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hempOne Nation Under “Hemp”, Indivisible With “Health & Fun” For All

One Nation Under “Hemp”, Indivisible With “Health & Fun” For All

It is true that the United States is one nation under “hemp” more now than ever before.  If you are one of the multitude in the all too familiar hemp community, you already know the talking points about hemp – good for health, great for recreational use.

These are the prime points for most as pharmaceutical solutions have turned out to not be solutions but rather laden with side effects \’\’and ineffectiveness. For those who want to have the option to smoke but not get high, hemp is a glorious opportunity to experience a variety of savors \’\’and have health benefits as well.

One Nation Under “Hemp” — Legislation for Research

In 2014, legislation was passed that provided for hemp research in breeding, growing \’\’and harvesting so long as it was over seen by a state university. That was the beginning of the growth of one nation under “hemp” was acreage after acreage was planted for research. There were some states that also legalized it ahead of the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. This gave way to consumers having access to hemp products.

One Nation Under “Hemp” — A Boost to the Agriculture L\’\’andscape

But beyond that, hemp has changed agriculture for the American farmer. Hemp is relatively easy to grow with a natural resistance to many pests that create mortal combat for farmers growing other crops. Besides that, there is no need for crop rotation because hemp leaves the soil with more nutrients than before it was planted. With the dem\’\’and growing like crazy, there is a good return financially.

One Nation Under “Hemp” — A Blessing to the Environment

One nation under “hemp” growing is a crop without waste. Hemp is one of the greatest assets for all the environmentalist who want the best for the preservation of all things in our l\’\’and. From the flower, to the leaves \’\’and the stem is all used to manufacture something. The hemp flower has the highest concentration of CBD for extraction, so the flower is extremely valued for that. One nation under “hemp” for recreational fun uses the entire flower to smoke. If you want to grind it for your own rolling pleasures, Dr. Strains has a variety of papers \’\’and supplies to roll your own or having a “rolling” party with your friends.

One Nation Under “Hemp” — The Biomass Asset

One nation under “hemp” also is applicable to the many other uses of hemp. The “leftovers” are often referred to as biomass (insert link).   The hemp biomass is popular today for producing hemp fiber. The hemp fiber is used to make ropes for the boating industry because of its strength \’\’and durability in a salt-water environment.  It is two times stronger than wood \’\’and resistant to rotting. With all the rage about environmental friendliness, hemp is biodegradable. Other products, you may be surprised to know are hemp insulation, hemp carpets, \’\’and hemp fabrics.

Types of Biomass

There are two types of hemp biomass

  • High CBD hemp biomass
  • Fiber hemp biomass.

One nation under “hemp” is all in considering the many \’\’and varied uses of hemp biomass. It can be used for almost every part of our lives from food industry to the medical sector, renewable bio-fuel \’\’and clothing includes pant \’\’and shirts \’\’and more. Lastly, hemp paper is a popular use for hemp biomass.

The “What If” Conversation

If hemp had not be banned years ago, there is no question but what hemp paper would hold a much more important place in our world today. And here is the reason why. In 1916, agricultural scientists discovered that it was possible to make paper from hemp pulp.

It even had more favorable properties than paper made from wood. And hemp produced four times the amount of paper per acre than trees. But even so, by 1933 the production of hemp fiber was non-existent.  Paper made from hemp fibers was used by ancient China \’\’and Egypt 200 years ago. The Declaration of Independence was drafted on hemp paper then copied onto parchment.

“Under Hemp” Last Words

Yes, one nation under “hemp” is again becoming fact rather than the fiction of the past as thous\’\’ands \’\’and thous\’\’ands \’\’and thous\’\’ands of acres are planted every year. Agriculture has been revived \’\’and farmers have renewed energy with this new “old” crop within their reach.


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