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Strain Review“Optimizing” Otto II vs the “Healthy” of Healthy Heart CBD Hemp Bud Strains

“Optimizing” Otto II vs the “Healthy” of Healthy Heart CBD Hemp Bud Strains

The many varieties of CBD hemp bud strains have been multiplying extemporaneously \’\’and Dr. Strains CBD is continually adding another strain to their inventory. But we are talking about two strains we have not informed you about yet – Otto II \’\’and Healthy Heart.

Generational Lineage of CBD Hemp Bud Strains

Otto II CBD hemp flower is one of the best strains that has taken the hemp industry by storm containing less than 0.3% THC \’\’and it boasts up to 12% CBD content. It is popular for its high CBD content as well as for its uplifting relaxing aroma. The precise origins of Otto II’s parentage are unknown but the cultivators have been raising it in the Colorado areas.

Otto II was first cultivated from a rare seed sample that is vigorous \’\’and stable in its display of high CBD expression.  Usually it is grown indoors so the hemp plant matures faster with flowering beginning in around 70 days.  The cultivator must watch carefully so the THC levels do not suddenly skyrocket particularly in drought or unusually hot weather.

The Healthy Heart CBD hemp flower is an indica dominant strain for predominantly nighttime use. The indica-dominant strain gives rise to a strong sense of calmness \’\’and relaxation that supports a more restful sleep. It does not hit quick but works more slowly. Healthy Heart CBD hemp flower can take you eventually to a state of complete relaxation. Your mind is relieved of tension \’\’and pressure so you can rest peacefully \’\’and without disturbance.


Otto II CBD hemp flower makes for a deeply expressive \’\’and ecstatic experience along with restorative effects.  It is a sativa dominant strain for optimal serenity with the evening smoke. Otto II is rich in in B-Myrcene, a-pinene, \’\’and B-Caryophyllene. This strain’s terpene profile is at least 17% of its terpene content is Farnesene which is popular in fruit coatings such as apple skins. Farnesene gives these buds a slightly green apple aroma.

Healthy Heart CBD hemp flower effects can be felt on the body by lifting physical pressure \’\’and tension, Healthy Heart is often a go-to strain for those who might struggle with daily discomfort in the muscles \’\’and bones.  Because of its sedative effects, Healthy Heart CBD is not a good strain for daylight hours. There are other strains for daytime.

Savors of CBD Hemp Bud Strains

Otto II is about 80% purple, 12% green \’\’and about 8% of bright orange hairs. It is also coated with tons of crystals of frosty trichomes. Otto II is one of the high CBD hemp bud strains that smells more earthy \’\’and citrus but tastes woody \’\’and lemony. Otto II hemp flower features lavender \’\’and minty scent, with subtle fruity signals. The sweet earth grassy hemp notes are immediate then is overtaken by a strong mango, citrus, or piney scent but increases by intensity as you break up the bud.

Healthy Heart CBD hemp strain have crystallized terpenes flecked over the leaves of this bright, light green. Healthy Heart CBD hemp bud strains boast a potent citrus-fruity flavor particularly pleasant. With a subtle earthy bitterness towards the end of the drag.

Therapeutics of These CBD Hemp Bud Strains

Otto II CBD hemp flower provides relief from chronic pain, anxiety, \’\’and insomnia but it also gives an uplifting effect to the spirit. For those particularly worried about anxiety, remember it relieves anxiety but unlike THC there is no psychoactive “high”.

Healthy Heart CBD hemp bud strains have potent effects on the mind \’\’and body. It does produce a powerful sedative to relief insomnia, stress, physical tension, or nagging mental disturbances after a stressful day.

My “Healthy Optimizing” Last Words

We all want to optimize healthy options so these to CBD hemp bud strains are well worth a look, a taste \’\’and the experience they bring. The benefits of CBD are unquestioned but the options you have to consume CBD are great \’\’and can be tailored to what you particularly enjoy or find works best for you. With the large variety CBD hemp bud strains, you will figure out what gives you the best benefits at the right time.

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