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cbd“Mind, Mind, Where Art Thou?” CBD Flower for Memory

“Mind, Mind, Where Art Thou?” CBD Flower for Memory

Are you suffering from  memory loss or suspect the beginnings of dementia? CBD flower for memory improvement is being researched \’\’and even some medical studies performed. With CBD flower having a record of health for thous\’\’ands, thous\’\’ands more are joining the ranks looking for solutions other than what the medical pharmaceuticals have to offer.

CBD Flower for Memory — Research \’\’and Investigation

Research says that it is difficult investigating the impact of CBD flower on memory. Memory is fluid as it fluctuates between keen \’\’and faltering.  And once again, we are in an early stage of both research \’\’and personal experimentation. While some studies \’\’and many users have suggested that CBD may even improve overall cognition, there is very little evidence for CBD as a memory-enhancer in a healthy brain (assuming a “healthy brain” actually does exist).

With all the scientific research being conducted on CBD flower for memory continues to suggest memory is improved as well better cognition to the point of restoring memory loss.. Authors of a 2013 study found that cannabidiol (CBD) has an impact as an anti-anxiety agent as well as anti-psychotic effects. There is no data that ever shows any type of cognition disruption with CBD flower.

CBD Flower for Memory — What it Does

It is common knowledge that CBD flower interacts with our own Endocannabinoid System (ECS). But what we may not realize is how extensive the ECS is. The CB receptors are scattered throughout our body so that means it affects everything, bones, cardio, pulmonary, skin \’\’and all our organs.

The anti-inflammatory \’\’and neuroprotective activities of CBD flower is, for a fact, excellent for the improving of brain function. When an individual goes from dementia to Alzheimer’s Disease, the neurons are attack \’\’and lose that protective coating. That leaves the neurons exposed to deterioration. CBD flower is anti-inflammatory \’\’and it is a neuroprotective agent.

In 2013 a group examined some details of the CBD flower in the brain. THC, one of the cannabinoids in hemp, impairs the mind \’\’and cognition. CBD flower does not impair cognition but rather has therapeutic potentials not only stop the progress of impairments but reverses specific cognitive impairments induced by marijuana. So the researchers believe the same reversal could occur with dementia patients.

In a 2017 study showed researchers that CBD flower has antioxidant properties but more importantly, it also promote neurogenesis. Do you know what neurogenesis is? It is a process of forming new neurons in the brain. That is exciting for many people who are already suffering from the beginnings of dementia \’\’and Alzheimer’s Disease.

CBD Flower for Memory — Why for Memory?

CBD flower for memory refers to not only dementia but all types of memory loss. It has a unique neurological benefit that has many taking notice as an alternative remedy for with memory loss. CBD flower for memory is particularly for elders but since there are other memory losses it is important to get tested \’\’and diagnosed for the reason of the memory loss because it does make a difference.

CBD flower for memory does not stop with benefits for dementia patients but it extends to memory loss due to a traumatic brain injury (TBI)  The medications traditionally prescribed to treat TBI include cholinesterase inhibitors \’\’and memantine, both of which have a plethora of side effects.

“The Memory of it All” Last Words

But here are the facts. We want facts or at least the strong possibility of help for a pharmaceutical as well as an all-natural compound like CBD flower. Even though medical professional has not run CBD through their qualifying rigor, CBD flower for memory works \’\’and here is the truth. CBD oil was shown through a variety of studies to not only prevent the destruction of brain cells, but \’\’and this is so important, CBD promotes regrowth, or neurogenesis of loss brain neurons \’\’and cells.

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