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cbdQuestion of the Day — What is the Ruderalis CBD Type?

Question of the Day — What is the Ruderalis CBD Type?

Cannabis covers hemp \’\’and marijuana. Then hemp is divided into three types of indica, sativa \’\’and hybrid. Marijuana is also divided into the same three types. Now Ruderalis CBD type surfaced even though it is relatively unknown.

Marijuana vendors \’\’and breeders continue to use the terminology because it serves as a base line for their customers to start examining which type is their preferred use.

Discovery of a New CBD Type

When you go into a dispensary that has CBD for sale, more than likely you will not ask for a strain of Ruderalis CBD type \’\’and neither will it be on their shelf. But ruderalis type is still a force to be reckoned with. It may turn out that the ruderalis strain seeds are in the genetic lineage of your favorite CBD flower. This is an additional cannabis type beyond indica \’\’and sativa labeled.  In today’s cannabis language the ruderalis plant will have one or all of the following characteristics:

  • Autoflowering
  • Distinct physical structure
  • Equal levels of CBD \’\’and THC so a 1:1 ratio.

The Scientists Get Involved

In 1976, two scientists, Ernest Small \’\’and Arthur Cronquist joined into the discussion regarding the cannabis species as being one central species labeling it sativa. Then human breeders became involved \’\’and the next thing is two subspecies – sativa \’\’and indica. Scientists are wobbling now on their theories saying that both subspecies may have existed before human intervention. This is the reasoning the scientists give for seldom using “ruderalis” in our cannabis vocabulary.

Ruderalis Made the Distinction

The distinction made between indica, sativa \’\’and ruderalis is by how much CBD \’\’and THC was in each. But even these definitions have changed since the days of the fathers of cannabis wrote in their journals. The reason for some of these changes is that human breeders because involved in extensive crossbreeding. The definition of ruderalis now is that THC:CBD is 1:1: ratio.

It is All About Ruderalis

Ruderalis cannabis plants are autoflowering. This means that the plant will flower according to the age of the plant not by the hours of sunlight or artificial light it has. The autoflowering is undesirable for commercial growers because they cannot manipulate the growth like they do in indica \’\’and sativa types. It also accounts for the shortened flowering period which works for those growers with indoor facilities.

Ruderalis CBD Type has Desirable Benefits

If growing for medicinal purposes, growers find the high-CBD, ruderalis provides desirable effects with less management needed. Today, growers \’\’and breeders are using the ruderalis strains for their seeds to breed new CBD options for sale with particular effects in a new strain to grow. So, it is unlikely that you can walk into a dispensary looking for CBD for sale \’\’and find a ruderalis strain.  But still ruderalis is a factor in the cannabis community even though it merely affects the lineage of certain new strains in the future of cannabis breeders.

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