Suver Haze

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Boasting a light green color with a few read hairs throughout. Sweet to smell as well as stick to touch. Smaller nuggets but quite light and fluffy.

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Suver Haze

Boasting a light green color with a few read hairs throughout. Sweet to smell as well as stick to touch. Smaller nuggets but quite light and fluffy.

16.48% CBD
0.15% THC

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1/4 (7 grams), 1/2oz (14 grams), 1oz (28 grams)

1 review for Suver Haze

  1. trainwithmth (verified owner)

    Love it.
    A friend recommended I try Suver Haze hemp flower, and it did not disappoint. Normally, I do not like ANY sativas, but I took a chance and it was a good choice.

    The shipping was quick and the product arrived in good shape.

    So first thing to note is that this stuff is beyond pungent. It’s a skunky, meaty and tart kind of smell. I could smell it as soon as I opened the mail box. I’m really not kidding about this.

    I ground it up and rolled it into 7 one gram Raw Kingsize Slim joints. I walked out of the house for a bit and when I returned I could still smell the skunky dankness from all the way upstairs in my tinder box.

    I received the package in good shape with 3-4 large buds, and several small to medium size buds. All were sticky and fresh. Grinds well and rolls well, just beware not to over roll your joints in terms of tightness, it’s quite sticky and won’t flow well if you roll it too tight.

    Great taste when smoked, immediate effects. Again, I’m not a fan of Sativas, but this gave a nice tranquil feeling without too much lethargy, but still mellow enough to drift off to sleep. Not a “morning only” type of smoke like some

    My aching body pain subsided immediately upon smoking a 1g joint, and i felt a warm flush in my feet, hands and joints. Gone was the typical knee pain I suffer through on these colder rainy days.

    I quite enjoy the overall feel of this strain and will most certainly recommend to friends. Compared to some strains that claim to have 18+% CBD, this strain is no slouch at 16.8%, and I can’t say I feel there’s any potency missing.

    So, if you’re looking for something a little different than a highly sedating indica, but still want to be able to relax, this is a great middle ground. Would highly recommend this to others. It’s also a great “start here” type of hemp flower for beginners and those trying CBD hemp flower for the first time. Best of both worlds. But again, it’s no slouch in the potency department, so I’d advise starting with 0.5g joints until you know how it affects you. 1g is great for me, but Ive been dosing CBD pretty high for a while, and do have a long history in the past with smoking tolerance towards real/THC containing cannabis strains. Definite 5 stars. If you can get past the borderline pungent smell (which I actually like) you’ll do great with this strain. NOT a sweet or fragrant strain. Pungent and skunky, but delightfully lush.

    Also, it’s worth mentioning that it’s a little harsh on the throat and lung draw, so don’t take a huge first rip unless you love coughing and drooling.

    But personally, I like a harsh and present type of inhale. Spicy and full bodied smoke flavor on the exhale.

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