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cbdON TOUR: CBD Hemp in North Carolina

ON TOUR: CBD Hemp in North Carolina

When talking about hemp, we talk in centuries because it is that old. Some believe it was the first crop ever cultivated. It is a useful crop for health benefits as well as for fiber, cloth, rope \’\’and clothing. For centuries, it slid in \’\’and out of the law books, continually confused with its association with marijuana. It was illegal then legal, illegal \’\’and finally today it is federally legalized. CBD hemp in North Carolina has a longer history than some because it was legalized for research purposes before 2018.

Hemp is a Global Commodity

Thirty or more nations grow industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity \’\’and sell globally. The United States has plenty of restrictions on hemp particularly when it is sold for consumption. Those regulations help to keep the product pure \’\’and properly-tested.

Hemp is definitely a global product \’\’and there is no doubt that each country has its restrictions \’\’and licensing requirements. CBD hemp in North Carolina is just as important as it is on the other side of the globe. It is lauded as one of the most important crops wherever it is found. Hemp was a crop since Colonial times in Southern Appalachia which includes North Carolina but it ceased to be grown legally around 1940.

CBD Hemp in North Carolina – The Law

The Agricultural Act of 2014 gave authorization to certain research institutions \’\’and state departments of agriculture to grow industrial hemp. CBD hemp in North Carolina had a head start with a pilot program. This pilot program allows hemp growing as an experimentation under the supervision of the state or state university.  North Carolina continues to operate under the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program authorized in 2014.

2018 Farm Bill changed many things for hemp farmers.  They were given the opportunity to grow financially profitable crop. This opportunity was to grow one that had so many environmental \’\’and health benefits, as well.

DEA interprets the language of the 2018 Farm Bill to say that products derived from hemp are a schedule 1 controlled substances if it exceeds the 0.3% Delta-9 THC limit.  This is true even if they are derived from hemp plant that falls within the legal limit. This is good news for those who want a CBD product as free as possible from the THC cannabinoid.

CBD Hemp in North Carolina – The Growing of it

Generally, places where industrial hemp is cultivated are at higher latitudes than North Carolina. So, there are some cultivars not adapted to North Carolina. Many farmers focused on producing smokable hemp flower, even though at the time there was a tentative ban pending in the state Legislature. Tobacco farmers are adopting CBD hemp in North Carolina as a crop they already have the infrastructure \’\’and labor in place for producing smokable hemp flower.  In 2019, North Carolina licensed:

  • 933 hemp farmers;
  • 11,572 outdoor hemp acres;
  • 4.5 million square feet of indoor hemp cultivation.

CBD Hemp in North Carolina – The Testing Technique

Since the inception of the Hemp Pilot Program, North Carolina has always tested using GC-FID (Gas Chromatograph- Flame Ionization Detector) equipment. The testing organizations are making it the accepted method of the valid scientific measure of delta-9 THC content. 2020 is the year with the mandated measure for CBD hemp in North Carolina as well as other states in the United States according to USDA’s Interim Final Rule.

CBD Hemp in North Carolina – The Selling of it All

Presently, you can sell CBD hemp in North Carolina without specific legal restrictions.  However, individual private entities may have their own rules \’\’and regulations. If you want to sell at a farmers’ market, it is best that you inquire as to the rules of that particular entity.

Within North Carolina, the N.C. Department of Agriculture \’\’and Consumer Services has regulatory authority over food \’\’and food products \’\’and that is true about CBD hemp in North Carolina.

“The North Carolina” of it All

Each state has laws in the books, laws in the law makers hands and laws in the writing stage. The point here is that if you grow CBD hemp in Carolina or sell it, it is important to stay current with the law and licensing. CBD has many benefits so we want to keep the law on our side.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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