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cbdON TOUR: CBD Hemp Buds in Oregon

ON TOUR: CBD Hemp Buds in Oregon

Since 2018, CBD hemp buds in Oregon are celebrated as integral for its health benefits \’\’and lauded for the pleasures of recreation smoking.  Hemp is also quickly becoming a substantial agriculture asset giving farmers in many states a financially stable crop. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson \’\’and John Adams all grew hemp. However, laws through the years have legalized then illegalized, back \’\’and forth so farmers have been prevented for long-term agriculture benefits.

CBD Hemp Buds in Oregon – The State’s History

Oregon has been considered a green state for many years \’\’and was the first state to legalize recreational \’\’and medical cannabis. For years, Oregon’s stable agricultural history is well-known partly because of it temperate coastal \’\’and inl\’\’and climates.  There are many experienced farmers ready to jump into this agriculture opportunity of growing industrial hemp.

CBD Hemp Buds in Oregon – In the Past

Federal legislators introduced a hemp specific bill in January 2015 called the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015, this bill would remove the federal restrictions on cultivation of hemp.  On the state level, Oregon legalized hemp production in 2015.  Oregon started issuing licenses to farmers to grow hemp in 2015 under a comprehensive set of rules which legislators devised. These rules may not have been particularly attractive to farmers considering the $1,500 tag on their 3-year licenses. But it was a start \’\’and it gave them a leg up from the rest of the nation.

Influx of Registrations to Grow Hemp

The Beaver State has seen a huge influx of registrations \’\’and licenses for the hemp growers as well as the h\’\’andlers since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing CBD hemp buds in Oregon \’\’and on a federal law level. The Oregon Department of Agriculture revised its rules \’\’and adopted rules for the future on May 15, 2019.

All Things “Legal” in Oregon

CBD hemp buds in Oregon can be legally grown as industrial hemp as well as Oregon residents of the state can legally smoke it. Yes, CBD is legal in Oregon \’\’and it has actually been legal for a longer time than in most states. In 1998, Oregon followed California in legalizing medical marijuana. The year 2014 found Oregon with legalized recreational cannabis. In 2015, the cultivation of industrial hemp was legalized.

CBD Hemp Buds in Oregon – CBD Today

Today, the explosive growth in Oregon shows 62,000 acres of hemp are growing which gives a 427% increase over acres grown in 2018. In 2015, there were 105 acres farmed by about 13 farmers. By 2019, the acreage was up to almost 2,000 farmers growing 62,000 acres.

But everyone is not happy with this exploding crop. Many are concerned that CBD hemp buds in Oregon will crowd out over agriculture crops \’\’and some simply do not like the strong odor from the hemp plant.  Hemp does need a fair amount of water, so some are unconcerned about a fight over legal rights of water.

CBD Hemp Buds in Oregon – The Future of Hemp

However, overall, CBD hemp buds in Oregon is boosting business in rural Oregon. Some environmentalists have concern about the amount of plastic used to suppress weed \’\’and to better keep the soil moist. However, the other side of this issue is that hemp leaves the soil with more nutrients than before it was planted \’\’and it is relatively pesticide resistant to make possible an organic crop.

Hemp Research in Oregon

Oregon State University launched a hemp research center, The Global Hemp Innovation Center which aims to better underst\’\’and how best to grow hemp in a sustainable fashion. The Oregon Department of Agriculture has assured the hemp growers that they have no plans to restrict the number of applications for growing CBD hemp bud in Oregon even though there are some concerns that it is crowding out other agricultural crops.

CBD Hemp Strains in Oregon

There are many hemp strains grown in Oregon as well as other states But here are a few CBD hemp buds in Oregon.

  • Suver Haze
  • Special Sauce
  • Oregon OG – 12% to 21% CBD

Enjoy Oregon grown hemp bud \’\’and be sure \’\’and stock these in your “Hemp Bar” at home.

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