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cbdPerfecting that Swing — CBD Gum and the Golfer

Perfecting that Swing — CBD Gum and the Golfer

CBD gum and the golfer have come together with amazing results which we will discuss later. Generally, there is no question that CBD in a great many forms is effective for so many parts of our lives and for many negative health conditions. CBD in any of its forms is not magic. There is a reason why it works to bring homeostasis to the body. But sometimes we have to have the right delivery method and the best dosage amount for it to be effective for anyone in the hemp community.

CBD Gum and the Golfer – For Love of Golf

The golfer uses muscles and delivers stress on joints during their game for which CBD is effective. CBD gum delivers CBD oil into the body in one of the best bioavailability possible. When chewing gum, the body absorbs through the oral mucosa which delivers benefits 4x faster than other CBD products. The golfer does not need to take a dropper of CBD oil or other methods of delivery with him to the golf game. All that is needed is a piece of CBD-infused oil gum to chew on before the game.

Usually, a piece of CBD-infused gum has between 10 mg to 20 mg of CBD. This is a fairly standard dose of CBD to make a difference. Part of the effectiveness of the path to wellness with CBD is fortifying the body for what is to come. The golfer knows what a game does to his or her body. Maybe it is the knees, maybe it is the elbows or the shoulders, but whichever it is, CBD can help to fortify these joints so that they can survive better.

CBD Gum and the Golfer — Why CBD is on the Golf Pro Shop Shelf

When you walk into your Golf Pro Shop, you may be surprised at what is now a standard inventory.  CBD oil capsules, CBD oil tincture and definitely CBD-infused chewing gum is the talk of the town and sitting on the shelf for the professional or amateur golfer to perfect his or her game. This is because the golfers realize the increasing benefits that CBD provides.

CBD chewing gum is making a big difference before the game, during, and after the game. It is much easier to consume while you are playing your game and then it comes with faster absorption as well.

CBD Gum and the Golfer – The Benefits for the Golfer

As with many sports, golf is a mental game as well as a physical game. Because of this, it is important that the golfer does something to reduce stress so he or she can go into the game in a more relaxed but focused state of mind. With golf, there are some particular aspects that CBD can bring benefits to the golfer to ace his or her game.

  • Stress-reduction — CBD has a known track record of alleviating stress and providing focus. This is particularly important for the because of the mental part of the golf game. CBD gum and the golfer is about helping optimize performance.
  • Help with pain and injuries — There is documented history of CBD not only helping with acute and chronic pain but also preventing it. This is where the CBD gum and the golfer come together in conditioning before and easing pain after the game. All of these painful conditions effect not only the ability to play but can even end a golfer’s career when it is too severe.
  • Focus and energy – CBD provides energized focus for many which will bode well for the golfer on the green trying to send the ball with precision. By and large, the effectiveness of CBD in our body is that it interacts with the endocannabinoid system to bring balance.
  • Improves oral health — CBD gum and the golfer is accented by the fact that it is a low-dose consumption method. It is also safe to continue chewing the gum throughout the golf game whenever needed.

CBD Gum and the Golfer – The Uniqueness of Gum as a Method of Delivery

Oral CBD consumption through a CBD oil has a bioavailability rate of about 6% to 19%. What this means to you is that if you consume a CBD oil with 100 mg of CBD, your body only utilizing 6 mg to 19 mg of that dose of CBD. But the uniqueness of CBD gum and the golfer is that he or she utilizes almost 100% of the mgs which you take.

CBD Gum and the Golfer — Considering Micro-dosing

There is also this thing called micro-dosing. Some people find that they have a better outcome when they take a small dose multiple times during the day. This is instead of taking one dose in the morning or in the evening. CBD gum provides that benefit in a convenient way and with the best bioavailability.

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