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cbdScratch the “Make it Myself” Itch — CBD Flower Salve Recipe

Scratch the “Make it Myself” Itch — CBD Flower Salve Recipe

So, what is the difference? Do you know? An obvious difference is that CBD Oil is liquid \’\’and for internal use \’\’and CBD flower salve is more solidified for external use. However, you probably know that already. So, what is the REAL difference?

CBD Flower Salve

CBD salves are applied topically by rubbing directly onto the desired area of skin irritation. It can be massaged into the location of pain so it is absorbed into the bone joint. And it could be massaged into the skin directly above the muscle you just pulled in your tennis game.  Some say that the salve works faster than CBD oil forms but that is not definitive.

What has been clearly tested is that when CBD goes through your digestive system some is lost, \’\’and it takes longer to change things for good. CBD flower salve is massaged directly into the skin so it goes right to the bloodstream so that it can be carried more effectively through the Endocannabinoid System.

CBD Flower Salve Recipe

These CBD flower salves are relatively easy to make commercially or to home-make it. There are three main ingredients needed:

  • Natural wax such as beeswax;
  • High CBD flower (Bubba Kush)
  • Fatty oil base to carry the CBD effectively through the body.

Beeswax is sticky \’\’and dense so has to be melted down in order to mold other ingredients into it.  The oil has to be used to “carry” the medicine in the salve so that it arrives at the place for healing. Many feel that coconut oil is the best option as it is a healthy fat \’\’and it has a high content of fatty acids. Fatty acids interact well with CBD.

It’s Always About the Decarboxylation

For the reader who prefers homemade products, just know that it is possible to make your own salve. Each of the three ingredients are listed above. This process that will take the longest is the decarboxylation of the CBD flower. But it is necessary for you to absorb the beneficial part of the salve – CBD. You will need to purchase a CBD flower from a dispensary \’\’and then grind it. It is your choice which flower you chose but you will have the best results with a flower with the highest CBD content.

After the flower is ground extremely fine, it is seeped at 200 degrees for several hours in, let’s say for example’s sake, the coconut oil. This is the decarboxylation process so the temperature needs to be exact \’\’and for at least three hours because this is the point for the fatty acids to oil-latch onto the CBD \’\’and transport it to your body.

The beeswax will already be melted down so the oil solution with the ground CBD flower in it can be folded in. This creates your topical CBD salve.  You can add an essential oils if you care to such as lavender or peppermint to enhance the smell.

Enjoy massaging your salve into that joint that hurts so much, or the stiff arthritic knee \’\’and even the eczema that just keeps bothering you.


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