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cbdQuestion of the Day — Is it CBD Hemp Flower or Cannabis or Marijuana?

Question of the Day — Is it CBD Hemp Flower or Cannabis or Marijuana?

CBD Hemp Flower is cannabis. Marijuana is cannabis.  But their morphology, chemical makeup, \’\’and usages are different.

More Differences of CBD Hemp Flower \’\’and Marijuana

CBD Hemp Flower is a variety of Cannabis sativa L \’\’and is separated into male \’\’and female plants.  CBD Hemp Flower has many cannabinoids, including THC.

Marijuana has THC \’\’and a small amount of CBD.  Hemp contains less than 1% THC \’\’and marijuana contains up to 30% THC.

CBD Hemp Flower \’\’and Marijuana \’\’and The Law of it All

CBD Hemp Flower is legal on a federal level since the 2018 Farm Bill but state laws varies.  Marijuana is illegal on a federal level \’\’and state laws vary.

Hemp Types, Ups \’\’and Benefits

  • Hemp comes in sativa or indica or hybrid varieties.
  • Marijuana comes in many forms, including sativa \’\’and indica varieties.
  • Hemp – you can smoke it, but you do not get a “high”;CBD hemp flower
  • Marijuana – you can smoke it \’\’and you will get a “high”;
  • Hemp has a wide range of therapeutic medicinal benefits without a “high”
  • Marijuana has a wide range of therapeutic medicinal benefits but you get a “high”.

CBD Hemp Flower \’\’and Marijuana Growers

Hemp is simple to grow together in close proximity.  Marijuana cultivators cautiously monitor temperature \’\’and humidity. Hemp fields have scattered male plants to pollinate the female plants for future seeds.  Marijuana fields eliminate the male plants to ensure maximum production of sinsemilla flowers.  Hemp is planted more densely. Marijuana cultivation requires the plants be spaced apart to reduce the risk of mold.

Hemp plants are almost always cultivated outdoors.  Marijuana plants are usually planted in an indoor greenhouse.

Clearing Up the Confusion

So, to answer the Question of the Day – Hemp is cannabis, but it is not marijuana but marijuana is cannabis. Many are confused even those making the laws to regulate marijuana \’\’and hemp

CBD Hemp Flower was cultivated for thous\’\’ands of years on a global scale. Cannabis carried weight in the Greco-Roman cultures for their fiber, intoxication, \’\’and medicine. Cannabis seeds were discovered in the ruins of Pompeii.  Hemp was a prominent crop in the United States until 1937, but the Marihuana Tax Act wiped out the America hemp industry.

Versatility of Hemp

Then just as the United States Constitution was drafted on hemp paper, literally, hemp saved the day during World War II because for a brief period it came back for making military items, uniforms, canvas, \’\’and rope. Then another law passed \’\’and tossed the cannabis industry into dormancy once again.

  • Cannabis sativa is most common \’\’and grows around tropical regions, such as Central America, Africa, \’\’and Asia. Sativa is the tallest known type in height.
  • Cannabis indica was discovered at a later time \’\’and flourishes in arid, mountainous regions. Many of these areas are in the hills of Afghanistan \’\’and parts of India. Indicas are short \’\’and bush resembling a short Christmas tree.
  • Cannabis ruderalis grows predominantly in China, Russia, \’\’and Pol\’\’and. Ruderalis is adapted to harsh environments. A small \’\’and hardy plant, it is used for fibers \’\’and nutrition.


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