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cbdON TOUR: CBD Hemp in New Mexico

ON TOUR: CBD Hemp in New Mexico

CBD hemp in New Mexico may have had a bumpy start but today this crop is in full agriculture mode. However, by 2019 when hemp because legal in New Mexico, 1.2 million started plants were sold to courageous farmers. The plan for coming years is in the 6 million to 10 million starter plants.  The New Mexico Department of Agriculture issued more than 400 hemp cultivation licenses in 2019 which at best exceeded expectations.

CBD Hemp in New Mexico – From the Industry Experts

Industry experts look at the year 2019 as a year of trial \’\’and error for hemp growers. Many decisions were formulated in methods of best growing \’\’and strains best suited to New Mexico. The climate in New Mexico \’\’and the seasonal weather that tends to be a bit manic at times has negative results. Different from other crops, there are a great many additional rules \’\’and regulations which the state has put on above federal regulations.

Another situation which the industry experts have to be on top of is the inspection of the hemp crop to make sure the THC level is 0.3% or lower. Some fields go “hot” which is a terrible loss for farmers particularly ones just starting out. If the crop tests “hot”, they the agriculture agency will issue an order requiring the farmer to destroy his or her crop. Unfortunately, the agriculture department delivered 33 destruction orders, out of just fewer than 500 inspections.

Another aspect of the industry experts were the processors who had the capability of converting the harvested hemp crop into extract or other products. The hemp farmers needed these processors to product the CBD oil, hemp oil \’\’and many other things for the consumer in New Mexico as well as across the United States.

CBD Hemp in New Mexico – From the Farmers

Hemp farmers were not going to grow a crop that they could not sell.  They needed to find buyers for their products. Extra regulations \’\’and strategic planning still left half of the acres permitted unplanted \’\’and unharvested.

But New Mexico does have some unique advantages putting them in a place of potentially high growth in the future years. The growing conditions are optimal throughout the state but particularly in the southern half of the state. There is an abundance of cheap l\’\’and which contributes to an influx of l\’\’and to be plowed up for planting hemp.

Even so many hemp farmers had trouble obtaining seeds \’\’and starter plants in time for the growing season. Another surprise that awaited the farmers was that some hemp flower strains did not respond well to the climate in New Mexico.

The hemp plant thrives in mild, dry conditions, however, when a colder than normal spring ensues, the delayed planting caused disruptions later in the summer when a too hot of a summer killed tender plants.  Farmers in New Mexico also had to contend with rocky soil. A hardy hemp flower strain, Cherry Wine, proved itself  in Oregon \’\’and California but was a big disappointment in New Mexico.

CBD Hemp in New Mexico – Looking Forward

A hemp exchange helped address some of problems \’\’and success was clear.  Some strains that that adapted well to the climate of New Mexico yielded CBD levels between 14% \’\’and 23%.

NMDA continues to accept applications \’\’and issue both Annual \’\’and Continuous Hemp Commercial Research Production Licenses according to 2019 polices. All regulations licensing, sampling, testing, \’\’and destruction of non-compliant crops/plants are still under review with changes on the horizon.

One thing that NMDA is working on is increasing the number of processors. This will reassure hemp farmers of buyers for the next stage of the process. The New Mexico Economic Development Department designated “sustainable \’\’and value-added agriculture” in the eight key industries for future years.

The 420 Valley project is definitely taking hemp production to the next level of processing.  A 13,000-square-foot warehouse in Las Cruces is the next level of development for process.

The new facility will bring a working hemp manufacturing facility \’\’and a retail shop that offers CBD products. The hope is that the hemp industry can transform the area for young career oriented individuals.

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