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Hand trimmed lightly seeded hemp flower, soaked in CBD distillate infused with Sour Diesel terpenes and finally rolled in ultra fine CBD keif!


An incredible scent and packed with flavor! Our exclusive CBD Moon Rock is smooth to smoke and officially named Dr. Strains Asteroids!


Our Products are sourced from the finest organic farms who practice safe farming practices and instill love and generations of discipline into every harvest.

All of our products come from farmers who run smaller operations. We’ve made this business decision for one reason and one reason only, QUALITY.

The smaller the farm the more time the farmer invest into their harvest. Our network of farmers take pride and joy in every stage of their harvest ensuring that you the customer have a enjoyable and useful end product.

No strain of hemp flower is too hard for us at Dr. Strains CBD to find, but we take pride in sourcing strains that are not only affordable but also deliver the desired result our customer have come to expect.

Don’t take our word for it see what our customers have to say for yourself!

We have over 100 Google Reviews! And are industry leaders and experts.

Hemp Flower

This CBD Moon Rock Hemp flower will not leave you disappointed.

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To our 10,000+ customers so far a warm thank you for choosing Dr. Strains CBD.

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Weight .2 lbs

1/4 (7 grams), 1/2oz (14 grams)

22 reviews for CBD Moon Rock Asteroids!

  1. jbulone3 (verified owner)

    Got my order today and these moon rocks are excellent sweet smooth flavor and very relaxing effects. Top shelf at a great price. Thanks again and everyone stay safe.

  2. Toast (verified owner)

    Got a 1/4 of these Moon Rocks. First of all, they were definitely dipped and a pretty fair amount of kief. What separates these from other Moon Rocks (besides price) is that dipper in the Sour Diesel terps. Gives it some AWESOME taste. No other company I know does this. And it hits heavy. I took 2-3 rips off my bubbler and the effects were like that after a full bowl of Heavy Lifter. Highly recommended for those want some strong, tasty relief…

  3. RonJon (verified owner)

    Great flower. Looks good & has a very nice smell. Relaxing and smooth. Came fast! Dr. Strains is the best. Hope you get more strains soon, I’ll be getting more. Thanks!

  4. SuVi (verified owner)

    Thank you for this stuff! Hits fast, smokes smooth and took care of my pain and depression quickly and effectively. Excellent for mental, and emotional, clarity. Will definitely order more!

  5. herbert harrison (verified owner)

    i have severe arthritis damage up and down my spine. after about the 3rd forth hit on this and man !! its like the pain just floats away. even puts a smile on my face. think im bout to order some more

  6. Anthony Lassiter

    Got my 1st order today i an love it thanks .lot had 2 back surgery’s. My pain just went away.try cherry blossom now .

  7. Reed (verified owner)

    Received my order in a timely fashion! This stuff is amazing I packed bowl up and tried it out and the taste was amazing and the affects were calming and my back pain was gone. Definitely ordering more soon!

  8. gregdollaz5 (verified owner)

    Finally this is the stuff you guys want gets you there finally a cbd that is gas and you feel the effects if you miss thc and actual herb but just can’t anymore go with these asteroids actually taste fire smell look and is what you need if you where a heavy smoker but need a legal but potent alternative price isn’t bad if members or repeat buyers can get a special or code would buy repeatedly but good job Dr.strains for quality moonrocks and that sour d touch was a great idea!!!

  9. steve (verified owner)

    I received my order about month ago , buds looked and smelled great but some buds had a lot of seeds( very disappointing). It suck that I have to break it up really fine and get all the keif on my fingers instead of smoking it. Smoke great 3 stars because of the seeds.

  10. Jonathan Baker (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! it will take you to another planet!
    I’m In the O Zone.

  11. Kimi Khaos (verified owner)

    Waited to try this after buying several other strains from this great site. Received a coupon code so figured, screw it. So very happy I did. This has got to be my favorite strain so far. Great taste and smooth smoke. A bit messy because of the kief, but that’s what really sells it for me, green fingertips and all. Worked wonders for my back pain, depression and anxiety issues. Will definitely be stocking up on more of this strain in the near future as I don’t want to be without it now. Dr. Strains, you’ve helped to create a monster, but I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for making great product like this available to those of us in need! It helps so much!

  12. JB (verified owner)

    Decent product but seeds as Steve mentioned above, hard to break this up without getting the resin goodness all over and beans burn forever and stink!

  13. J (verified owner)

    Very potent, little goes a long way. Thank you for the extra 2g.

  14. Mark B (verified owner)

    These moon rocks put me in orbit and beyond. I had a whole stressful day of stuff to do, but after a few puffs of this stuff my day floated by . I’m definitely buying more soon. You simply can’t beat Dr.Stains quality for the prices .

  15. evanocksamuel02 (verified owner)

    First let me start off with i purchased a 4th of moon rocks. The relax feeling and pain relief was there but did not last long. Taste like a strong earth and dirt. Not a pleasant taste at all and alittle disappointed on the effects. It is indeed dipped and coated really well but that honestly about it. Wasn’t worth the 25$ imo.

  16. Brandon Watts (verified owner)

    Great product I didn’t need to hit it much to feel great euphoric feelings. Also spread with other strains to stretch my product. Best site I’ve found on the whole internet.

  17. David (verified owner)

    Got my moon rocks today and this stuff is the best!!! I’ve bought other stuff from this website for over a year now and never had a complaint, but this moon rock hits a home run for me! Definitely recommend thanks Dr. Strain keep up the awesome work. A+A+A+

  18. Mike Garcia (verified owner)

    Always happy with my flowers. From here great shipping.

  19. Brian

    These suckers are dense! I don’t even know how they get that much kief to stick. This company is great. CBD weed at the dispensary costs at least 5x more.

  20. Charles (verified owner)

    so far, I have purchased an oz. of sour space candy nugs, cherry blossom nugs, and the moonrocks asteroids. so far, I rate them in this order in terms of potency:

    sour space candy
    cherry blossom

    I have not been disappointed by any of the products I have ordered from this company.

  21. Mike Garcia (verified owner)

    Nothing like picture.
    Color was black smelled like ash so disappointed.
    Worst 100 dollars ever spent.

  22. adam mikelsons

    I ordered the “Space Particles” from the $20.00 or less list just to sample the Moon Rock strain. I understand why this is a favorite. I took a tiny nug, and was kicked back immediately. I totally understand what the fuss is about over this particular strain. Next time I order, I will most certainly consider buying the actual bud. Really nice stuff.

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