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cbdONE Most Common Health Benefit of CBD Flower

ONE Most Common Health Benefit of CBD Flower

ONE most common health benefit of CBD flower is without doubt the relief of pain.  There are more Americans who have used CBD flower products for pain relief at some time than for any other distress. Inflammation comes right along with pain because pain starts as inflammation. As inflammation increases \’\’and spreads, pain sets in with a vengeance.

Common Health Benefit of CBD Flower – The Method vs the Benefit

The common health benefit of CBD flower craze will continue to grow as more \’\’and more realize the method does not have as much to do with it as the fact that it does work. There are some methods that possess faster \’\’and better bioavailability, but all methods work. If the pain is particularly stubborn, you may benefit from a consummation method as well as a topical method.

You may be asking the question: “Does smokable CBD flower give me better resolution to my pain? Will it provide more relief or does CBD flower oil provide better benefits?” Everyone has these questions \’\’and rightly so. There is no one “right” answer for everyone. There are some absolutes but there are also many variables. (insert link)

Common Health Benefit of CBD Flower – Absolutes of ECS

Common health benefit of CBD Flower in whatever form does not bind with the CB2 receptors of our ECS or the Endocannabinoid System. We all have the ECS so that is an absolute. A common health benefit of CBD flower is that is interacts with the CB2 receptors to restore homeostasis or balance to our body.

It restores the cell signal just like in a cell phone, to the CB2 receptors so inflammation is quieted \’\’and then pain is alleviated.  Since the ECS is a cell-signaling system it needs molecules to do its bidding. They work in our central \’\’and peripheral nervous systems \’\’and our immune system when the body is attacked by injury or illness.

The molecules are supposed to receive signals from the ECS receptors in the brain. But when our body is out of balance, the signal is dropped. It is like when you are in a dead zone without signal for your cell phone, you cannot make a call or your call is dropped.

Common health benefit of CBD flower along with all the terpenes \’\’and all the cannabinoids activates the receptors to create balance which means less inflammation then less pain.

Common Health Benefit of CBD Flower – The Medical Authorities

Many have lost confidence in the medical so-called solutions for pain because of the addictive nature of them \’\’and they do not give the resolution to pain that is necessary. Even though doctors are bound to use \’\’and prescribe narcotics for their patients, they are as frustrated as the patients with the ineffectiveness of them.

For this reason, CBD flower for pain relief was one of the earliest natural therapies which scientists began studying. Already there is significant science pointing to its benefits. Medical science says this:

  • The National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, \’\’and Medicine says there is “conclusive or substantial evidence” for the use of CBD hemp in treating chronic pain.
  • A 2017 Medical Review of a dozen-controlled studies with over 1000 participants concluded that oral cannabinoids compared to st\’\’andard pharmacological remedies were “modestly effective” in reducing chronic neuropathic pain so much that life \’\’and sleep improved greatly.
  • A medical study of 177 cancer patients revealed twice as many experienced 30% less pain taking a full spectrum extract.

Common Health Benefit of CBD Flower – Bioavailability

Bioavailability is about how effective \’\’and how quickly the CBD product arrives in your bloodstream so it can be carried to the CB2 receptors. When the CBD product’s journey goes through your digestive system, it takes longer to arrive at its destination \’\’and some of its potency is also lost.

The CBD tincture can be placed under the tongue, so its journey is more direct into your bloodstream. The common health benefit of CBD flower regarding the topicals is they too go directly into the CB2 receptors as the skin has its own Endocannabinoid System.

Smokin’ Hot Smokable Hemp Flower For Pain

Smoking flower is the most natural \’\’and purest form of full-spectrum dosing. It is also the most effective \’\’and the fastest acting.  Next you need to find the highest CBD hemp strain to smoke to get the best benefits from the most cannabinoids \’\’and terpenes as well other other natural compounds.

Not all hemp is created equal, \’\’and some strains have higher percentages in cannabinoids other than CBD. Which may also have positive benefits, but not necessarily the one you were looking for.

You can also get CBD-infused gummies \’\’and CBD oil capsules which are full-spectrum. If you let the gummies dissolve under your tongue then the bio-availability of it is better.  It is important to read the label \’\’and the COA to know exactly the content.

Common Health Benefit of CBD Flower – Specifics

The terpenes you need to look for specially in the smokable hemp flower are as follows:

  • Myrcene terpene has sedative effects that help calm pain, is a sleep aid \’\’and a muscle relaxant.
  • B-caryophyllene terpene shows potent anti-inflammatory \’\’and analgesic effects to alleviate pain.
  • Limonene terpene has anti-anxiety \’\’and antidepressant effects to help indirectly to alleviate pain
  • A-pinene terpene is anti-inflammatory \’\’and may contribute to chronic pain relief.

Considering the Best CBD Hemp Flower for Pain

  • Elektra CBD Hemp Flower — ELEKTRA IS ON SALE THIS WEEK for Dr. Strains great “spook-Tober.” Elektra is a sativa-dominant cross maintaining between 16% – 22% CBD content. The full-spectrum benefits of raw hemp flower combined with its near-instantaneous effects make it best for pain \’\’and inflammation.
  • CBG Infused Special Sauce CBD hemp flower is our one of the very highest strain, with sweet berry smell \’\’and beautiful pink pistils. Special Sauce is an example of a powerful terpene profile in smaller, but dense flowers. And it also has CBG infused into it so makes an exceptionally great flower for quelling pain.
  • Lifter CBD hemp flower has dense flowers carrying a dominant terpene profile \’\’and high levels of CBD. It has a sweet flavor \’\’and is a good choice for people with chronic pain \’\’and anxiety. Lifter per-rolls are particularly convenient.
  • Hawaiian Haze CBD hemp flower was lauded in a recent review for potential ability to deal with soreness \’\’and aches.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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