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cbdPink Panther vs Harlequin CBD Hemp Flowers

Pink Panther vs Harlequin CBD Hemp Flowers

Since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp, cultivators have been busy cultivating, breeding \’\’and crossbreeding hemp flowers to get the best CBD high content, the best terpene profile \’\’and as many therapeutic benefits possible. Here are two favorites on many levels.

Generational Lineage of Hemp Flowers

If you remember the Pink Panther animated series in the late 1960s, you probably will underst\’\’and why the cultivators decided to name this CBD hemp flower strain Pink Panther. The CBD hemp bud turns pink when ready to harvest, that’s the why.

Pink Panther CBD Hemp flowers are a hybrid, but it is sativa dominant hybrid.  There have been a few presumptions on the real lineage of the Pink Panther. The cultivators created this hybrid from Pink Plant, African Sativa \’\’and Hindu Kush then cross-bred it with Original Haze \’\’and OG Kush. Pink Panther is a relatively easy marijuana to grow.

It can be grown indoors or outdoors, but outdoors produces much better hemp flowers. It can grow to great heights of 10 feet tall \’\’and the outdoor growing environment is better for this reason.  Its cultivation shows that it has a great resistance to mold \’\’and mites.

The cultivators do have a concern when growing Pink Panther outside \’\’and that is its pungent odor. This could be a cause of concern if there are neighbors close by.  This is another argument for indoor cultivation. Activated charcoal can minimize the scent. Indoors this hemp bud will have a flowering period of 8 to 10 weeks as well as a yield of 10 to 12 ounces per square meter.

Harlequin CBD hemp bud is the descendant of a range of strains. One parent is the Colombian Gold \’\’and the other a cultivar industrial hemp breed. Harlequin is a sativa-leaning strain with high-CBD content \’\’and results in a well-balanced, controlled strain.  The hemp bud is usually dense, round \’\’and colored in an amazing outpouring of colors \’\’and crystal trichomes.


Pink Panther CBD hemp flowers are upbeat, but have enough indica to relax the mind \’\’and give way to a lovely social event with an energy boost. Some use Pink Panther as their morning coffee because since of its shared sativa \’\’and indica it is a good daytime strain. It does not carry the usual jumpy feeling \’\’and racing thoughts that Sativa-dominant strains commonly create.

In the morning, it can be an alternative to morning coffee to promote productivity \’\’and concentration \’\’and accomplishing goals. In the afternoon, it’s an energy booster to give enough buzz to finish tasks. At night, it calms the thoughts.

Harlequin CBD hemp flowers are strong yet controlled \’\’and coveted by users everywhere who desire mild but effective results but do not get overwhelming impacts.  This strain does not impact quickly but rather slow, gradually increasing to a point of slow transition to relief.


Pink Panther CBD hemp flowers gives an aroma sweet \’\’and fruity of pear, mango, \’\’and berries \’\’and lastly a distinct pine aroma.  Its smoke is not too thick, but it lets the aroma fill the room.  Smelling the nugs provides a pleasant aroma \’\’and the expected taste from the bud. Exhalation leaves behind an orange, grapefruit taste in the mouth.

The striking colors of this plant is a mixture of light green \’\’and purple with buds covered with light brown \’\’and orange hairs. But as harvest approaches, the purple nugs become pinker to live up to its name, Pink Panther.

Harlequin CBD hemp bud has the following savors:

  • Color — buds are rich forest green, with vibrant rusty-orange pistils \’\’and speckled amber trichomes;
  • Taste — dominated by woody, earthy tastes, lastly faint sweetness on the tongue;
  • Aroma – wood, soil scents dominate with subtle, sweet \’\’and chalky cream vanilla.

Therapeutic Benefits of Hemp Flowers

Pink Panther CBD hemp flowers help ease headaches. It is also a great strain for nervous anxiety. Anxiety is one of the most important reasons, users consume CBD.

Harlequin CBD hemp bud holds significant therapeutic benefits that will bring a smile to the hemp community looking for solutions for the following conditions.

  • Chronic Pain –Harlequin is a strain high in CBD which has alleviates pain in all the big \’\’and small joints \’\’and best of all it creates no mental cloudiness.
  • Migraines – There have been a number of credits to Harlequin CBD hemp flowers for benefits treating migraines.
  • Anxiety –Dedicated Harlequin CBD hemp flowers users cannot praise its success enough. Besides, multiple people report that they can think more clearly \’\’and be in public without anxiety.
  • Gastrointestinal Issues – There are reports that this high-CBD strain of Harlequin has healed gastrointestinal inflammation which also includes bleeding, fatigue, etc., for some individuals.

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