zkittlez is Greenhouse grown, offering nothing but the best quality of an Indica flower that will not leave you feeling like a couch potato.  CBD flower lover’s tools need the right kind of hemp flower and this strain is the exact one you need. Zkittlez is a breed from a mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, providing the user a flavorful fruity experience. Although an Indica, Zkittlez is a great strain to use to relax during any time of the day.




  • What Delta 8 and CBG Have in Common
  • Side Effects of CBD Flower
  • The Amazing Live Resin Factor
  • Why Buy CBD Hemp Flower
  • Strains Product Promotions

A lot changed for the hemp industry and the consumers interested in it were absolutely delighted.  Also, all those individuals who were consuming marijuana for the many health benefits it provides, were delighted because they only wanted the health benefits but not the psychoactive high. Other people were happy after the 2018 Farm Bill passed and that was the farmers.

Little Known Facts about CBD Flower – What Delta 8 and CBG have in Common

So here we have two important cannabinoids here which are Delta 8 THC and CBG. They actually have two things in common.  First, they are both trace cannabinoids in the hemp flower. Secondly, they are both extracted from many, many flowers then they are infused back into a hemp flower nug to make a delectable flower to smoke or vape.

It now has so many more health benefits and savors as well.  There are only certain hemp flowers that have a structure to withstand the additional weight of the oil extract.

Little Known Facts about CBD Flower – Side Effects of CBD Flower

If you are a mild smoker or vaper, you run very little chance experiencing side effects. Even if you consume capsules or gummies or any other edibles, your side effects, if any, are mild and moves on quickly.  You will not experience side effects if you stay within the recommended dosage. he minimal potential side effects, and as long as you stick to the right amount, you should be in the clear. Other little-known facts about CBD flower are that the effects are usually short-lived and minor similar to those listed below:

  • Drowsiness is the most common side effect so not serious;
  • Lightheadedness is the second most felt side effect if you should take more than needed;
  • Mild stomach upset or on the opposite side, increased hunger and thirst could possibly be another side effect.

Side Effects are Rare

If you stay within the recommended dosage the side effects are rare because the cannabinoids and terpenes and all the other natural ingredients will not build up in your body over a short period of time.

If you smoke a hemp pre-roll every hour or maybe twice an hour over several hours, then the natural ingredients will build again and could cause some of the above side-effect. The side-effects vary greatly, and it seems that it is based on individual differences.

The other side-effects may come from interaction with other medications the individual is taking. Little-known facts about CBD flower are that when you take hemp it has the potential of diluting the benefits of the other medication which you may be taking so it is a good idea to let your doctor know that you are adding hemp to your daily routine.

Little Known Facts About CBD Flower — The Amazing Live Resin Factor

CBD live resin is just what it says it is — a wax containing a full spectrum of terpenes, all the cannabinoids of CBD and all the others as well as fatty acids.  What makes it live is that the farmer extracts the resin wax from the hemp plant while it is still alive.  The live resin wax is extracted from the entire hemp plant not just the flower like CBD oil.  These CBD flower products include CBD Live Resin which is extracted before harvest.

Sour Kush Live Resin — Sour Kush is a hybrid CBD hemp strain with a fruity, tropical taste and aroma in a creamy light-colored salve like product. The aroma of this CBD Live Resin is powerful in aroma.

Papaya Nights Live Resin — Papaya Nights has a strong fruit, citrus, and floral aromas and tastes and all these savors are exhibited in the CBD Live Resin better than in any other concentrate.

Little Known Facts About CBD Flower — Why Buy CBD Hemp Flower?

There is one thing for sure – CBD hemp bud must always be on your shopping list. There are so many delectable edibles using CBD for your poolside party as well as hamburgers infused with decarboxylated hemp flower for holiday parties including 4th of July.  And did you know you can infuse tea and hot chocolate with CBD?  You need to keep your pantry stocked with CBD hemp flower and CBD oil for all those a spontaneous party where you can surprise your guests with exceptional food infused with healthy CBD

Little Known Facts About CBD Flower — Terpenes Contribute to CBD

Terpenes contribute to the CBD experience whether you are talking about the effects of smoking, dry vaping, using the lotions.  Scientist and researchers are discovering that terpenes really do have a more integral part.

Little-known facts about CBD flower show that the aromatic organic compounds, terpenes, are the largest group of phytochemical compounds. Terpenes have a distinct aroma as varied as a bouquet of flowers and something the hemp smoker or vaper cannot get enough of. Terpenes have aroma, flavor and one thing more – health benefits as they work in tandem with cannabinoids.

Caryophyllene terpene works directly with your Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which is unusual for terpenes. It is cannabinoids which generally interact with the ECS for health benefits such as anti-oxidant, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory.

Dr. Strains Product Promotions


24K MoonRock D8 — $31.99 to $59.99 

24K Moonrock D8 has a Godfather OG Indica Strain aromatic profile provides users with a mix of Earth notes and sweet citrus.  Its fresh scents highlight the dark nugs, giving the perfect indica smell and look.

Once the Delta8 Flower has been infused with Godfather OG terpenes, the Delta 8 flower is coated with CBG Kief giving these Delta 8 THC Moon Rocks the ultimate experience.  Simply break the flower apart and smoke in a bowl or bong. DO NOT use a grinder with the 24K Moonrock Flower as the Kief will be lost in the grinding process.

RenderedImage250mg D8 Edibles at $14.99

Your favorite snacks just got infused! A new and yummy way to eat your D8 is in 250mg D8 edibles.  Our 250mg D8 Edibles comes in an assortment of flavors such as:

  • SpaceBalls
  • Rainbow Ropes

If this is your first-time eating D8 edibles, the suggested serving size is 1/4 of the pack. Wait about 60 minutes after ingesting for it to take effect.



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