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hemp flowerMUST KNOW INFO — New Hemp Flowers for Sale in Florida

MUST KNOW INFO — New Hemp Flowers for Sale in Florida

“New hemp flowers for sale in Florida is a reality today and hopefully for many years to come because it’s good for you.”

Dr. Strains CBD has Firecracker Hemp Flower


 AK 47 Hemp Flower

Now on sale AK 47! AK 47 is a classic strain that has been around since the mid 90’s. AK 47 is a Sativa dominate hybrid offering a relaxing buzz, while providing the user with mental clarity. This is a great strain for any time of the day, but best for daytime activity. Some users reported feeling a cerebral buzz, leaving them feeling uplifted. Get yours today before it’s too late!  Now offering in 1/4oz and 1/2oz at Dr. Strains CBD.



  • Forbidden V D8 Hemp Flower
  • Fruit Loops Hemp Flower
  • Sour Apple Pie Hemp Flower
  • THC – 0 Bubba Kush Hemp Flower
  • Space Kief
  • “All Points of View”

New flowers for sale tell us that hemp has changed sickness to health and pain to pain-free and anxiety to calm. It is so good that it has attracted the attention of medical professionals as well. There are some pharmaceuticals also available that are made with certain hemp flower strains. But even beyond that, individuals far and wide in every state and country are realizing significant health benefits.

new hemp flowers for sale in FloridaHemp Flowers for Sale in Florida – Forbidden V D8 Hemp Flower

Forbidden V D8 is a CBDv flower or Cannabidivari with 4% of CBDv. CBDv is similar to CBD as it is also non-intoxicating. This cannabinoid is rapidly becoming a favorite in the medical community because it helps to reduce or prevent seizures and nausea. CBDv flower is effective for patients with Multiple sclerosis (MS). Many individuals are now using it to alleviate mental disorders such as anxiety and ADHD by giving mental clarity and peace of mind.

This Forbidden V D8 is a Sativa dominant hybrid so it can be used in daytime and nighttime. It is available today for $29.99 for ¼ oz while supplies last!  Enjoy this hemp flower strain with 4% CBDv and 12% CBD.

New Hemp Flowers for Sale in Florida – Fruit Loopsnew hemp flowers for sale in Florida Hemp Flower  

The Premium Fruit Loops Hemp flower is a hybrid created from two legendary strains of Cherry Abacus and Abacus Diesel. This strain is full of gas with a nice, sweet berry aroma that evolves into a real crowd pleaser.  It sports green and purple colored nugs and since it is a hybrid can be smoked or vaped day or evening time to help you unwind and shed the burdens of the day.

It also provides inflammation relief, a condition that is the launching pad for a great many other health ailments. Choose from a 1/4 oz or 1/2 oz today at Dr. Strains CBD.

new hemp flowers for sale in FloridaNew Hemp Flower for Sale in Florida – Sour Apple Pie Hemp Flower 

Sour Apple Pie is a hemp flower with a magical aroma of a granny smith sour apple mixed with a slight fresh pie scent.  This is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain used to treat chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines, mood swings, and depression.  This strain was created by crossing two popular strains referred to as Acapulco Gold and Highland Nepalese strains. This is a high CBD hemp flower strain.

We are also giving this hand touched flower one of our best bag appeals of the year because they are dense, green, stinky, sticky buds that customers go crazy over! Dr. Strains CBD has these delicious flowers for sale at $21.99$32.99.

New Hemp Flower for Sale – THC – 0 Bubba Kushnew hemp flowers for sale in Florida Hemp Flower 

Bubba Kush, an Indica-dominant strain that is coated with THC-O distillate that gives an extra punch during your smoking experience or vape.  People report that they feel a wave of euphoria that relaxes the mind and body. We must not forget the health benefits as they are outstanding for alleviating mild pain, muscle strains and tension. This is a must buy strain at an 8th for $21.99.

new hemp flowers for sale in FloridaSpace Kief

Our Space Kief are the tiny nugs and shake from our hand-made moon rocks. The quality of our Space Kief is just at nice as our moon rock nugs but already broken down for you and at a fraction of the cost! They are sold in 1-gram increments at an out of this world price of $5.99! It is convenient for using in the following ways:

  • Rolling Up — Sprinkle some of the moonrock shake over flower in joint/wraps
  • Pipe — Use about half the jar and use Raw Hemp Wick or a lighter.

It is available today and it is fresh for your purchase at Dr. Strains CBD.

“All Points of View”

This post is full of must know info about hemp flowers for sale at Dr. Strains CBD. It is convenient and many strains are on sale. The inventory they maintain is savorous and at the most reasonable price.  You can buy these strains today in their brick-and-mortar shop and online as well.


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