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hempPower up with Hemp Protein Today!

Power up with Hemp Protein Today!

When you decide to power up with hemp protein today, you may have made the best decision possible. It is commonly known about the importance of protein. This is true if we are trying to lose weight, gain muscle or just have a stronger body. It is also a good idea to start off your morning with strong protein so that we have the energy we need to get the job done at work, at home or at school. But what happens in the morning is that we are in a rush to get out the door and we forget breakfast much less a high protein breakfast.

Now there is a solution to that early morning rush out the door problem and it has to do with hemp. Hemp is one of the best most complete protein sources. The manufacturers have made hemp protein power, ground hemp seeds and many other forms of hemp protein. So today we are providing you with recipes that you can make your own powerhouse of hemp protein to grab are you are rushing out the door.

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Looking to blast off to the Moon? Now featuring THC-O Moon Rocks. These THC-O Moon Rocks are out of this world! Starting with Fruit Loops flower, the flower is rolled in THC-O distillate then dusted with both THC-O AND D8 kief. These Moon rocks are a strong Indica, so we recommend using at night.  After breaking these Moon Rocks down, you’ll instantly be welcomed by a sweet fruity fragrance. The taste is sweet like fruit on the inhale, but floral on the exhale. Users have reported having a complete euphoric body relaxation. Also assisting in pain management, as well as anxiety.

When first consuming THC-O treated hemp flower strains, we recommend you begin low and slow. Keep in mind that THC-O effects can be delayed by as much as one hour.  Because of this it is best you to practice patience and allow the full effects to take hold before taking another hit. 


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Protein in our diet helps to maintain healthy bones and many other things. But many people prefer plant-based protein and now hemp fills that need.    So, it is understandable as more and more people are turning to plant-based food items for hemp to have big impact. Protein is most important for the health of our entire body. Many feel that plant protein goes even beyond for additional benefits because it is easier for the body to assimilate. Hemp protein power is an element that you can use to “power up” your brownies, your breakfast bars and even add to a strawberry smoothie.

As we mentioned above, CBD-infused protein bars are a convenient source of protein in a convenient package. You can grab one as you rush out the door to work and take an extra one for a nice recovery boost after a workout. Grocery store protein bars are extremely high in carbs and calories, but hemp has advantages all the way around that make it a healthier option.

Power up with Hemp Protein Today! — Protein Bites

These delicious protein bars will satisfy those sugar cravings and provide protein as well.  These protein bars can aid in recover from a sugar crash at work mid-afternoon and to stay off the hunger train.  They are convenience and easily available that makes it take off on so many advantages. You can make up a batch and divide them up into baggies to be ready for easy access on those busy mornings.   This recipe is just waiting for you to wipe it up so go to it!!!

  • 1 cup hemp seed protein
  • ½ cup hemp seeds
  • 1 C Sunflower seeds
  • ¼ C chia seeds
  • 25 g dark chocolate, chopped
  • 20 dates, chopped
  • 4 tablespoons coconut oil
  • CBD oil (The amount is your choice for the amount you need to dose)
  • 1 T Cashew Butter
  • ¼ cup water

Line a dish with parchment paper.  Combine the protein powder, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds and dark chocolate in a food processor and mix slightly in order to retain some crispy and chunky. Set aside.  In a separate bowl blend the dates, coconut oil, cashew butter, CBD oil and water until fully combined but not smooth.  Combine both groups of blended ingredients.

There are different ways to form your bar or bite so you might want to invest in a silicone candy mold so you can make different individual sizes, then refrigerate. Or you can put it in a large pan, pat it down flat and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours. Either way could work but most importantly create the size that will be convenient for you and give you the CBD dose amount.

Hemp Protein Goes Viral — Taste, Potency and Easy to Digest

Hemp protein powder has an earthy, nutty taste or some manufacturers flavor it with something else that is more acceptable to the taste buds.  Since many do not like this taste, it is often flavored with something else, so it is more acceptable.  Protein is vitally important to many functions of our body including weight loss, bone maintenance.  Protein is all those building blocks of our body.  Hemp contains all nine essential amino acids, so it is an impressive complete protein which is rare for any plant source of protein. Some research shows that hemp has a similar amino acid profile to egg whites. The only amino acid that hemp is low in is lysine.  But besides that, you can figure a ¼ cup of hemp protein contains approximately 15 g of protein.

Hemp scores another point because it is easier than most proteins to digest. In fact, research shows that up to 98% of protein from hemp is digestible.  It is also to be noted that the body can utilize all 9 of the amino acids.  Hemp protein also rises to the level of lentil protein. But something to keep an eye out for when scrutinizing hemp protein is for cold-pressed hemp seeds rather than heat processing as the heat processing renders the protein less digestible.

“Roundin’ it All Out”

Everyone’s body is different, but on an average, adults need 30 grams of protein per pound of body weight daily. But if you want to grow muscles and have better recovery, you will need to consume more.  Exercise, while incredible and necessary, is a stress on the body that has the potential of tearing tendons and muscles which can dampen future workouts. Post-exercise protein is important for the health of your entire body and the wellbeing of future workouts.

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Looking for Organic Hemp papers? Now you can enjoy your flower in personal joints that you can carry with you. These raw papers will allow you a clean smoke so every flavor of your flower can be enjoyed.  Our Products are sourced from the finest organic farms who practice safe farming practices and instill love and generations of discipline into every harvest.

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