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hempMarch #1 Wordsmith — Zeroing in on “Phytoremediation” with Hemp

March #1 Wordsmith — Zeroing in on “Phytoremediation” with Hemp

“The wordsmith discussion today is zeroing in on phytoremediation with hemp which is a very important aspect in farming and sustainability .”


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Once again, we see literally the miracles that hemp can do for our environment, for our health, and also for recreation as well. We hear a lot about saving our environment but not much about the plant that can actually do that very thing. Zeroing in on “Phytoremediation” with hemp is not a new concept because it has already been used in severe soil contamination situations in various places in the world.



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Phytoremediation is a process that uses hemp plants to remove, transfer, stabilize, or destroy contaminants in the soil and groundwater. Zeroing in on “phytoremediation” with hemp is just one more aspect of this miracle plant, hemp. It is truly the plant that can save our earth. The scientist, Ilya Raskin, presented the term phytoremediation.

Zeroing in on “Phytoremediation with Hemp – The History

In 2001, a team of German researchers experimented with hemp in Chernobyl to extract lead, cadmium, and nickel from a plot of l\’\’and contaminated with sewage sludge. Another history incident is in 2011 when hundreds of farmers in Puglia, Italy planted hemp in a long-term effort to clean up fields disastrously polluted by a massive steel plant. The fact of the matter is that the hemp plant leaches the contaminants from the soil by a method of phytoremediation. After Colorado legalized recreational marijuana in 2012 and passed a bill encouraging research into hemp’s phytoremediation abilities in 2014.

Zeroing in on “Phytoremediation with Hemp – Examples

Amazingly, it’s being discovered that hemp goes so far as to purify radioactive soil such as found at nuclear disaster sites.  For more than a decade, industrial hemp growing in Ukraine near Chernobyl has been helping to irradiate the soil.

In 2012, Dr. Masaru Emoto urged Japan to utilize hemp to purify radiation from the soil caused by the radiation from the meltdown at Fukushima: But Japan was slow in following this solution because of the Cannabis Control Law which the U.S. inserted into Japanese law in 1948.

Zeroing in on “Phytoremediation with Hemp – The Process

The hemp plant thrives in contaminated soil as it plunges its roots deep. And it still produces a healthy flower. The hemp plant absorbs the contaminants leaving the soil free of toxins and rich with nutrients. The polluting elements are removed from the soil and stored in the leaves, stalk, and stem of the hemp plant.

Some believe that since the hemp reaches maturity within six months, the soil contaminants do not have enough time to effect or harm the plant. This means that the flower is still safe for human consumption. However, overall this is not the consensus.

Zeroing in on “Phytoremediation with Hemp – Beware!

It is true. CBD should not be extracted from hemp used to de-contaminate the soil. Even though most of the toxins are stored in the stems and leaves rather than the flower, it is still not safe to consume any product of the flower. However, there are some industrial applications for which the biomass may still be useful and beneficial! Also, the stalks and fibers can still be useful as a building material.

“Zero to 60” Last Words

Hemp is also a bio-accumulator. What does that mean, you say? It means that if you fertilize with chemicals and use chemical pesticides, the hemp plant will gather it up and absorb it within itself. Once again, you now have a contaminated plant.  So, this is the reason that hemp farmers are so insistent on growing their fields of hemp organically.


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