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cbdQ & A of the Day — Can You Bake with CBD Hemp Flower

Q & A of the Day — Can You Bake with CBD Hemp Flower

Cannabinoids are fat-soluble so if they are used in combination with a fat, the answer is yes, you can cook with CBD. This applies to hemp oil or CBD hemp flower oil.  Cooking with CBD oil as an ingredient is simple because it is already active \’\’and suspended in a fat so all you need is a recipe.

CBD Hemp Flower to Bake

Most CBD oils taste a bit earthy so if you want to change that, use oil which contains MCT as well for a more neutral taste. If you are a store-bought cake mix user then to make it really simple, add a pipette of CBD oil to the mix.  CBD is not water-soluble so it will float when placed in water.  If your recipe is to make a CBD smoothies or a shake, it might be a good idea to find water-soluble CBD. It is expensive but available.

You can add the ground CBD hemp flower into coconut oil, for example, \’\’and let it simmer under a low heat for a couple hours. Then you will need to filter the coconut oil with the ground hemp flower in it using a cheese cloth, so the end product has a soft texture. This coconut oil infused with CBD can be used for cooking as you please.

Butter it Up with CBD Hemp Flower

Whether you are a fan of CBD hemp flower infused coconut oil or not another recipe you might want to try your h\’\’and at “CBD hemp flower butter”.  Simply grind the CBD hemp buds \’\’and simmer them \’\’and a block of butter for 15 minutes. Using heat is what will activate them so that you can have the effects.  Let the butter harden into a block \’\’and you can use it on toast whenever you like.

If you have a bottle of any “non-raw CBD oil”, you can put drops directly into a recipe.  Add drops of oil to any food as it is fat \’\’and decarboxylation already.

Decarboxylation is Important

Cannabinoids, including THC \’\’and CBD, exist in an acidic form in raw cannabis as THCA \’\’and CBDA. To convert both into THC \’\’and CBD a process referred to as decarboxylation has to take place. This involves heating it to a certain temperature.

When you smoke CBD hemp flower, the decarboxylating takes place \’\’and you can get the benefits of CBD. The temperatures of certain hot dishes may be enough to decarboxylate raw flowers. But in the long run, it is best to fully decarboxylate before using in a recipe.

The simple way to “decarb is to grind up the raw flower \’\’and place on a baking sheet.  The baking sheet  with the raw flower must remain in the oven for 1 hour at 120 degrees.


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