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hemp flowerQ & A of the Week — Matching Hemp Flower to Condition

Q & A of the Week — Matching Hemp Flower to Condition

Matching hemp flower to condition may seem like a complicated process but not really since CBD is the primary “healer”. However, if you have a particular condition that needs one of the other cannabinoids or terpenes then there is a particular flower that you want to consider. When you are smoking or dry vaping then it is simpler to “go specific”.  If you prefer gummies or CBD oil then you might want to considering making your own with a specific flower benefits.



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Matching Hemp Flower to Condition — Cancer

Now that we are matching hemp flower to condition, let’s look at cancer, one of the most feared diseases. Again, the medical world has not found an effective cure for most cancers. Remember, cancer sometimes springs from a body that is overwhelmed with inflammation. As you read on through this post, you will find that CBD is anti-inflammation.

But we are talking cancer in this section \’\’and below is a list of some of the CBD hemp flowers which are effective with different aspects of cancer. So read on.

  • Bubba Kush has an anti-anxiety agent \’\’and helps improve nighttime sleep.
  • CB Dawg has reduced nausea \’\’and restlessness in a variety of instances \’\’and stimulate appetite for those going through cancer treatment.
  • CBD Moon Rock Asteroid is a true powerhouse of medicinal benefits which spans from inhibiting growth in cancer cells \’\’and reduced inflammation, reduced nausea \’\’and vomiting \’\’and provides appetite stimulation.
  • CBG Infused Special Sauce, an anti-bacterial \’\’and anti-cancer agent, shows a potential inhibitor of cancer cell growth.
  • Crawford CBG has been seen to fight inflammation, pain \’\’and nausea as well as working to stop cancer cell growth in tumors.
  • Hawaiian Haze may impact cancer patients going through treatments \’\’and suffering loss of appetite have realized a renewed appetite as well as reduced nausea.

Matching Hemp Flower to Condition — Pain

Pain in headaches, including migraines as well as pain radiating to or from the neck can torment many. Pain from arthritis is one of the most common chronic pain conditions many suffer with. The medical world has developed some pharmaceuticals for pain, but they come with consequences such as possible addiction \’\’and other side effects.

Matching hemp flower to condition comes into play when talking chronic pain. Again, like inflammation, CBD is the main cannabinoid that is effective in elimination pain so always look for the highest CBD percentage in the flower you choose to use for pain. Also to consider are particular terpenes that are anti-pain such as myrcene, pinene, eucalyptol, linalool \’\’and also caryophyllene. Let’s look at CBD hemp flower for you to consider for chronic pain:

CBG-infused Special Sauce – This hemp flower has 19% CBD as well as being infused with CBG which is another cannabinoid that is effective in combating pain. Also this particular beauty has terpenes which we listed above which are helpful in quelling pain.

Purple Lifter at 17% CBD

Sour Space C\’\’andy at 21% CBD

Matching Hemp Flower to Condition – Inflammation

We talk about the cellular level \’\’and that is where inflammation begins with swollen cells. For this, the healing has to begin at the cellular level.  Inflammation can happen anywhere in the body. It is more damaging that you may think because it is the precursor to many other health challenges.

One of the things that CBD combats with a fury \’\’and effectively is inflammation. So any flower that is high in CBD will be effective in quelling inflammation. That being said, let’s do some matching hemp flower to condition here for you to consider:

Bubba Kush at 16% CBD

Cherry Diesel at 17% CBD

Papaya Nights at 19% CBD

Blood Diamonds at 24% CBD

NY CBDiesel \’\’and Purple Panties are high in CBD percentage as well as high in these two terpenes which are especially effective in alleviating inflammation — alpha-pinene \’\’and beta-myrcene.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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