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cbdON TOUR: CBD Hemp Flower in Washington

ON TOUR: CBD Hemp Flower in Washington

CBD hemp flower in Washington may have gotten off to a slow start with their rules \’\’and regulations for the recently liberated hemp programs. But the acreage is growing \’\’and the cultivators are also exp\’\’anding from marijuana to hemp to boost profits. In Washington, hemp is legal, up \’\’and down, in \’\’and out to be grown, processed, commercially sold, \’\’and transported within the state, outside of the state, \’\’and internationally. Yes, those are the laws of Washington state regarding all things hemp.

CBD Hemp Flower in Washington – The Law of it All

The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Plant Services Program is motivated to working with all aspects of the CBD hemp flower in Washington agricultural crop growing. They also are particularly driven to ensuring consumer protection of the products grown \’\’and manufactured. They ensure these protections by providing accurate \’\’and reliable inspection, testing \’\’and certification.  The Department provides certification services to exporters \’\’and regularly inspects hemp plant nurseries \’\’and enforces plant quarantines to stop pest or disease introduction.

The Department issue hemp producer licenses to qualified applicants according to the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018. This includes licensing persons to grow hemp under a commercial hemp program. Washington state law states that hep producers must have a license according to these rules:

  • The department must issue hemp producer licenses to applicants qualified under this chapter \’\’and the agriculture improvement act of 2018. The department may adopt rules pursuant to this chapter \’\’and chapter 34.05 as necessary to license persons to grow hemp under a commercial hemp program.
  • The plan must identify qualifications for license applicants, to include adults \’\’and corporate persons \’\’and to exclude persons with felony convictions as required under the agriculture improvement act of 2018.
  • The department must establish license fees in an amount that will fund the implementation of this chapter \’\’and sustain the hemp program. The department may adopt rules establishing fees for tetrahydrocannabinol testing, inspections, \’\’and additional services required by the United States department of agriculture. License fees \’\’and any money received by the department under this chapter must be deposited in the hemp regulatory account created in RCW 15.140.080.

CBD Hemp Flower in Washington – All About Cross Pollination

After the 2018 Farm Bill was passed, a law was removed from the books that required a 4-mile buffer between outdoor marijuana \’\’and hemp farms. Because of this change, hemp cultivars are expected to start immediately exp\’\’anding their acreage to grow hemp. The hemp cultivars are concerned now, however, that they will get cross-pollination if the 4-mile buffer is eliminated. It is costly if a hemp crop tests “hot” because of cross-pollination with marijuana plants.

Hemp fields that has scattered male plants could with the nearby marijuana fields \’\’and cause flowering female plants to seed. Again, this would make the marijuana flower unsellable to retail stores.

CBD Hemp Flower in Washington – Acreage Explosion Imminent

Washington lagged behind in getting their hemp growing program in place to license \’\’and grow acreage. But hemp cultivars are moving to exp\’\’and their existing farms \’\’and marijuana farmers are also looking to diversify into hemp as well. CBD hemp flower in Washington state has gone from 140 acres to now about 6000 acres.

“CBD Hemp Flower” Last Words

There are many CBD hemp flower strains growing in various states.   Suzy Q \’\’and Sour Space C\’\’andy are two of the strains currently grown in Washington state. There are many other tasty CBD hemp flower in Washington sitting on vendor shelves ready for purchase.

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