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Looking for cbd shake? Then look no further. We have quality mixed cbd shake for only $7.99 a 1/2oz!


What is cbd shake?

Shake basically is the small pieces of hemp flower that break off of larger buds, from the handling or sorting of the hemp flower.

Our Shake

Our cbd shake is sourced from our premium cbd strain lines, we handle over 2,000 order monthly and through this process some buds and nugs are either broken or come apart.

Why Shake?

In other words, by using shake its a more cost effective way to purchase cbd flower. Simply order your shake and vaporize or roll it and enjoy. Shake takes away the hassle of grinding up material and as a result saves time and headache.



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All of our products come from farmers who run smaller operations. We’ve made this business decision for one reason and one reason only, QUALITY.

The smaller the farm the more time the farmer invest into their harvest. Our network of farmers take pride and joy in every stage of their harvest ensuring that you the customer have a enjoyable and useful end product.

Our network of farms spans from New York, to Oregon and all the way back to the midwest encompassing New Mexico and even Kansas.

No strain of hemp flower is too hard for us at Dr. Strains CBD to find, but we take pride in sourcing strains that are not only affordable but also deliver the desired result our customer have come to expect.

Don’t take our word for it see for yourself!

We have over 100 Google Reviews! And are industry leaders and experts.

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1/2oz (14 grams)

8 reviews for Cbd Shake

  1. dannycarrington37 (verified owner)

    I bought 2- 1/2oz of the CBD shake. I am not for sure what strain it is, maybe Buba Kush. Has a nice smell, kind of pinney & shunk. Was very fresh, and smoked good. A lot easier than a bud to roll. I would recommend, pretty good stuff.

  2. Prathibha Nigeesh

    Has a nice smell. Kind of pinney &shunk was very fresh, and smoked good. I would recommend, pretty good staff.

  3. James Ball (verified owner)

    Smells good in the bag, ready to roll, nice and dry so it burns kinda fast, easy smoke – much better than others I have tried. This is relaxing! And I will be buying more!

  4. aneetra jenkins (verified owner)

    first time i brought this product, oh boy was i leary.. i am here to say this is my final destination for shake.. i love it relaxes me !!!!

  5. T-roy (verified owner)

    Better than average quality in most departments. No real stems or sticks to speak of, but quite a few seeds. Good smoking mix.

  6. Kayla Roberson (verified owner)

    I’ve been struggling with severe depression/anxiety for ages. Being an addict I have to be careful what I take. So in that my anxiety has been crazy high. I’m new to cbd smoke.. tried it today for the first time and omgah I could feel the stress and tension lifting away. Seriously felt great to be chilled. I’ve smoked a lot of weed in my day but stopped bc of well priorities changed and after trying I honestly prefer the cbd flower. I get the calming sensation without that paranoia thc tends to give me. And it took like 5 days to get! Which I thought was great considering I ordered a couple days before Christmas. 10/10 would recommend!

  7. Alicia (verified owner)

    My Favorite! If only it wasn’t out of stock

  8. adam mikelsons (verified owner)

    I am trying to quit tobacco, and have ordered two units of the shake. I am blessed to live in a state where recreational Marijuana is legal, and since it was St. Patrick’s Day recently, I decided to use it as a “Cutting Agent” in the celebratory joint I rolled. I first opened the package and smelled it to see what strain of Marijuana it would mix well with. Well, St. Patrick’s Day is over now, so, after being fully awake for the past couple of hours, and being totally sober, I decided to try the shake on it’s own. As described by others, it has a “Piney” smell to it. The taste reminded me of Humbolt County sinsemilla that I used to smoke back in the 1980s. Perhaps, due to the smell and taste, it’s just old memories of good times past flooding back to me, but this was really a very pleasant smoking experience. It was quite calming and relaxing, but without all the “Muddleness” of being high on THC. I have tried pre-packaged hemp cigarettes, and they nearly ruined my voice. (I’m a singer, and my voice is how I make my living) This just might be the product I need to quit smoking tobacco for once and for all, or at least drastically cut down my consumption of cigarettes. I will be ordering more of this when I run out. Good product, and recommended for people who are trying to quit tobacco. (Well, at least I’m recommending it)

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