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Strain ReviewPineberry Hemp Strain

Pineberry Hemp Strain

Pineberry hemp strain is one of the top shelf CBD hemp strains between 10% \’\’and 16% CBD \’\’and other cannabinoids. All of these cannabinoids work together to provide a relaxing sensation for many users \’\’and for some, it has a sedation effect. With this reputation, those looking for an all natural sleep aid have found the right strain.

The Beginning of Pineberry Hemp Strain

Pineberry was bred \’\’and grown in the state of Oregon as a cross between Ringo’s Gift \’\’and Early Resin Berry. In some hemp strains, one parent has more influence on its descendant than the other but not true with Pineberry. Pineberry receives almost equal influence from both parents in recreational benefits \’\’and medicinal benefits.

Pineberry hemp strain nugsPineberry is an indica-dominant hemp strain with an agreeable berry piney taste, so it named itself. It also contains a high resin content as well as a high \’\’and diverse terpene profile.  Both of these characteristics are inherited from its two distinctive parents. The three top terpenes in Pineberry hemp strain are:

  • Mycrene – This is the most frequently found in cannabis \’\’and accounts for the recognizable smells of earthy, musky, cloves-like, \’\’and on other end of the aroma spectrum is red grape, balsamic \’\’and spice.
  • Pinene – The feelings of alertness \’\’and focus may be the most common effects but an important one is that it improves short term memory, creative inspiration reverses some adverse THC effects. It also has the aroma of pine.
  • Farnesene – This terpene has anti-inflammatory properties, inhibits tumor growth, \’\’and helps in the treatment of colon \’\’and pancreatic cancers \’\’and has a significant calming effect to suppress spasms.

This is important because the terpenes may have as much impact on the hemp strain as the cannabinoid content does.

Sensing the Sensation

Pineberry flower is usually recommended for nighttime or the evening. The sensation of relaxation to the mind \’\’and body is a perfect fit for an evening around the pool with a few friends after a hard work week.

The taste is berry-like \’\’and fruity with a diverse terpene profile \’\’and a great hemp flower strain.

Pineberry is one of the most sought-after flowers for bedtime but taken in small quantities will also provide a focused boost when consumed in the morning. This flower is decently modest on the cannabinoids side of the profile but it still packs a punch.

Some consumers who have tried the Pineberry hemp flower in a joint \’\’and in a vaporizer reported that the experience was of superb quality. The smoke is smooth \’\’and without the throat burn.  The users who have vaped \’\’and smoked Pineberry hemp strain report that the taste \’\’and aroma is cleaner \’\’and sweet with vaping it.

Pineberry Hemp Strain Genetics

Pineberry is popular with hemp farmers in Colorado \’\’and Oregon involved with growing the strain outdoors or indoors. The genetic profile includes a highly sticky flower with heavy crystal trichomes.

Pineberry hemp budThe Pineberry hemp buds flower is thick with dense, bushy green buds with a spade-like shape \’\’and virtually no seeds when cured correctly. Long, wispy leaves with all the shades of green are packed among the orange hairs.

Color, Taste, Aroma

  • The color of Pineberry is a glowing ocean of green, yellow, \’\’and orange;
  • The taste of Pineberry hemp strain is unique, fruity, heavy on the pine \’\’and floral;
  • The aroma of Pineberry is quite earthy with a sweet berry \’\’and lemon citrusy touch;

Pineberry Hemp Strain — Therapeutic Benefits

Pineberry hemp strain provides feelings of an uplift \’\’and an energized bunny after only a short time of use. This is a hemp strain for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s so it deserves a serious look for the memory improvement that many have already noted. Many believe that Alpha-Pinene terpene is responsible for this health benefit. It has also helped with individuals with ADD or ADHD issues as adults.

Pineberry hemp strain is rich in the terpenes specifically beneficial for three common medical issues:

  • Chronic pain,
  • Inflammation,
  • Insomnia.


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