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cbdSet Your Clocks for CBD Hemp Flower Dosing

Set Your Clocks for CBD Hemp Flower Dosing

There are multiple ways to dose with CBD hemp flower \’\’and there are a variety of times during the day when you can dose. Let’s talk about gummies first because CBD infused gummies do not have an impact from a particular strain so you can take them in the:

  • morning to be sure your day starts with focus \’\’and energy;
  • early afternoon if you tire before your day’s work is finished;
  • evening to be sure \’\’and get a sound restful night of sleep.

CBD hemp infused gummies are portable so if you are working away from home you can have a packet with you if your mood becomes de-stablized, you lose focus as weariness overcomes you mid-afternoon or you need to fire up your furnace to hit the gym after work.

If you chew the gummies they are broken down with in your digestive system so may be slower in giving you the effect you anticipate. However, Dr. Strains CBD gummies are soft \’\’and dissolvable under your tongue giving the CBD to arrive in your bloodstream more quickly.

Set the Clock for CBD Hemp Flower

If you are consuming CBD by way of a smoke then you will want to be sure \’\’and decide which flower you will smoke at what time. There are some CBD hemp flower strain which are definitely daytime pick me up focus \’\’and energy.

If you are looking for an evening smoke to chill out, relax \’\’and have a peaceful sleep then you will chose another CBD hemp flower strain.


  • Nighttime — Bubba Kush CBD hemp flower strain is a slow-moving relaxation that lingers. Bubba Kush is effective as an anti-anxiety agent \’\’and is recognized for improving nighttime sleep.
  • Nighttime — Watermelon Haze provides that type of relaxation because it impacts the body \’\’and mind during the nighttime hours. Consequently, you will awaken refreshed rather than tired; alert rather than dazed \’\’and ready for whatever the day presents to you.

Daytime or Nighttime

  • Daytime or Nighttime – CB Dawg hemp flower users can enjoy a nice, tranquil vibe without any drowsiness. The daytime therapeutic benefits are a relaxed, clear-headed, \’\’and focused affect. It is particularly good for controlling pain so it is a much-desired strain you can have a smoke with in the morning \’\’and in the evening.


  • Daytime – Stormy Daniels CBD hemp flower strain gives an uplifting \’\’and energetic spirit to help gain social confidence \’\’and an all over body coolness sensation. So, for that it is a daytime strain. This CBD hemp flower strain creates a talkative effect for the user to involve them in the atmosphere of a social event. But “the storm effect” also leaves the user with the ability to regain cognition \’\’and remain lucid.

There are many, many other CBD hemp strains for daytime \’\’and for nighttime for you to explore. Read through the blog posts to find out the exact right one for you. Dr. Strains CBD is adding to their inventory continually so check back frequently so that you can set another alarm on your clock.

Knowing What You Want \’\’and When

There are so many ways that you can consume CBD hemp flower \’\’and we have written about many of the edibles, infused coffee, smoothies \’\’and tea to hemp burgers \’\’and salad dressings. Part of the process of knowing when you want to consume CBD hemp flower what you want to consume.

If you want to have your CBD ritual in the morning time before you set out to work, then consider CBD infused coffee or tea (insert link). Then maybe you prefer a smoothie (insert link) to enjoy on the drive to work.

The Clock, The Measuring Spoon, The Reason

If you want to be specific with your dosing, then CBD gummies or CBD sublingual drops are probably the easiest to measure. Both of these are portable also so if you want to micro-dose then it is important to have something you can take with you.

If you make your own teabags with CBD hemp flower, you can measure exactly how much CBD you are consuming with that as well.

Set your day by the clock, your measuring spoon \’\’and the effect that you need that day \’\’and you will find there is a great many choices you have in the realm of CBD hemp flower.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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