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cbdNow is The Time! The CBD Hemp Flower Renaissance

Now is The Time! The CBD Hemp Flower Renaissance

Renaissance is the revival of art \’\’and literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th–16th centuries. It is also a revival of culture \’\’and a style of art \’\’and architecture developed during the Renaissance. And lastly, renaissance is a revival of, or renewed interest in something that has existed for a long time. The CBD hemp flower renaissance is now as we are in a time of exploding information.

CBD hemp has nothing to do with music, art or architecture, at least so far, with my research. But CBD hemp does have something to do with a “renewed interest in something that has existed for a long time”. Bingo! Hemp was probably the first crop ever cultivated. But because of the maze of being legal then illegal \’\’and the not allowed maze that the scientists \’\’and lawmakers led the general public through, knowledge was a commodity that was hard to come by.

The Ancients Knew CBD Hemp Flower

The ancients knew, the middle age knights \’\’and dames knew, \’\’and the royals knew. Now you \’\’and I are learning. It is the Renaissance of CBD hemp flower. Hemp has benefits for many areas of our lives including clothes, rope, canvas \’\’and as a purifier to the l\’\’and it grows on, etc. But what is most important here, is its ability to heal our bodies \’\’and to restore homeostasis or balance.

Living Irresponsibly

Today, our bodies come in contact with damaging environmental elements every day at home, at work \’\’and as we travel the highways across America. We eat badly many times because we are in a rush to get from point A to point B. Our bodies eventually start to break down because of the imbalance in our organs, our cells, our muscles sustain injury that cannot heal \’\’and other bodily functions.

CBD Hemp Flower Connects to the Network

There is an amazing regulatory network throughout our body including the brain called the Endocannabinoid System.  If our body is healthy, the 10 CB 2 receptors are efficiently nourishing the organs \’\’and cells they are responsible for.

However, as we live in such an “unnatural world” eating food that is processed out of its natural state \’\’and breathing air with contaminants then taking highly processed pharmaceuticals, it is no wonder that this unique Endocannabinoid System goes into overload \’\’and starts to malfunction.

Extra CBD Hemp Flower with Infused Products

CBD hemp flower, bud \’\’and the oils it can be infused with, have the ability given it by nature to correct the imbalance just like you do when you open up your washing machine \’\’and redistribute the wet heavy clothes so the machine does not dance right out of the room.

The Marvel of the CB Receptors

The cannabinoids, all of them but especially CBD, have the ability to interact with the CB2 receptors of the Endocannabinoid System in our body in a way to provide the nutrients that are lacking \’\’and thus create homeostasis. One CB2 receptor is located in the thigh one of the largest muscles in the body. Does this explain why CBD hemp flower is so beneficial to muscle injuries that athletes have? The CB2 receptor in the left knee area is for bone health.

There is a CB 2 receptor for the lungs, the vascular system, the pancreas, the reproductive organs, no need to go further. This post is not necessarily about the Endocannabinoid System, but it is about the renaissance of knowledge that we are having about CBD hemp flower \’\’and the ability it has to restore our health.

For more information about all things CBD, read more posts on our blog.

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