Sour Space Candy x Suver haze mix

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Sour Space Candy and Suver Haze hemp flower mixed.

This is single or double trimmed flower, there will be some water leafs on the buds.


were selling our mixed Sour space candy and Suver haze for only $19.99 for a half oz!


Enjoy 14 grams today!


15% CBD
0.19% THC



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1/4 (7 grams), 1/2oz (14 grams), 1oz (28 grams)

13 reviews for Sour Space Candy x Suver haze mix

  1. Kevin

    Great hemp flower!! Nice smell!! Highly recommend this strain!! Fast shipping!! Thanks

  2. Desire Foster (verified owner)

    This is a very nice flower, very earthy and nice sour tones. The CBD quality is really exceptional. FAST shipping and great product, THANK YOU

  3. Jorden (verified owner)

    I ordered 7 grams and received almost 10! Thanks! Overall it’s not bad, I was hoping for some flavor and a little stink tho personally. But it certainly does its job

  4. David M Handy (verified owner)

    Amazing quality. Good flavor, amazing price. Well packaged, shipped fast and such quality, well dried flower!

  5. Allen Gardner

    Left me feeling at peace. I have P.T.S.D Sever Anxiety it really helped

  6. John (verified owner)

    I bought a 1/4 to try for my osteoarthritis had a lot of surgery’s both hips, knee replacements and two back surgery’s due to it so always in pain. I tried it and this is better than the pills that they prescribed. I received the package on Monday and haven’t needed to take any pills!! I roll one in the Morning and good all day. Stress level is down and in a good mood instead of being a asshole cuz of the pain!!! Gonna get more and try different items. Thank you Dr. Strain!!!

  7. Jeremy Dollar (verified owner)

    This strain is just as good as i expected it would be….its is very fruity and pungy….I will be buying this strain for now on, it gives a really good body buzz feeling….it helped my anxiety right away…..This is by far my favorite strain on this website

  8. dannycarrington37 (verified owner)

    This review is for sour space candy x suver haze mix strain. Nice small to medium size buds, great smell, with sour tones, this is more of a day time strain to smoke. I mixed three small buds 2- sour space candy with 1- Suver Haze and smoked, good smoke, but not the best. I rate the strains that I have smoked. (1) cbg infused special sauce (night strain). 5 Stars (2) WU-5 (night strain). 5 Stars (3) Sour space candy x Suver Haze (day strain). 4 Stars. (4) Lifter (day strain). 4 Stars (5) Cherry Blossom (night strain) 3 Stars All were good, and fresh Buds.

  9. Danny C (verified owner)

    I just rolled a nice size joint using just the Suver Haze bud, and I would give this strain 5 star. Could only smoke 1/2 of a 2 gram joint. Great body high with this strain, and instant stress relief, and pain relief by just smoking half of the 2 gram joint. The sour space candy bud joint was good, but not as good as the Suver Haze bud. The Suver Haze is a night time strain, while the sour space candy is more of a daytime strain.

  10. Laura Evans (verified owner)

    The Sour Candy and Suver Haze mixed was good and relaxing, daytime use only. But I love the Cherry Blossom more it relaxing and enjoyable. Thank u for the quick delivery and beautiful staff.

  11. Barbara LeFever (verified owner)

    Awesome!! Very good for relaxing, will definitely ordering this hemp again!

    Thanks Dr. Strain!

  12. Jared LaRose (verified owner)

    Good quality flower. Not dry at all. I find it’s a creeper. Smoked a joint after jogging & felt great 10 minutes later. Long lasting effects. This strain will probably be a good wake & bake.

  13. Jason (verified owner)

    Only got one strain. Not sure if sour Candy or suver haze but Still nice over all. Smells pleasant and smokes good.

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