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cbdRight Now, You are Making 6 Mistakes With CBD Dosing

Right Now, You are Making 6 Mistakes With CBD Dosing

Did you know that you are making 6 mistakes with CBD dosing right now? There is that possibility because of the enormity of information out there which may confusing more than enlighten.

1 of 6 Mistakes with CBD Dosing – Taking Too Little in Fear of Overdosing

For the first thing, you cannot over-dosing when using CBD. But why use more than you need because CBD is expensive, by \’\’and large. Another point to remember is that if you take more than your body can use at the time, it has the ability to store CBD in your cells for use at a later time.

Usually your CBD dropper will have lines on it to determine the amount. Simply counting how many drops l\’\’and under you tongue is inaccurate at best. The recommended dosage is usually 10 – 15 mg twice a day. So, look on the dropper for the lines that indicate how much to fill up your dropper.

2 of 6 Mistakes with CBD Dosing – Using THC free or Isolate CBD Oil

If this is the CBD oil you are using then you will not get the full benefit of it. CBD products, to be legal, need to have 0.3% THC or less content. This will not show up on the drug test neither will it give any type of psychoactive high like marijuana does. But there is enough in the CBD oil to interact in a positive way with all the other natural compounds to give the Entourage Effect or the best “bang” for your “dosage”.

When you purchase your CBD oil, make sure that the label reads accurately as “full-spectrum” so you know exactly what you are purchasing. There are many vendors out there who either do not underst\’\’and the different technicalities or are trying to sell something under the guise of something else. Dr. Strains CBD will always sell the best, most potent product complete with 3rd party testing for assurances.

3 of 6 Mistakes with CBD Dosing – Swallowing to Fast

It is recommended to put the CBD oil drops under your tongue rather than swallowing all at once. The reason behind this is that way the CBD oil goes directly to gl\’\’ands which carry it more rapidly to the bloodstream. When taking oral CBD oil, you want it to get to your bloodstream as quickly as possible to avoid loss of potency while traveling through your digestive system.

Commonly, it is recommended to let the CBD oil sit under your tongue for 30 – 90 seconds before swallowing. Also wait for at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking anything to discourage dilution.

4 of 6 Mistakes with CBD Dosing – Fearing to Have the CBD Conversation with Your Medical Professional

It is true that most doctors do not look kindly on alternative style remedies for any condition. Their furrowed brow tells it all when you mention vitamins, herbs or CBD. But be courageous \’\’and have that conversation, particularly if you are on any type of pharmaceuticals because of any interferences. CBD may actually intensify certain types of pharmaceuticals or diminish their effect.

You may be surprised at the positive reception that you receive when you broach the CBD topic because there is considerable research currently being done on all things hemp.

5 of 6 Mistakes with CBD Dosing – Not Documenting Dosage/Feelings

When I first started taking CBD, I did so because of osteoarthritis \’\’and the accompanying pain. Then one day all of a sudden, I realized I could breath better \’\’and made a mental notation of that.

It is a good idea when you first start taking it or really anytime along the way to document the amount \’\’and time of the dosage \’\’and any differences in your primary complaint like pain, insomnia, inflammation, etc. Keep a running diary for a few days to see if your dosage is sufficient or maybe you need to increase it. When you actually write it all down, you may be surprised.

6 of 6 Mistakes with CBD Dosing – Using CBD Oil Irregularly

As with other alternative natural remedies, you will not feel or sense \’\’and instantaneous pop of health after taking one dose of CBD. Usually natural remedies must “load” in the body before significant changes occur with chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety \’\’and many other conditions. So, it is important to remain consistent for 2 to 4 weeks before saying, “CBD does not help me.”

Another point to consider here is that if you start not having the positive results from the dose you are taking, it has been suggested that you stop taking it for 3 to 5 days. Let your body “reset” then begin again with the dosage.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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