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cbdSay What? CBD Hemp Terpene Infusion and Why it is Effective

Say What? CBD Hemp Terpene Infusion and Why it is Effective

CBD hemp terpene infusion may be a topic not talked about much, but it is important. It is common knowledge that terpenes are the compound that provides the effect, the experience and the savors of a hemp flower smoke or dry vape and CBD liquid vape. But they do something else. They also have health benefits which intensify what the cannabinoids do.

CBD Hemp Terpene Infusion – What are Terpenes?

Scientifically speaking, terpenes are defined as “a large class of hydrocarbon compounds constructed from five-carbon isoprene units”. As the basic molecular “skeletons” engage in action with various enzymes it ultimately leads to the wide variety of effects produced by terpenes.

Terpenes are organic compounds that provide aroma and flavor in both branches of cannabis – marijuana and hemp. They are non-intoxicating even though they are in marijuana.  Remember that THC is the only intoxicating psychoactive compound. Since terpenes are responsible for the aroma and flavors of hemp, it is important to what you enjoy about smoking the hemp pre-roll or other types of smoking.

Terpenes are formed inside the trichomes which are little crystal-like balls on the hemp plant. Light is the element that promotes the “construction” of these trichome globes. There may be a difference whether it is artificial light or sunlight.

CBD Hemp Terpene Infusion – The Health Factor in Terpenes

Today, there is a new splash, a super wave regarding the health benefits of terpenes because previously thought, only cannabinoids or mainly cannabinoids contributed to therapeutics. CBD hemp terpene infusion improves skincare products with anti-bacterial properties, and they also promote an energized or relaxed mental state when inhaled.

CBD Hemp Terpene Infusion – Talking Terpene Infusion

Terpene infusion is possible in foods and beverages, skin care products, cosmetics, and other items like candles and incense. Remember, they are primarily about aroma.  CBD hemp terpene infusion is possible in an number of foods, lotions and hemp flower nugs. Terpenes are in the class of essential oils which also promote anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

CBD Hemp Terpene Infusion – Talking the Process of Terpene Infusion

There is no CBD hemp flower that does not have terpenes in it. So, adding terpenes to the hemp flower nug that you are going to use to smoke, dry vape or decarboxylate to use in edibles will simply enhance effects, savors as well as health benefits. If you have a hemp flower that is a bit stale or that lacks savors, in your opinion, then you have another perfect opportunity to do some CBD hemp terpene infusion.

Add about .2mm of CBD hemp terpenes to your pipe bowl by lightly coating the bowl or 1-2 drops per gram of hemp. If you are wanting to roll your own hemp roll, then you can add a small amount to your grinder before grinding the hemp flower. Then grind it up and roll it up in one of the many wraps that Dr Strains has for sale. This also goes for if you prefer to dry vape rather than smoking the hemp flower nug.

CBD Hemp Terpene Infusion – Terpene Infusion to Products

Extracts — Add terpenes to concentrates like wax, shatter, or resin, or to CBD oil to enhance the taste.

Foods – Add terpenes to improve flavor, have unique effects, to make vitamins, minerals, fiber, more effective.

Beverages – Add terpenes to counteract the depressive effects caused by alcohol or put a few drops in a bottle of water physical and mental effects all day.

Lotions and Creams — Add terpenes for their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects for healing to combat acne and other skin irritations.

CBD Hemp Terpene Infusion – Terpenes Identified

Myrcene is the most plentiful terpene in both branches of cannabis making up as much as 65% of the total terpene profile. Myrcene has earthy and musky hints of savors and it is usually found in the Indica hemp strains with calming effects. Not to the health benefits. Myrcene is useful in reducing inflammation and chronic pain so often recommended for use during cancer treatments. White Widow and Special Kush are prominent hemp strains with the myrcene terpene.

Eucalyptol is the primary terpene of the eucalyptus tree. It has recognizable minty and cool tones.  Eucalyptol relieves pain, slows the growth of bacteria and fungus. It also has promising effects for Alzheimer’s as well

Humulene was the first terpene found in hops. Its aroma contains earthy, woody and spicy notes.  It has a variety of medical properties of preventing cancer cells from growing, suppressing appetite, reducing inflammation, pain and fights bacterial infections

Limonene is the second most abundant terpene in all cannabis strains giving strains a citrusy smell.  For therapeutic purposes, limonene improve mood and reduce stress, has antifungal and antibacterial properties, and plays a role in reducing tumor size. O.G. Kush, Super Lemon Haze

CBD Hemp Terpene Infusion – …and More Terpenes

Linalool terpene is the most responsible for the spicy and floral notes. It has very strong sedative and relaxing properties as well as medical relief from arthritis pain, depression, seizures, insomnia and even cancer. Special Kush, OG Shark.

Caryophyllene terpene has a typical spicy and peppery note and is one of the few terpenes which interacts independently with the CB receptors. Health properties include anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-anxiety properties. Another thing which is so important that a recent study revealed was that caryophyllene has promising properties when it comes to alcoholism rehabilitation. Super Silver Haze

Pinene terpene smells like pine trees but more than that it has anti-inflammatory effects, helps improve airflow and respiratory functions including asthma. Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough

Delta 3 Carene terpene has the aroma of cypress trees but is beneficial in the healing process of broken bones. It is also providing hope to those suffering from osteoporosis and arthritis. It is good news for those suffering with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease because if has memory retention properties.

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