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Strain Review“Ogling” over Oregon OG Hemp Strain

“Ogling” over Oregon OG Hemp Strain

Oregon OG hemp strain provides a laid-back afternoon with friends by the pool or a cozy evening by a warm fireplace.  This is a hybrid indica-dominant strain at 70% Indica \’\’and 30% Sativa. Best results are when harvesting is between August to mid-September. The CBD content ranges widely from 12-21% but the Delta-9 THC content is always below 0.3%.

In the Beginning \’\’and History

Oregon OG hemp strain has two parent — Astral Works \’\’and Cannatonic. This hemp strain may be a rare unique strain \’\’and for good reason as it has one of the highest trichome \’\’and terpene content ever seen in hemp.

Oregon OG bred \'\'and grown hemp strainThis CBD Hemp Flower has a very special composition of cannabinoids \’\’and unique terpene profile both of which impact the experience \’\’and the therapeutic benefits.

“Ogling” the Sensation

Oregon OG hemp strain is one of the best hemp buds for relaxation, decompression \’\’and a general “chill out” effect.  It is also one of the top hemp flowers suitable for using in a pre-roll. A smoke, a vape or a drag, whichever delivery method you choose results in a focused outlook, a relaxed sense of life \’\’and a little bit of enlightening.

Oregon OG hemp strain for the smokeGenerally, users gravitate to Oregon OG because rather than a cannabis strain with higher THC content, it is more of a relaxant that a stimulant. It also may increase feelings of well-being \’\’and productivity.

A disclaimer word here is in order because everyone who partakes of Oregon OG or any other hemp strain will, without a doubt have a slightly different experience. The body make-up responds differently because of any one person’s chemical make-up. Another variable is the delivery method.  If you smoke it or vape it, etc., the effect may vary. Impressive \’\’and charming are all adjectives that truly describe Oregon OG.

Oregon OG hemp flower is not a cannabis feeling but the effects may ripple to the head with a sensation of uplifting buoyancy which drifts to a slightly numbing wave through the body.

Oregon OG Hemp Strain Genetics

The genetics of this versatile hemp plant has many positive attributes. It is versatile because it will grow indoors or outdoors. This particular hemp plant needs a flowering period of 48 days. However, the grower must remember that Oregon OG favors light, that is sunlight rather than artificial light.  Oregon hemp plant is robust \’\’and it is relatively simple to clone \’\’and easy to trim the bud because of the bud to leaf ratio.

Oregon OG hemp bud is magnificently cloaked in clear crystal resin even though small \’\’and wispy.  This makes it a beautiful flower as well as one that is rich in effect.

Color, Taste, Aroma

Color is dark green with some light earthy highlights. The taste is notes of basil, tropical citrus, floral spice, odoriferous, delicious.  Aroma sense is spicy bouquet, light, earthy \’\’and mellow fragrances.

Oregon OG Hemp Strain Therapeutic Benefits

Oregon OG hemp strain is effective in improving appetite for those having radiation or other cancer treatment. It may be a combination of making the food taste better or providing more Oregon OG hemp Strain for the curesatisfaction after eating. Either way can be used for that purpose.

There are few negative issues with hemp strains but this one may give you dry mouth \’\’and eyes, at least some have reported that affect. So this affect is easily mitigated by putting forth more effort to stay hydrated.


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